August 23, 2021: Stormy Times on Planet Earth [videos]

August 23, 2021: Stormy Times on Planet Earth [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture August 23, 2021

Fantasy storm –

This is the last full week of August and it is indeed stormy and at times, surreal. There are violent storms and violent outbreaks. Turbulence. I hope you’re strapped in because as we swirl around in this maelstrom, there won’t be the logic we would like. It will be very confusing if you try to make sense of everything.

Most important, stay out of fear. We’re advised to remember that what is happening on our planet is not what is happening. “Is” has many meanings, remember?

“It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”  ~ William Jefferson Clinton

Check out this 2 min. video from Ezra A. Cohen on Telegram. Very stormy. It will set the mood.

This week we were expecting the release of at least a preliminary election audit report from here in Maricopa County but— learn more on Telegram.

JUST IN – Cyber Ninjas’ CEO and two other member fall ill with COVID-19. Full Arizona audit draft not received today.

Never fear—this journey is being steered and is under intelligent control—as difficult as that is to believe sometimes—and we will come through on the other side to a very positive world. The reason it seems so chaotic is due to the moves and counter-moves on the chess board. The deep state cabal is trying to evade the White Hats but the Earth Alliance is always able to meet and exceed the challenge.

Link to Kim Shady on Telegram.

A reminder from WhipLash347 on Telegram.

Fake WW3 Scenario
Fake Incoming Nukes & Cyber.
Have to raise the Military Status to a Full Blown World War Status.

Hurricane Henri has taken a toll in Eastern USA. I guess the victims didn’t get 10 emergency alerts on their phones like I did when we had a little thunderstorm last week. Either that, or they got so many they started ignoring them. But in a hurricane, I would take extra precautions and avoid low areas, wouldn’t you? They got record rainfall.

Tennessee flooding: Heartbreaking search for missing adults, children continues with at least 22 dead

Here’s a touchstone for the weary cosmic travellers from Q The Storm Rider on Telegram. There is a lot of great stuff there.

] Game Theory [
Near Death Civilization _EVENT



[They] do everything to keep DURHAM report from Comimg out.
Cyber attack of the CENTURY
Bioweapon attack of the CENTURY

How do they want to hide evidence and keep the deep state CABAL CONTROL happening???
>>>>>>>>>BLACK SWAN<<<<







MILITARY is the only way

Q knew…

2492 Nov 12, 2018 11:50:47 PM EST Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 000000 No. 466  ARIZONA R Gov won by 328,000 votes. D Sen is winning by 32,000 votes. R Gov won Maricopa County by 325,000 votes. D Sen winning Maricopa by 32,000 votes? [350,000] vote swing to D Sen? Q

Trump on Maricopa

Q in 2018 pointing to election issues there
Isn’t it an amazing coincidence that of the thousands of counties across the US (many have issues) that Q gave us the heads up on Maricopa in 2018?

“You are watching a Movie”

“Full Control”

Logical thinking, we knew then, we knew in 2020


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas tell us that a new DHS whistleblower will be aired tomorrow. I’m sure the cabal doesn’t want that coming out, either.

James has been busy, BTW.

There was another interesting lightning strike this weekend. The World Trade Center in Manhattan/New York City.

It was a violent weekend in Portland, Oregon to add to the chaos.

BREAKING! 2nd and Yamhill downtown Portland: Man with handgun opening fire now.

This is a developing story.

I have not and probably will not address much if anything in Afghanistan because it’s a real clusterf’k with operations ongoing by the enemy and the White Hats, a whole shit load of fake news using old photos taken elsewhere… the whole nine yards. I’m not looking for anything out of that corner of the world because it’s more like a hall of mirrors than a geopolitical situation. What we think is happening is not what is happening and I’m sure it will be clear as mud eventually.

Fire erupts at Pemex platform in Gulf of Mexico, injuring five

Richard Citizen Journalist has hundreds of videos from citizen journalists all over America and perhaps other places which all present the same picture. Empty hospitals. Even if visitors are discouraged and controlled, don’t the doctors, nurses, technicians, cooks, janitorial staff, etc. have to park somewhere? Link to Telegram.

Lincoln Nebraska hospital. I’ve been sent hundreds of these videos from all across the country. They are all the same. Empty.

I have to ask… If thousands of people are dying from the jab, where are they? I believe Scott Mowry mentioned that hospitals would largely be shutting down. Once med-beds are available, we won’t need those shrines of death and torture any longer.

Lin Wood posted on Telegram:

Some are concerned that President Trump will be blamed for the harm being caused by the “vaccines.”

Are you kidding me?

The blame for the harm will ultimately lay on the doorsteps of those who developed Covid and the “vaccines” with the intent to harm them us. Trump only seeks to help us, not harm us.

Focus your ire on CCP, Fauci, Gates, Pfizer, Moderna, FDA, CDC, NIH, Gilead (Remdesivir), WHO, et al.

A lot of hospitals and physicians bear responsibility for the harm too.

And remember personal responsibility. If people made the choice to take the “vaccine” without doing their own research to be informed, they have a measure of responsibility too.

Sometimes the TRUTH hurts but we must still face it.

We are so quickly inclined to place blame on others and reject responsibility. Over the decades we have been inattentive and reckless and it’s time we learned that we have to pay attention, be vigilant at all times, and accept the responsibility to be informed.

If we do not, we are like teenagers, throwing caution to the wind, believing us to be invincible, and expecting authoritarian figures to direct us at every turn so we don’t have to spend our time doing research. We can spend more time watching TV, attending our favourite sporting events, leasing a new car every two years, shopping for the sake of shopping for things we don’t need, eating fast food loaded with dangerous ingredients, etc.

Exclusive: General Flynn – The Death of Personal Responsibility in America | Pt. 2

Electing people based on fancy language, promises not kept, judging by a winning smile or a nice suit… how ridiculous. Some of us act like choosing a leader for our country is like voting for our favourite actor at an awards show. Actors indeed! Politicians ARE actors. Imposters! Most weren’t elected—they were installed.

The world is about to discover just how manipulated their elections have been—and we need to talk about it. Free speech will be upheld in America and we will not curb our tongues to appease anyone.

We continue to hear from people coming forward to reveal their side of the scamdemic psyop. Link to Telegram.

In Italy Alessandro Meluzzi, a famous psychiatrist doctor, swears on his daughter that he was offered, what is often shown on this channel, a false vaccination in front of cameras, in order to encourage people to vaccinate themselves. Of course, he refused.

We hear that America needs to get up off the couch, on the street, and let their stand be known: WE DO NOT COMPLY.

On August 29th, Philadelphia, PA may be the hill many choose to die on. [metaphorically speaking, of course] They’re going all out.

This next headline is being crowed from the rooftops by the cabal’s corrupt media of all kinds; print, television, online…

Today, we have news from the FDA. Not that I would trust them at all. This experimental product has been fast-tracked over a mere few months rather than several years—which still makes any takers guinea pigs, in my book. We don’t need no stinkin’ vaccines and I don’t condone testing on animals OR Humans.

FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine

Before you run out and ask for the Pfizer jab—you had better listen to the short video below.

Dr. Gina Loudon in this interview with Steve Bannon tells us the efficacy of the Pfizer shot is only 40 per cent and she effectively [dis]qualifies the study used to approve this treatment. The process was not complete, she says, because they lost the control group in the middle of the study. WHAT?!

In my opinion the risks outweigh the pathetic ability to protect anyone. She spells out the many reasons they withhold safe, natural therapeutics in favour of repeated shots/boosters. It’s an excellent segment. 8 min.

It’s like Russian roulette to inject your body with the disgusting ingredients in “vaccines”—and we’re not convinced this is or was meant to be a “vaccine” in any way, shape, or form. Dr. Loudon goes on to say she recommends parents remove their children from public schools to protect them from a barrage of attacks from not only mask mandates, but critical race theory and outrageous “liberal indoctrination” on many levels.

Clif High had a conversation with Greg Hunter recently about a number of things you might find interesting. Video at the link below.

Clif High Update: Biden Desperate as Vax Narrative Falls Apart – Rebuild Immune System?

The great scamdemic is a puzzling scenario and we’ve been putting our heads together in an effort to make sense of it and connect some dots.

Continuing the musings from yesterday’s post, the crew has pointed out that we’ve had inside information suggesting that Hydroxychloroquine is potentially lethal for those who habitually ingest adrenochrome long-term.

I think that’s a major puzzle piece because Trump said the military was going to deliver the “vaccine”. What is deadly to the pedophiles, pedovores and adrenochrome addicts could be a magic elixir to the rest of us IF it contained Hydroxychloroquine. It would also resolve issues arising from whatever it is they spread around the world as the “SARS-CoV-2” virus, and act as a preventive, as well.

This short (6 min) video from Dr. Richard Urso explains some remarkable properties of HCQ. It does indeed seem to be a “magic potion”.

Dr Richard Urso Shares What You’re Not Being Told

Romana Didulo of Canada suggested (by way of Q-style query) the military had taken over the pharmaceutical plants producing the vaxxx, and we did see the video from Toronto of the Apotex hydroxychloroquine plant owned by Barry and Honey Sherman with a line of UN vehicles outside. We heard that the UN vehicles had been rounded up by the military and had not yet been removed. They were awaiting their disposition, from the sound of it. If they were parked at Apotex, it suggests the military did indeed have control of that facility.

The Shermans were assassinated a couple of years ago and I believe three other HCQ plants in several countries this year suffered explosions and fires. Something about HCQ is making it a big target, that is for sure.

What if… the cabal was not only trying to prevent the availability of HCQ to combat the Kung Flu, cancer, and other conditions in Humans, but to prevent it being used to take out their own? It would also account for the top tier globalists and their lackeys refusing to take the jab and faking it for live television. Perhaps forced vaccinations are called for among the reticent controllers—for their own good, of course.

People are bothered by the fact that President Trump continues to recommend we get the shot if we feel guided, and this might account for it.

It is disturbing that so many appear to be dying of the jabs, but we don’t know how much of it is true, or who is dying, or why. We were warned that “PAIN is coming.” Some things to think about.

This is disgusting. They blame everything on the Wu Flu and atrocities of all kinds are taking place because of it. Or at least appear to be.

Citing Covid threat, Australian council SHOT SHELTER DOGS dead instead of allowing volunteers to collect them

David Icke has a 12-minute video that explains a lot, esp. for those who are new to the patriot community.

Who They Are and What They Really Want

Q The Storm Rider put up a great post on Telegram on August 19. Entropy… then rebuilding. We have had reports from around the world of staggered EAS/EBS testing.

If you feel like things are FALLing apart.. That’s because they are.
You are witnessing the destruction of the old Deep State [CABAL] System.
>The EYE of the STORM is approaching.

(Often Times WITNESSES are traumatized…But heal through time)

The GREAT AWAKENING Isn’t for everyone.

God WINS doesn’t mean everyone survives this GAME_theory EVENT
On The Clock

All countries are almost done testing EBS the past 5 months

/Space Force>[ ]16,000 SATS

We are already at the point that the People of our planet are calling out politicians to their faces and challenging them. Without their goons, they might very well be swinging from a gibbet.

Is it realistic to expect we can wage war on the enemy of the ages and not sustain casualties or bad news? That may be the wish of civilians and soldiers alike, but it ain’t gonna happen. The Light has been battling the dark for a very long time already and there have been many lives lost and untold suffering.

No longer can we keep it a secret because it will take all of us to win the war. We can no longer tolerate the sacrifice of children or anyone else. It’s time for civilians to engage and do what they can to take it over the hump and GET THIS DONE. The goalposts are waiting.

Agent A1 in the Great White North has one mission: to stop Human trafficking.







Most Canucks, like the American People, have no idea of the depth or breadth of the corruption.

Another post for today






You see what they’re doing, right? To be responsible citizens, we must sacrifice our rights and freedoms—and perhaps our life!—for the greater good. How many, I wonder, will sacrifice their lives or an enjoyable life, over a fake pandemic—to save someone with a reckless disregard for their own rights who will later die anyway because of it? Link to Telegram.

Trudeau: “If you don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s your choice, but don’t think you can get on a plane or train next to vaccinated people and put them at risk”.

Scott Mowry and his team held another outstanding Miracles Intel Conference Call last night which was so packed, Scott couldn’t initially dial in himself. There were unprecedented technical difficulties but he finally made it, a little late.

If you are in a bad way, anxious, or living in fear over what you think you see and hear, I recommend you listen to Scott’s call. There is so much positive news if you recognize it for what it is and Scott is a master dot connector. You can listen to this recording for one week or until the next call overwrites it.

Dial in to 712-770-5402  Access code 767664# and then # again

LT has a new update for us from And We Know.

8.23.21: President TRUMP…our w@r time GENERAL! Everything has MEANING! PRAY!

Corn ranch—ha!

Keep it light, look on the positive side and know that whatever is happening must happen for us to move forward and end the evil.

I can’t even explore everything the crew shares for myself, never mind get it into a post so do check out the comments for the super material offered there.

Signing off for now.  ~ BP

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