Jordan Sather: “The Elite’s COVID-19 Operation Sent The War On Health Into Overdrive” – Aug 29 2021

Jordan Sather: “The Elite’s COVID-19 Operation Sent The War On Health Into Overdrive”

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Date: Sunday, 29-Aug-2021 05:22:11

===== From Jordan’s Newsletter: The Elite’s COVID-19 Operation Sent The War On Health Into Overdrive If the War on Drugs brought us more drugs and the War on Terror brought us more terror, maybe we should start a War on Natural Cures? Jordan Sather
Aug 29 The Establishment’s war against natural medicine is rolling full steam ahead. One thing that must be understood is that it’s always been that way. Many of the Federal Reserve banking families like the Rockefellers and Carnegies were instrumental in setting up the pharmaceutical-industrial-complex in the early 1900s. Natural ways of healing such as chiropractic, herbalism, and more were suppressed and vilified at an ever increasing rate during the 20th century and especially here into the 21st. Endless volumes can be written to describe how the Deep State has centralized control of our sick-care system over the decades. As of this moment we are dealing with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Or Scamdemic. Plannedemic. Whatever you want to call it. A manufactured problem hoist upon the world with a lab-made virus, manipulated statistics, and never ending fear porn from the fake news press. On one hand, their plan was brilliant. The Elites have killed a whole flock of birds with one stone. They used COVID to rig an election, using the so-called pandemic as an excuse to roll through last minute, unconstitutional voting changes. “Nobody should go to a polling booth, too dangerous, we’ll just have everyone mail it in! Super safe and secure.” Check. Small businesses were wrecked during the lockdowns, and the wealth shift to the richest in society from We the People has been massive, to the tune of trillions of dollars redistributed. Everyone is ordering online from big box stores these days. China must be loving that. Check. COVID was used as a pretext to censor the crap out of everyone online. Millions of posts and videos have been removed by the Big Tech platforms because of what they claim is “misinformation that could harm you”. Ah, don’t you love the gaslighting. I had dozens of YouTube videos and Twitter tweets removed over COVID related “misinformation”. This was content questioning the mask mandates, discussing the bio-engineered nature of the virus, anti-vaccine content, and what I was the most censored over: natural cures. Check. Pharma and their Deep State overlords have never liked competition. If a safer, more effective, and far cheaper treatment were readily available to the public, would these corporations be able to make tens of billions of dollars per year from their products? If the population were educated on how to move, feed, rest, and take care of their mind/bodies properly, would we need to spend billions of dollars on pills, meds, and sickness management providers? Many of doctors over the years who have stepped outside the allopathic box into the alternative, more natural realm have been silenced and suppressed, sometimes at the cost of their lives. The shadowy elites don’t play games. At this moment we are witnessing an all out assault on possible treatments for COVID-19 and the conduits who promote them. From the Deep State’s perspective this would be crucial for their full spectrum dominance. To sell their vaccines, and legally be afforded the emergency use authorizations, there can be “no available alternatives”. Imagine if people started to realize there were all kind of compounds that could be healing them and killing viruses that they could safely take? What if they found out there was never a need for these drastic lockdown, mandates, and draconian efforts in the first place? What if they found out it was all a lie? Oooh they’d be mad, and their goes the Elite’s COVID scam. The current alternative remedy they are making the prime boogeyman is Ivermectin. They ridicule it as “horse paste”. Time Magazine ran a lengthy hit piece featuring America’s Frontline Doctors as the target for their promotion of the substance. The oh-so-honest-and-honorable tag team duo of Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny wrote their own attempt at journalism for NBC, “Clamoring for ivermectin, some turn to a pro-Trump telemedicine website”, also targeting America’s Frontline Docs. Badges of honor for them. The basic, simple facts will always hide behind the over exaggerated reporting from these drama queens, and finding those will give you much more clarity. Ivermectin was discovered in the 1970’s by Japenese scientis Satoshi Omura. He purified a substance he initially dubbed “avermectin” from cultured bacteria. After refining his discovery he finally termed it “Ivermectin” and it was believed to be a kind of wonder drug with it’s anti-parasitic and anti-viral/bacterial properties. It’s believed to block the viral proteins, including that of COVID, from entering the nucleus of our cells allowing our bodies to better fight infections. Would be helpful if our news and science “authorities” in this country would tell us these sort of things, but “modern medicine” seems to overlook many of these simple substances. The real pandemic is the propaganda from these clowns. Another compound slandered, suppressed, and censored is a disinfect compound called Chlorine Dioxide. At the very beginning of the pandemic, in late January 2020, I tweeted to my then 150,000 followers on Twitter that a substance called Chlorine Dioxide could kill the virus, and not only could we sanitize with it but we can also use it internally to fight the virus at safe, low doses. I have researched and used Chlorine Dioxide for years, since 2012, and had already been discussing it on my channels before the COVID virus hit. By simple logic I figured it would be very effective against COVID, so I wanted to tell people about it. Within days of my tweet a barrage of hit pieces were printed all across the mainstream media landscape, “QAnon conspiracy theorist recommends a toxic drinking bleach to fight coronavirus!”. Funny how President Trump mentioned “disinfectant” during that White House press conference only a couple months later. I wonder what chemical he might have been referencing and where he heard about it from? Much like they smear Ivermectin as a “horse paste”, Chlorine Dioxide to these propagandists is “toxic bleach”. Meanwhile the basic facts behind the substance show it to be an effective pathogen killers and it can be mixed and drank at low doses, safely. Our SCIENCE authorities literally do not do any Science when talking about Chlorine Dioxide. One basic misrepresentation given to us is that bleach = bad. Bleaching agents aren’t inherently bad, lemon juice and the sun are bleaching agents. The conversation always goes deeper, but it’s easier to mind control us when they keep the conversation to superficial talking points. Some government health agencies in countries like Peru and Bolivia are turning towards Chlorine Dioxide because of how cheap it is, and they’re finding great success. In America though, our media and pharma agencies with slander and ridicule you if you dare suggest using it for COVID, and some people have even been thrown in jail for it. Mark Grenon and Kerri Rivera need our support. Hydroxychloroquine is another basic compound that was twisted and spun by the media and health authorities, with plenty of people attacked over it such as Dr. Zev Zelenko. The people and substances attacked is really too much to count. Fake news is the enemy of the people. This pandemic and the censorship associated with it has only thrust these natural remedies and the advocates who promote them into the spotlight. The Streisand Effect at it’s finest. The more they write about the cures in their hit pieces, the more people hear about them and start to dig. They may get their minds twisted from disinformation at the beginning, but ultimately the truth will shine through. “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself”, as the philosopher Saint Augustine once noted. The way out of this mess is through self-responsibility. It is OUR job to learn about US. When we outsource our self-awareness to an outside entity, especially one run by psychopaths, you’re going to get brainwashed. We need to support the natural health advocates trying the get the truth out, and work the get the truth out ourselves. We must learn that truth, first, for our authorities unfortunately are not reliable for deep knowledge on self. Educate yourself about yourself and then put that knowledge into practice. Knowledge isn’t power, it is potential, the action upon that knowledge generates the power to craft you into a better version of yourself. When we each take upon that challenge of self-growth and continue making better versions of ourselves, we then make a better version of society. So below, as above. And as we become collectively healthier, smarter, more proactive, more disciplined, then we can more effectively take back our power from the ruling class that does not have our best interest at heart. Checkmate. *************************************************************

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