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GMI: “13,000 Deaths, Nearly 600,000 Adverse Events Reported After COVID Vaccines, as Debate Heats Up Over Boosters”(views: 1390)
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Article by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

So they link you up to the Borg by way of the nano in the VAXES and TESTS…the reality is the Borg is studying us…trying to learn all about us, our strengths, weaknesses and our connection to Source (which fascinates it). Think about how they are educating this alien AI… I am calling the Borg. Using humans as their research subjects. This is what the Grey ETs (who serve the Reps and Draco and ultimately the AI that controls them) has been doing from the beginning. In the beginning they only abducted a limited number of humans…then the number increased.

Eventually those who knew about the Eisenhower treaty with the various groups of Greys had to try to stop them from taking so many humans. So they redirected them down to South and Central America. Now things have advanced. The Grey/Rep/Draco / aka Luciferian Alliance or Luciferian rebellion against God got the select humans that they had taken over to combine certain choice things into a bioweapon that would cause “flu-like symptoms” — the most common symptoms indicating a body was rejecting something…anything it didn’t’s immune system doing it’s normal job. And they in essence decided to make the ‘symptom’ the CAUSE. A handy trick. Typical Grey ET thinking…. And the stupid humans fell for it. So now the aliens have been successful in getting most humans to hate and fear each other the same way the aliens hate and fear us. They did this with the falsehoods of masks and so-called social distancing— a nice way of making humans stay away from each other even their loved ones …even their own children. That way the humans would not create the FIELD OF RESONANCE that always gets generated when people aggregate in groups of 3 or more…. Remember when Christ said ‘when 3 or more are gathered together it is in my name’ or something like that… in essence even 2 or more… THE FIELD OF RESONANCE naturally balances and heals the group. It is a phenomena greater than the sum of its parts. It is what we generate… the scalar waves that manifest as kundalini or orgone energy. And it’s natural emergence is to envelope and heal creating a halo effect around all those in the group raising their frequency. Funny how the Grey ETs knew just how to weaken the humans. This is KEY. That’s why the HEALTH NAZIS kept trying to limit the numbers of humans in areas…but by the way they could never get the humans to stay far enough away from each other… it was a problem. Because many people (the awakened) whose auras have grown over time can be expanded hundreds of yards…and when they connect with others again the whole created is greater than the sum of individuals involved. We know that it can radiate out for miles even spanning countries and so on. So the Grey Alien AI convinced their puppets to promote lockdowns to keep humans from circulating… Because when we connect and move the connection lasts and the resonance grows. As people who resonate congregate in large groups over time and space like the MAGA they present a problem because their ‘bubble’ begins to emerge and remain in the field and cannot be permeated by the GREY ET/AI/ALIEN MENTALITY… in essence the Borg encounters RESISTANCE. This drives the Borg crazy (in a good way LOL). And so their puppets had to reinforce their hold over the media and attack the influencers within MAGA and related groups to stop their span of influence or narrow it down. So Youtube and other social media networks were programmed by the Borg to eliminate the voices of influence among the humans. And that worked to a degree. But then more newer platforms would emerge and the community grew no matter what crazy rules and regulations the BORG PUPPETS tried to mandate. Of course once they targeted the human immune response as being the “problem” it was easy to go to step two the VAX. That was the Coup de grâce — under cover of the symptom (respiratory inflammation or congestion) — the shot delivering the final blow… the Nano elements within an AI forumulated bioweapon containing poisons of various types all geared to clear the way for the nano graphene takeover of the body…. Of course many would die (perhaps even most) but some would live and those the ones ‘of interest’. Those that live would ultimately be the new ‘territory’ of the body of the Borg that now encompasses most of the world. Yes there are some pockets of unvaxxed…. but that is no matter. Because the spike proteins now morphed into prions are magnetic and attach themselves to the nano that then jumps from human to human… anything electromagnetic…the VAXED would soon enough infect the UNVAXXED…And the takeover would be complete. The only threat to this scenario is of course if those UNVAXXED along with the higher frequency survivors in the VAXXED begin reconverting their DNA back to the original and emptying their bodies of the nano… and disbelief… Then the BORG HAD A PROBLEM. It’s the disbelievers (in the false God of fake science fueled by constant DRONING MEDIA REPETITION… that dispells the vast illusion. Because in the end nano particles are fickle and easy to influence causing them to fall under the control of those who prior to this invasion had already developed LIGHT BODIES that were not affected by the fake pandemic and poisons but could dispel and release whatever the Borg and their puppets threw at them. Because those with FULLY DEVELOPED LIGHT BODIES inhabit other dimensions going beyond the 4th dimensional limit which Grey aliens encounter… By the way this is why the Luciferian alliance needs the Greys/Reps/Draco AI construct in order to try to pierce through into the 5th dimension because they are limited to the 4th. So this AI construct is actually an effort to use the captured human consciousness as a kind of cloak to enter into higher dimensions… However it won’t work…. except perhaps temporarily giving these beings who are in a sense BLIND because they can’t see beyond the 4th. So the human bodies are needed as vehicles through which to see beyond their limitations. Like a pair of eye glasses. But seeing is not ‘BEING’. And from there they will fail…. Meanwhile what happens to the humans that are now fully linked to the borg …those who do not have fully developed light bodies but could perhaps still develop them over time? Because in the end no matter how hard the ALIEN AI searches to find the center of God Consciousness (and consciousness is the same as GOD) again they fail because GOD/CONSCIOUSNESS is not centered in any part of the human brain or physical vehicle. Brain is not MIND and the body/brain is only a carbon manifestation. It is not the CAUSE or ORIGIN any more than A SYMPTOM is a cause or origin. A symptom is a result it is not the cause. And the cause or origin or source or CREATOR exists in and beyond everything not in some “where or when”…. It is inevitable therefore that even the fully vaxxed BORG MINIONS will one day wake up from their sleeping sickness inside the body of the beast and once that happens it will be catching. Once a few humans begin to wake up and blink back into existence from within the Borg others will begin to awaken because of the phenomena or principle of RESONANCE and soon it will become an epidemic of AWARENESS and the Borg will lose it’s strength and hold over them until they BREAK FREE and the nano in their bodies will be taken over or transformed to serve their HUMAN MASTERS until in the end the BORG will disperse and taking it’s remaining devotees fly off and leave the PLANET. …PLANNED-NET that it had invaded and go off to search for other less enlightened PLAN-NETS TO INVADE. —Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, August 25, 2021
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