THE CABAL STOOGES are now pushing MANDATORY VACCINES in CANADA and the USA. TELL THEM WHERE they can GO, it is ILLEGAL to make up your own EVIL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS when the LIGHT has re-claimed this planet !!! TELL them to stick it/KISS your ASSES !



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Date: Friday, 13-Aug-2021 02:32:48

Dear RM Agents and Readers, This is really a must listen video, much to be learned! Viva La France:) Many Blessings,

We’ve Never Seen Vaccine Injuries on This Scale — Why Are Regulatory Agencies Hiding COVID Vaccine Safety Signals?(views: 1492)
CrystalRiver — Friday, 13-Aug-2021 02:16:05 Texas Restaurants Back Down After Government Informs Them Vaccine Requirements Are Illegal(views: 1984)
CrystalRiver — Friday, 13-Aug-2021 01:20:40 MUST SEE: Damning Video 23.28 Explaining How, Why And Who Stole Election (from Cyber Symposium in case you missed it)(views: 1578)
Lymerick — Friday, 13-Aug-2021 01:08:57


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Date: Saturday, 14-Aug-2021 16:51:26

Military Eliminates William Barr By Michael Baxter As the Deep State ratchets up attacks by perpetuating Covid-19 paranoia and waging a relentless war on freedom of speech, the U.S. military is working tirelessly behind the scenes to eradicate forces of evil that have dedicated their lives to abolishing the Constitution and enslaving law-abiding American citizens. The latest to fall was none other than former Attorney General William Barr, whom the military put to death on August 2. As reported previously, the Office of Military Commissions on June 21 convicted Barr of high treason after obtaining evidence that he had accepted bribes in exchange for betraying his oath of office and for participating in a plot to overthrow the democratically-elected president of the United States—Donald J. Trump. A three-officer panel meticulously weighed the evidence and decreed that the severity of Barr’s crimes merited capital punishment. That punishment took place in the form of a hanging during the early morning hours on August 2.

Just after sunrise, GITMO security escorted Barr from his Camp Delta detention cell to gallows near Windward Point Lighthouse on Gitmo’s southern edge, where other Deep State agents had met their maker.

Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps oversaw the execution and addressed a small gathering of Republican lawmakers and military officers who had come to bear witness to Barr’s demise. Barr was once seen as shining star in Trump’s inner circle, a man who would bring righteousness to a corrupt Justice Department by aiding Trump and the military’s conflict against Deep State saboteurs. But his treasonous turn to the dark side angered many former colleagues, even those who bit their tongue and did not publicly disparage him. “You have been found guilty of treason, detainee William Barr. As such, provisions of the Insurrection Act of 1807 and the Patriot Act allow this commission to treat you as an enemy combatant. Three officers unanimously agreed that you should hang for your crimes. Do you wish to give any last words, or a statement of contrition?” Rear Adm. Crandall said. As he was speaking, a soldier who wore no rank and whose uniform had no nametag slipped and tightened a noose around Barr’s neck. “This is an illegal court, enforcing an illegal sentence. As an appointed official, I served my country with distinction. The charges against me are false,” Barr said. “So be it,” Rear Adm. Crandall said. A moment later, the trap door beneath Barr’s feet swung open. His portly frame dangled and swung a few moments before the soldier atop the platform cut the rope. Barr’s lifeless body lie crumpled on a patch of grass, his tongue draping from his mouth. Rear Adm. Crandall gestured to a nearby military physician, who pronounced Barr dead. “The burden of this responsibility weighs heavily on all of us,” Rear Adm. Crandall said. “I take no pleasure in saying this device will likely see more action.” SOURCE:

Showing results for mandatory vaccine protests Search instead for mandataoryvaccine protests 2:30 Now playing

Protests in France Continue Over Mandatory Vaccine Health Passes

11K views 18 hours ago Bloomberg Quicktake: Now Protesters rally in Paris against France’s introduction of Covid-19 vaccine health passes required to access restaurants, cultural … New 1:47 Now playing

Fight breaks out at LA vaccine rally

88K views 8 hours ago FOX 11 Los Angeles One man was stabbed during dueling demonstrations in downtown Los Angeles over the contentious issue of mandatory … New CC 1:14 Now playing

Community members hold protest of vaccine mandate at Atrium Health Navicent

207 views 9 hours ago 13WMAZ On Saturday, community members marched in protest of the mandatory vaccine policy for staff at Atrium Health Navient. New 4:56 Now playing

Fifth weekend of protests across France in opposition of health pass

15K views 13 hours ago Daily Mail Tens of thousands of anti-vaccine pass protestors took to the streets in Paris for the fifth successive weekend against the new … New 18:28 Now playing

Vaccine mandate protest at Self Regional Medical Center

925 views Streamed 16 hours ago FOX Carolina News The Laurens County Republican Party is holding a protest against vaccine mandates by employers at Self Regional Medical … New 19:41 Now playing

Vaccine protest at Self Regional Medical Center

753 views Streamed 17 hours ago FOX Carolina News The Laurens County Republican Party is holding a COVID-19 vaccine protest at Self Regional Medical Center. New 8:56 Now playing

Anti-Vaccine Protests in Antigua | TVJ Smile Jamaica

18K views 21 hours ago Television Jamaica Jamaica News Today – Television Jamaica (TVJ) a Trusted Source for News, Sports & Entertainment. For Jamaican news, sports … New 2:30 Now playing

Healthcare workers protest vaccine mandates

212 views 5 hours ago News 4 Tucson KVOA-TV upLynk Clip. New CC

Nurses protest vaccine mandate

108 views 8 hours ago KCENNews Follow 6 News New

Locals rally against vaccine mandates

92 views 8 hours ago WXOW News 19 Locals rally against vaccine mandates. New CC

Man Stabbed Outside LA City Hall Amid Protest Against “Medical Tyranny”

24 views 55 minutes ago Lightning News A man was stabbed outside Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday, amid a protest against Covid-19 vaccination mandates. The Los … New

‘I feel defeated’ Mask and vaccine mandates cause new divides as

6 views 3 hours ago Instants News At hospitals, mandatory deadlines for staffers to get coronavirus shots are arriving. At big corporations such as United Airlines and … New

Protest in USA #125 TODAY in Los Angeles, California over vaccine mandates, turned violence🙈

11 views 2 hours ago Ken88 Pray for us Californians. New

Setting the Stage for the Mark of the Beast Part 2

3 views 4 hours ago Cornerstone Baptist Sahuarita, AZ 8 August 2021. New

The Constitutional Invalidity of Vaccination Mandates and the Lawful Right to Protest

40 views 15 hours ago Gideon Sword Professor Augustor Zimmermann outlines the truth found in the Australian Constitution for us as citizens to resist the unlawful … New

Say no to vaccine passports: anti-vaxxers gather in London | #shorts

19 views 12 hours ago Koppa News Hundreds of anti-vaxxer protestors march through London in opposition to vaccine passports and giving children the jab … New

Comments on vaccine protest in Montreal, low media coverage

11 views 8 hours ago Bloodywasher New

Vaccine Mandate Protest Rally Olympia Thurston County

No views 41 minutes ago Indica Girl For Life Some footage of a vaccine mandate protest rally in Olympia on 8-14-21. On Lilly Rd in front of Providence St. Peter Hospital. New


Protests in France Continue Over Mandatory Vaccine Health Passes

11,165 viewsAug 14, 20212667ShareSaveBloomberg Quicktake: Now 1M subscribers Protesters rally in Paris against France’s introduction of Covid-19 vaccine health passes required to access restaurants, cultural venues and in some cases, hospitals.

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