August 31, 2021: Fire and Water Engulf the United States, Apparently Drowning Reason [videos]

August 31, 2021: Fire and Water Engulf the United States, Apparently Drowning Reason [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture August 31, 2021

Source: Yellow Rose for Texas YouTube

What a war this is. The “news” is unbelievable. So much drama. The east US is flooding and the west is burning and both are requiring evacuations. We hold all the people in challenged areas in our thoughts. We need some miracles and powerful envisioning of peace and tranquility—globally.

I don’t know what that image [above] near the sun is that Rose posted a week ago on August 23 but some folks are excited according to their comments.

What do you think—comms?  Link to Telegram.

“One minute before midnight”- she has repeatedly said this like it means something

Check this out: Link to video on Telegram. Look at all those beautiful trucks! Canada border closed.

Our truckers have started y’all! Blocking things up! We are with you!

Is there anyone who thinks it’s a coincidence that Hurricane Ida arrived on the 16th anniversary of Katrina? The cabal loves anniversaries.

Interesting language…

Link to Telegram for letter.

Chase Bank is closing General Flynn’s credit card accounts citing possible ‘’reputational risk’’ to their company.

I stopped playing their game and left Chase bank many years ago to join a credit union where everything is free. No service charges, free cheques, free notary, and monthly dividends on my balance in savings. They have their own Visa credit cards, etc. When I go inside the bank they treat me like a member, not a slave or a number—or a criminal.

The military is fighting back against their own. Link to Telegram.

JUST IN – Nearly 90 retired U.S. generals and admirals penned an open letter asking Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley to resign.

The insanity has to stop. More and more medical professionals are speaking out.

The storm is blowing in on the gusty winds of change and things are getting interesting in Canada. The police are now siding with the people in Toronto. Link to Telegram.

En Français…

I found this website to source a physician to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine in case anyone is interested.

Did they spray something in the Phoenix Metroplex to infect everyone? Bacteria? What about those swarms of bloody mosquitos that have plagued us since the last storm?

Several friends claim they have, or had Covid and they rarely get sick. One pal diagnosed herself after she came down with something nasty immediately following a trip to Idaho in August to deal with some difficult family issues. Could be a flu due to a weakened immune system but whatever it was, it kicked her butt.

A family of unvaccinated friends from Texas had three people who got “something”. Months apart… the mum took Regeneron right away and it cleared up fast. Daughter got mild symptoms but now has an irregular heartbeat. Dad fought something off for 8 days including severe night sweats, taking a number of things to help but Sunday night he suddenly couldn’t breathe so they admitted him to the Mayo and put him on Remdesivir and oxygen. Our friend had a rough night last night and his wife found a doctor in Texas who will send her the HCQ. She says they won’t do it here in Arizona. Unbelievable.

I don’t believe an antiviral will help much with Covid, but that’s just me and anything Fauci has his claws in can’t be good. They may market and administer Remdesivir as an anti-viral—but is it? They concocted it with a long-range plan, from the sound of it, and I don’t trust them.

The products that work best to eliminate Kung Flu symptoms haven’t been anti-virals according to the doctors who have shared their results and I don’t know that Covid is a virus. It could be something else and it’s contagious.

Ivermectin and HCQ, as we’ve discussed, are anti-parasitics. They are what have helped people kick Covid really quickly. Budesonide is a corticosteroid used to treat asthma and lung inflammation, wheezing, etc. and has worked really well, too. So is the Covid condition mis-diagnosed as a “virus”, or are the treatments mis-named? Why the gap?  The more we know, the less we know.

I find this interesting, however…

This article is about Ivermectin which they seem more inclined to discuss in the news than Hydroxychloroquine, but when we begin hearing that HCQ may also heal cancer… what do we expect? HCQ seems to be a very potent treatment.

To provide more peace of mind over the Wu Flu and vaccines, a lot of people in the spiritual community have also discovered NANO SOMA. Dr. Presser has run out of stock in his stores twice this summer and is expecting more any day now in the US market. The business has grown so fast they couldn’t keep up with the bottling.

If you haven’t discovered the impressive and revolutionary NANO SOMA spray, you might want to check it out. I’ve done several posts on it with research papers and testimonials and the crew has reported their exciting results with various health conditions for themselves and their pets. It further underscores my belief that “anything is possible”. Thing we would never have even hoped for are happening.

When you can abandon all your nutritional supplements and a few sprays on the tongue each day can have such profound change on the body, it’s worth trying. It will protect against even the worst viruses and the viral shedding we understand is taking place after Covid vaccinations, and triggers the body to heal even conditions previously considered incurable. Flesh, muscle, neurological… there seem to be no limits.

Ten years of testimonials gathered by Dr. Raghavan, the developer, can be found at and those gathered by Dr. Richard Presser over the last year or so are at, with a US only subset at Also, these testimonials can now be found in French, Italian, Spanish and German at

Over ten years of research doesn’t lie. When it’s 100% safe and you can’t overdose… it’s a boon to any lifestyle, any age. Orders for NANO SOMA are currently accumulating for the next available replenishment so folks are eager to get their supply topped up. Once Dr. Presser is able to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate the exploding demand, we should have ample supplies going forward.

NANO SOMA is not expensive, in my opinion, for three reasons. You can eliminate the need for your vitamins and supplements and as your health challenges resolve, you won’t need the prescriptions you now take.

It doesn’t fill just one need; it replaces supplements, yes, and enables the body to blocks viruses and heal wounds, relieve pain, repair tissue, and even regrow the telomeres on chromosomes. Age regression. Let that sink in. Long-term use has yielded astonishing results so fewer visits and fees to the doctor, dentist, therapist, surgeon…  One product can trigger the body to heal itself to the point we can save a lot of time, money, and anguish.

In addition, if you know you are going to want NANO SOMA as part of your daily health regimen, you can order larger quantities and keep the price per bottle lower. Richard tells us the prices will come down in time, as well.

It’s exciting to hear all the testimonials from real people—not actors on the screen—to learn what kind of magic they are experiencing with NANO SOMA; much of it completely unexpected. The sky’s the limit.

Thank you to everyone who has reported back on their news and experiences with this remarkable immune support product and for sharing our links with friends and family. It’s had many folks in tears of joy and relief. You can access the online store for your country here or the NANO SOMA links above.

The psyop continues in Phoenix. The population of Arizona is said to be 7.2 million.

The Jumbotrons on the freeways have been tallying up the supposed millions of people who accepted the jab. Last Thursday in Paradise Valley they read, “7.2 million doses and counting. Get vaccinated.” On Monday the signs said, “Join 4 million Arizonans vaccinated.” So… in four days, 3 million people got un-vaccinated? It sounds like a mistake that was very misleading; sounding like the entire population of our state was vaccinated when I believe it was their goal.

What was the deal with that Moderna truck that crashed in W. Virginia? It was a distraction, apparently. Fake news. It happened on Saturday and someone just wanted to dish out some more drama because we don’t have enough excitement to keep us awake but various patriots called out the poster on Telegram.

UPDATE: I-79 reopens nearly 21 hours after vaccine truck crash

The clot shots are not sounding good at all. Japan gets it.

MOAR contaminations…

Japan suspending 1M more vaccine doses

Japan has suspended the use of an additional 1 million doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine after contaminants were found in more batches of the shot, Reuters reported.

The most recent reports of vaccine contamination came from the Gunma prefecture, situated just northwest of Tokyo. These reports prompted two batches of Moderna’s vaccines to be temporarily suspended.

According to Reuters, a tiny black substance was found in a vaccine vial in Gunma. Black substances were also found in a vial and syringe in Okinawa where a pink material was also found in a separate syringe.

@RedPillPharmacist  Link to Telegram.

And subsequently…

NEW: Japan first country ‘officially’ realises that there is NO NEED FOR BEING VACCINATED, because ivermectin is a very cheap useful and effective drug in the treatment of the Covid virus.

The manufacturing of false information has been exposed in India and a doctor is in deep trouble; possibly facing a death sentence.

“The world is gradually waking up to your absurd, arbitrary and fallacious approach in presenting concocted facts as ‘scientific approach.’ While the WHO flaunts itself like a ‘know it all,’ it is akin to the vain Emperor in new clothes while the entire world has realized by now, the Emperor has no clothes at all.”

Read more here:

Covid Scientist Faces Death Penalty – India may execute a World Health Organization Scientist for misleading the public about Ivermectin

When will we follow suit for those trying to block the use of Hydroxychloroquine?

The clever Danes figured out how to change course. Most articles you find in a search, however, say passports ARE in effect there. The disinformation is thick. These are the determined folks who spent nine days or something banging on pots and pans outside parliament. Kudos—it worked.

“Danish parliament recently decided in Copenhagen that all Corona measures should be ended from October 1. There will therefore no longer be a mask requirement and the test regime will be abolished. The Danes will then no longer have to provide evidence of whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated, or whether they have tested positive or negative”.

Read more here:

Denmark Abolishes All Corona Measures

The Greeks are out in great numbers and in masks, poor souls!

Protest Against Mandatory Vaxxing Turns Violent In Greece, 47 Detained

For those who haven’t arrived at this conclusion yet, I want to make sure it’s clear:

The bottom line is, if there are cures for the “Coronavirus-19”, then it does NOT qualify as a “pandemic”. It just isn’t.

It’s not a crisis. It’s not a “health emergency”. The whole thing has been a lie; a ‘scamdemic’—as we said from the beginning. They suppressed knowledge of Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide, Zinc, etc. to make everyone so afraid that they would gladly surrender their rights and freedoms.

MOST IMPORTANT: The “plandemic” was to get us all vaccinated—and look how hard they’re pushing that.

Now we have to fight like hell to tell the rest the truth and get our freedom back.

The reports of pedophile stings are arrests are increasingly common.

Police bust massive pedophile ring, 33 suspects arrested 

Dave’s X22 Report features a great deal of valuable background, perspective, and current event analyses necessary to innerstand what is happening and why. The part about “Open Table”… unbelievable. I’ll never use them to book a restaurant again. Here in the Valley of the Sun the restaurants have not expected diners to wear a mask or anything else for a long time, but staff still wear masks. It’s ridiculous and I can’t hear half of what the servers are saying behind the masks. Specials? Forget it. I just order from the regular menu. I never realized how much lip reading I did in noisy restaurants.

I just found this new interview and since it’s Simon Parkes, it’s probably very good but I haven’t listened yet.

In the UK, the “elite” can’t walk down the street. Funny, that.

“The Nooses are Ready!” Vaccine Protest Crowd Targets BBC Journalist in UK

Reporter Philip Norton was covering the demonstration in Scarborough when things turned and the crowd hurled abuse, “You’re lying to the people, there’s no truth in what you say,” says one man via a megaphone.

“This is what we were subjected to in our roles as journalists today. Ambushed and cornered by protesters, death threats, labelled as pedophiles and murderers,” Norton later responded.

Link to Telegram.

This cop is a psychopath and he loves his job. Link to Telegram.

More footage of Sergeant Stu Coates beating innocent people. He is also doing this without a FACE MASK as well so he could be killing them with Covid as well 😜 Everyone please call Northumbria Police and make complaints.

This is the individual here:

Below is the complaints section please EVERYONE let them know this is unacceptable.

The fake news is exposed often and Queen Romana shares a lot of truths and things to watch for. Link to Telegram.

Using photos of Filipinos (from year 2013) being evacuated – to portray chaos in Afghanistan = desperate. 👀 🛸👽

Utiliser des photos de Filipinos (de l’année 2013) en cours d’évacuation – pour dépeindre le chaos en Afghanistan = désespéré.

The awakened like to ridicule the fake news every chance they get. Videos at the link.

Jim Cantore BUSTED on Live TV by Utility Linemen

They certainly are dragging out this Arizona election audit and their findings.

Arizona AG to Maricopa County: Provide Election Data or Lose $700 Million of State Funds

The natives are restless and organizing here in AZ.

Upcoming Medical Freedom Rallies

Combined list of all the rallies planned so far. Please try to attend as many as you can. If we do not have bodily sovereignty, we are not free. Please share with your friends and family. You can also share this link on your FB page:


8/31 8:30pm 26525 N. 19th Ave, Phoenix RSVP to

8/31 All Day National Event-No work, No school

9/04 10am 255 W. Alameda Street, Tucson

9/6 9:30am 300 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix

9/6 5pm 2901 N. Central Ave, Phoenix

9/7 All Day National Event-No work, No school

9/18 11am 777 N. Main Street, Cottonwood, AZ

9/24 10am 1700 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ

LT’s latest video is excellent, as always, as are his opinions and perspective from his former Marine status.

8.30.21: A WEEK to REMEMBER! Emotional OVERLOAD on ALL LEVELS! Pray!

Someone is not happy after trying to get answers from AZ Gov. Doug Ducey’s office:

Today I phoned Gov. Doug Duceys office to find out how many Afhan Refugees are coming to AZ. After being on hold for 35 minutes, I was told by Duceys staff they had no access to that information! I really tore into him asking how can a Governor make such a monumental committement without knowing how many people we will have to feed cloth house and educate? He said I should call Mark Kelly! Now we all know they do not answer their phones. I said besides Ducey made the commitment and he works for We The People and I want an answer from Him! I left my email address and said I expect a response within 7 days! Damn they don’t give a tinkers damn about what we think! Time to let them know otherwise. 602-542-4331.

We got exciting news from Sean Stone via Charlie Ward about Sean’s new 6-part series to air on Labour Day weekend—this coming weekend!

There’s a short but punchy intro video on Charlie’s site at the link below. Neither one of my browsers would allow me to access the series website,, but Sean’s personal website has some info. See the 3:30 intro video on The Satanic Empire. Hollywood is exposing the demons. Coming Labor Day Weekend to and  [107?]   This is going to be awesome, my friends. Share-worthy. Oliver and Sean Stone have always resonated with me and Oliver’s Putin interview in Russia was awesome. That may connect a few dots for you.

A New Six Part Series By Sean Stone – The Satanic Empire

I have to say, I’m weary of dealing with disinformation and lies. People don’t know how to research; they dig up stuff that isn’t true, they believe what they want, and don’t listen to facts. Some people wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped them upside the head.

Facts are becoming an illusion. It seems there are no facts any more, they’re figments of our imagination. There’s no way to validate or quantify anything, apparently.

I take great satisfaction in listening to this because it puts my world on par with something.

Two plus two can be four or five or seven; something can be made in Switzerland but someone tells you no, it’s made in India; you can research for a dozen years or more and you know nothing if people don’t like what you’re saying; you can spend over 18 months listening to scores of doctors, researchers, medical professionals and reading documents and testimonials every day and your opinion doesn’t matter because you don’t have a medical degree. The millions of silent doctors are probably right, because they’re in the majority. There’s the pretzel logic.

What the hell are we doing here? It’s madness. Utter madness. Up is down. Black is white. Every story and everything that ever happened can be back to front and inside out and still be right. And too few seem to care.

I can’t wait to dig into the deep freeze full of crow. There are years worth of crow in there. Delectable, savoury, sweet, sweet crow.

We have a choice to either remain with the flock of sheep or fly with the flock of eagles enjoying the 40,000 foot view of The Great Awakening.

For all the above reasons, I will express myself in dignified fashion befitting a sovereign Being.

Signing off for now.

Thank you to the crew for the support of all kinds and doing your part in the Great Awakening.  ~ BP


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