September 8, 2021: The Timing is Hinging On… & A Call to Action for Oz [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 8, 2021

It’s that day again, and the frequent message is, it’s going to be a bit of a bumpy ride.

The bactrian camel asks, “What was your first clue?” Maybe they’re thinking “humpy” ride.

The question on the lips of many people who are paying attention is… “Where’s Kamala?” (Kamal, camel, the jokes have gone around about “camel toes” have they not?) Are they suggesting she’s been whisked off for a vacation at the “spa” in Cuba? We know some pretty scary masks were used or CGI or something—long before Hallowe’en.


First, it’s important to note the call to action to help our brothers and sisters in Australia. Nicholas Veniamin put this out on Telegram. If you can help, please do so.

Sometimes all it takes is to show them that WE are watching, because they now know we will hold them accountable. All you have to do is share the link for YouTube with as many as possible to what will be a live session in 3 hours from now. When you go and watch on YouTube, it will tell you how much longer until it goes live. Share on your social media or via email. Whatever you have to work with.


Please UNITE!

Australia needs your help NOW!
The plan is simple,Australia is being taken down by lawless politicians and unelected bureaucrats. There is a Supreme court hearing tomorrow and a media blackout.  Not many know about this and this is our only hope.

We have AFL soliciltors and G and B laywers as well as Senator Craig Kelly who are heroes to all who know what they are doing. What we need is for the link below to go viral and get as many hits as possible, so the Supreme Court is aware that the World is watching and it may keep them honest.

This is the last stand. The Case starts at 9.30 am in Sydney please watch or at least hit the link at 9.30-9.45 AM Sydney NSW Australian time.


YouTube (
Al-Munir Kassam v Bradley Ronald Hazzard

There’s another decode opportunity below. Some are talking about the announcement that Queen Lizzie has left this realm. Many believe she already has, some time ago, and in typical fashion they will get around to making a distraction of it when it suits them. Or perhaps the fall of London Bridge refers to something else. It is “fall”, after all. The criminals running the Rothschilds’ “City of London” seat of financial corruption and control may have been dealt the death blow. Since the unhackable Quantum Financial System is up and running, they can’t control much of anything.

Australians have a couple of days left to sign a petition.

Petition EN3083 – All Covid-19 vaccinations should be halted immediately

(Photo credit should read VANO SHLAMOV/AFP/Getty Images)

As has been suggested, it appears the military is mobile. When bad news for the deep state comes out, we expect they will deploy their own psychotic army to pull off the same kind of violence they did in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Portland, Oregon as well as the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The military will keep the peace.

OR, as others suggested, perhaps it is the Patriots who will be revolting and unmanageable when the news of the depth of election rigging in every state is released.

Richard Citizen Journalists reports. Link to Telegram.

In the last 14 days, I’ve received many videos from members of this channel showing domestic military movements.

It’s remarkable they’re sparing no method of transportation: rails, roads, and air.

I listened to the theory and experience of Phil Godlewski in his Patriot Update video below and it’s fascinating. He was invited to sit in on a most remarkable meeting by Internet with—President Donald Trump and a few others. The details are intriguing and Phil’s theory about the delay in releasing the Maricopa County election audit results is a very interesting and plausible one. I appreciate him sharing all this—which is why he was invited to attend, he believes; so he would share it.

I think most of us can see that the Patriots have been stalling for some reason. Perhaps this will make sense to you.

And yes, Q did say, “no deals”, but this is war, and the Earth Alliance will do whatever they deem is necessary for the most positive outcome for the many.

We know some criminals made deals with the White Hats and I have my own ideas about who some of them are. When you hear glowing accounts of absolutely despicable people you might suspect a “deal”. If someone had choice information about something really important (like Human trafficking) that could lead to the apprehension of other key players and irrefutable evidence, they would deal so the families could save face.

The Negotiation Period – September 4th, 2021

The results of the door-to-door canvassing done here in Arizona is now published. This is not the final results of the forensic audit. Perhaps this move gives the negotiators leverage? A little encouragement to the reticent deep staters holding out for a better deal?

Details are here on Scrib’d

HERE IT IS – Full Report from Canvassing Work Completed in Arizona’s Maricopa County

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test

If you want to educate anyone about the PCR test and the globalist agenda… this short video on Telegram is excellent. It includes the testimony of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kary Mullis who we are told died of pneumonia just prior to the scamdemic onset after he expressed his willingness to hunt Fauci down for his crimes.

Mullis obviously had no idea the power and influence of the mob behind Fauci. The Plandemic was just an extension of what the dark had already done to Humanity.

Metasomer Topical Gel

Before I forget, I want to let you know the topical gel version of Nano Soma marketed as Metasomer is now available in the USA/Canada market, and only there, at this point. If a spray/liquid isn’t conducive to treating your surface issues, this might help and the testimonials are equally as impressive for the gel as for the spray.

Metasomer is not cheap, but if it provides anything near the results it has for many, it won’t take much to do the job. There is a limited amount of stock in this first shipment and will go fast, I predict, so I wanted to let my friends know ASAP. Again, only residents of the USA and Canada can order at this point. Other markets will soon have a supply as well.

Metasomer would be applicable for the obvious skin situations of course as it will cling to not only the skin but a bandage, as well. I would imagine we could make quick work of a cold sore, too with a dab when we first feel one coming on. In Dr. Presser’s update he includes the following:

Again, whilst we claim no benefits for the Metasomer Topical Gel​, users have reported it assists with virtually all forms of topical health conditions; from psoriasis, eczema, acne, skin cancer and burns to wounds and many other conditions. Some have told us it is the most amazing product for haemorrhoids they have ever experienced.

And it’s so safe you could eat it. The Human body is miraculous and when we enable it with revolutionary products like these, we can experience pleasant surprises. You can order Metasomer gel here.

There is good news for Trump fans with two rallies announced. The illusion of a run in 2024 is allowed to persist. That would only be a scenario if Trump did not step in again as the duly elected POTUS that he already is. When you know, you know, as they say.

Trump Announces Rallies In Iowa And Georgia As 2024 Speculation Mounts

The crew shared this excellent video below about the suppression of Ivermectin that would do well to make the rounds, particularly with the lying, treasonous lamestream media publishing outrageous lies about Ivermectin being dangerous. If people are healing with Ivermectin and the plandemic fails, they won’t be able to vaccinate everyone—which was always their long game.

Ivermectin probably played a role in saving the life of a close friend last week along with Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Vitamin C, D, and anti-inflammatories, etc. Since the first dose of Ivermectin, he went from being unable to breathe without oxygen in hospital and expecting he might die, to having air in his first lung, a lot more oxygen in his blood, able to sleep for 6 hours a night and feeling he could beat it.

In three days he was at home and improving by leaps and bounds while continuing that self-prescribed protocol after the hospital refused to administer high-dose intravenous Vit C or use Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine. An honest consulting doctor also recommended the wife take Ivermectin to prevent getting Covid again as she had had a milder form a few weeks prior thanks to taking Regeneron.

Learn the history of Ivermectin, it’s original uses, and how long it has successfully treated thousands of people for multiple conditions as well as what they are calling SARS-CoV2.

The Story Of Ivermectin And COVID-19

We have a lot of undoing to do on this planet. For so long we have been lied to and herded and fallen for the cabal’s false flag events designed to strip us of our rights and freedoms and increase the surveillance.  Why do we have to reveal every detail of a package we ship to a family member in another country? What business is it of the government?

I recall when a bomb exploded at a Toronto postal facility.  They said someone shipped it and while it was on the truck or being transferred or something it went off, killing the postal worker and doing a lot of damage. After that, we had to fill out invasive customs forms just to ship a personal package over the border. That’s just one example of the type of things they have done over the years.

They suggest that the average joe is a terrorist and to keep us safe they must clamp down and monitor everything. After 9/11 it was the travel that was affected. Identification practices changed, our luggage was x-rayed and pawed through by customs officials and we were personally patted down by pervert TSA agents, forced to remove half our clothing, regardless of whether it was a short business trip or a lengthy vacation. Many people were victims of theft. It continues to this day—twenty years later.

Here’s how they pulled of 9-11—NOT WITH PLANES. Link to Telegram video.

In addition, they put political critics and those outspoken against the shadow government on watch lists and often pulled them aside into interrogation rooms at the airports to make their lives miserable. They just can’t humiliate us enough.

In the beginning we had the dangerous backscatter x-ray machines invading our privacy while TSA officials gawked at naked bodies on their monitors to see if we carried weapons or explosives. The Underwear Bomber was famous. In a recent conversation someone told me that before the X-ray machines were even operative they just used them for the illusion of security until they got them functioning.

Since they knew years in advance what they were going to do I’m surprised they weren’t ready to go at the outset. Michael Chertoff made a killing on those machines but enough people raised a fuss over the dangers of x-rays and the disgusting images they displayed in plain view on the airport monitors that they had to change what they were doing.

The argument was that all radiation is cumulative and between the airport machines, dental x-rays, hospital and medical diagnostics and other devices we’re exposed to, it’s was far too risky and not justified. They had to reduce the resolution on the images, as well, and make them a lot less detailed. Regardless, it was a shocking thing to allow and the nonsense has to end. We are not the criminals on this planet; the global “elite” are the criminals and we’re not going to play their games any longer.

People are now realizing that the ones committing the crimes, be it guns, bombs, or drugs, are criminals they enabled. Their three-letter agencies are glorified terrorist organizations and the psychopaths have been manipulating us for far too long.

The jig is up, and we’re rounding them up and putting them where they belong. Thanks to the surveillance technologies available and a few good men at the NSA, they have all the evidence they need to lock these monsters up for life.

A draining swamp is not a pleasant place to be but when it’s over, our civilization will be returned to its former glory and soon we will forget the pain and suffering. Hopefully we will not forget the cause, and our role in allowing it.

Utsava is a skilled psychic even the police have used to help in their investigations and she is fully aware of what is unfolding on this planet, and off, and in other realms. Following is her latest update for September 8. She has been censored and kicked off YouTube but has found other ways to get her information out. She brings really interesting information sometimes, like September 11 being Christ’s real birth date; a rumour you may have heard recently.

Utsava’s website

English is not her first language so cut her some slack. Thanks to the crew for forwarding:

Finally-some updates. Things are happening!!! Part 1.

“Good Morning,

I hope you all are doing well. I will be posted Part 2 tomorrow of this blog.

We are living in the “End Times”(“Apogalypse”) and the new times /New Earth are emerging. These times are described in the bible. Sorry I have not posted something sooner on this blog, times have been so challenging you are asking yourself: How much more can I take? A lot of us have been going through a lot of sacrifices. Some of us have been victims of the Deep state fake pandemic Corona virus restrictions in many ways. A lot of people have suffered economic losses due to the pandemic. Others are getting threats of mandatory vaccinations by the state or their employer. Some of us are getting malicously procecuted and are victims of crimes; perhaps due to the fact that we are republicans supporting Trump, are awake, are outspoken against vaccines or chemtrails. Some republicans who have been outspoken ended up with the corona virus in hospitals; they put them on ventilators and are trying to kill them. Whatever is going on; know that the suffering will end soon for many of us.

What is going on is described in the bible as TRIBULATIONS. These are the aformentioned hardships we are going through right now. The JUBILEE is what I have described last year would be happening this year. We will get debt jubilee; in Hebrew it is the year of the end of seven cycles and has to do with the ownership of the land. Slaves and prisoners will be freed and mercies would manifest. This will also manifest with the legal system. President Trump has worked on prison reform. I have stated on June 13 that the military has taken over the ‘system’. I had also stated a while back that the structure of the government will change. I have explaned on June 13 that for instance they are looking through the legal cases. They will be ‘taken over’; what does it mean? We got confirmed recently by insiders that we are going back to Constitutional law. Judges and lawyers will have to be retrained. I see courts closed, and a lot of cases tossed out. President Trump has stated recently in a rally in Alabama that they procecute republicans but let murderers go. It is happening everywhere; a total abuse of power. Since we have the NSA and the military has watched over the legal system, they have found out which ones are corrupt and will be arrested or fired, and which ones can stay in office. Violent cases will stay, most others will be tossed or have to be re-filed according to the Constitution. Remember the Constitution has been written to avoid government abuses and for the People. We are going back from the abuse of power to the law of the Free.

We have heard that Jesus’ real birthdate is September 11. ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ is tight in with that. A lot of events are unfolding right now. I know we have expected the EBS for some time, but it is a good chance that it will be happening in the next few days. After the EBS everything will change. We will have officially Nesara, the Reset, courts will be closed, cases will be tossed etc. People will come and go in government on all levels, from the school district, to local courts, to the federal government. We don’t have a Supreme court right now. As predicted a long time ago, most Supreme court judges have been arrested. Most congress and house members have been arrested. Officially they might be still there, while in reality they are gone. We are living like in a Twilight zone. What appears to be real is fiction and what appears to be fiction is real.

John F. Kennedy Jr.

I have stated a long time ago that I see JFK junior as the ‘second coming of Christ’, just like a person with the nickname ‘Negative 48’ on YT has been saying the same. Who is ‘Negative 48’ ?-Someone with Insider knowledge and explains the numerology of things. All of this new information coinsides with our information.

We have seen lots of protests world wide against the corona restrictions, against mandatory vaccinations, vaccination passports and against the totalitarian regimes. While the Deep state pushes its limits more than ever, wants to vaccinate everyone and keep them locked up in their houses etc. people are waking up in massive speed and won’t surrender any further. Somethimes more pain is necessary for people to see the truth and an uprising is necessary. People have been very brainwashed and obedient on many levels. For instance when it comes to medicine. So many do not do their own research and believe in Big pharma. The word has spread about Ivermectin and Hydroxychlorquine. The Deep state hates these drugs. They have been used by many succesfully for the corona virus and the common flu. A lot of people have been getting the Ivermectin from the feed store and have used it without any issues while Big pharma claims it is dangerous. A lot of people do not buy into their propaganda any longer and a lot of feed stores sell a lot of Ivermectin these days….

It is all heating up….People are less obedient and are thinking for themselves. They know Ivermectin works. They know that vaccines can be dangerous. Some still believe in whatever the doctors and Big Pharma tells them to do without thinking or fact-checking. But the number of non-believers is growing. We needed this revolution. We needed people going on the streets (again) and protest, go to school board meetings and call them out on their restrictions, abuse of power and more. This is all about the enslavement of humanity and the awakening right now. ‘Slaves no more!’ is the motto right now.

The times coming up shortly, after the ‘pain’, are going to be glorious. Remember JFK said: “Don’t ask what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country.

We already know that Joe Biden facemask is currently controlled by the White hats. President Trump said recently in interviews that he is not running the country, the Cabal is. Well in reality they are not really calling the shots, the White hats do, at least for the most part. Remember part of this ‘game’ is to show people what these people are all about so they can see how life is under their rules. It is important in this waking-up process even though it is painful.

I think we are all at a breaking point where we cannot take on any more and wait any longer. This has been another year of great suffering for many, while in reality things are about to change for the better-officially. I will post more information tomorrow and the following days. Stay tuned and always think positive, set a prayer when you wake up in the morning and like Donald Trump has said: Never, ever give up! Keep going. ~ Utsava”

That’s about it for now, folks. We’re over the hump, and sliding down the other side. I think tomorrow is Friday.  ~ BP

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