Sept 12 2021 – SUNDAY DIGEST

Your Sunday Digest for September 12, 2021: The New View on the Woo [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 12, 2021

My, my… it was awfully quiet yesterday. Is it the calm before the storm? No catastrophes… no false flags… no outrageous stories to countermand the news cycle…

We can only see so far out into the future, and it’s not that far at all.

Here in Arizona we await the audit results.

What we are all experiencing now in myriad ways, is the “PAIN”.

As a result of that PAIN, things are changing very quickly. The turnaround from the precipice of complete and utter tyranny has begun. We’re going to make a U-turn, ultimately, of course.

Sometimes people have to see what they don’t want, to define what they do.

England Drops Vaccine Passport Plan

While it is good that people are getting wise to the jab that isn’t a vaccine at all and are refusing it strongly enough to leave their employment, this bull crap about the Delta variant and all the others is pure fear porn. It’s a ruse to manipulate minds and keep the lie going.

The scamdemic is becoming more and more evident and dystopian to more people every day, while the legacy media fights to retain control. Turkey is no different from most other countries. The People are out protesting in significant numbers, as this article in The National Post relates.

Still, about 23,000 new cases emerge daily, prompting the health minister, Fahrettin Koca, to warn this month of “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

A “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. It’s ludicrous and the junk science is becoming better known.

As we know, cold and flu “viruses” always mutate, and that is why scientists never knew for certain what to put in a traditional vaccine to prevent the next round of influenza. When they guess and use one strain and it’s actually something else that eventually makes the rounds that flu season, it will be ineffective and people who got the shot will get sick anyway—so why bother?

The “Mu” variant might be interesting, however, for those who know about the old civilization of Mu. I’ve not explored that rabbit hole yet. Perhaps it’s a dead end.

Here’s the thing: We all have to pick a side. No more fence-sitting. No more “politically correct” stances. Nurses know the truth about the immune system, vaccines, the Covid jab, and who is populating the wards at hospitals. This is their watershed moment when they will be forced to pick a side.

If they continue to “follow orders” and go along with this charade, taking bogus PCR tests and getting clot shots, that is choosing. They are choosing to bat for the other team. If they unify and stand together, they can move mountains.

[VIDEO] Nurse Films Hospital Officials Trying to Throw Her Out After She Refused to Take The Vax

To fight shoulder to shoulder with the People, they have to refuse to give Remdesivir, they have to refuse to take the tests and the jabs, and refuse to misinform their patients—because that stance is killing people. Do they want blood on their hands?

The ripples of their actions have already started to radiate. The maternity situation in New York is one example.

Kentucky Health Care Workers Refused to Comply With Vaccine Mandate, Forced Hospital to Fire Them (VIDEOS)

We need to continue to educate the masses and encourage them to hold the line and fight back with knowledge.

Peggy Hall at The Healthy is a brilliant inspiration.


You asked for it — here it is!

My take on Bye-dan’s idiotic proclamation about his new role as your very own M.D. (Medical Dictator)

If you’ve been following my teachings for any time at all, you know this:

  • No president can make a law
  • No president can tell you what to do
  • No president has authority over your health
  • No president has authority over your body

This whole thing is a big, fat, stupid joke — only it isn’t funny.

Not at all.

There are so many stomach-turning lies in this unlawful speech of his, it makes your head spin.

Just know this:

“There’s always another way.”

“There’s always another way… and I’m going to help you find it!”

There is NO LAW that requires any company, medical setting or employer to violate your rights.

See Peggy’s latest video here and learn more so you can wear the armour you have in your closet to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The idiocy of wearing a mask or getting a shot so someone else who already is doing that won’t get sick should be sinking in by now for anyone with two braincells to rub together. Hopefully the sun will be setting on this circus soon and we can move on to better things.

On the bright side, we continue to learn more about keeping people healthy as a result of this “health crisis”.

As we’ve discussed in the past, some doctors suggest the gut contains our “second brain” and as such is the seat of our immune system. If we have poor gut health, we could be severely compromised and predisposed to develop certain conditions or fall prey to pathogens.

If we have a strong immune system, we can withstand anything. If we stopped flooding our bodies with drugs, toxins, anxiety and fear, we would likely be exceptionally healthy and enjoy extended, active, pain-free lives.

The website below has a number of articles worth perusing.

BREAKING! Italian Study Shows That Oral Probiotics Comprising Lactic Acid Bacteria And Bifidobacteria Decreases Risk Of Respiratory Failure In COVID-19!

How and why are so many people bent on getting the clot shot despite our warnings and the beyond dire consequences? Consider the following cruise missile directly to the brain for personal self-destruction.

“Intracerebral instruction”—not voice-to-skull. David Icke elucidates in this riveting Dot-Connector podcast.

Words In Your Head: How They Are Telling You to Get the Vaccine

California is rockin’ but not only from earthquakes. The seismic shift is going to be within the mafia family running the show and the establishment that has trashed the Golden State.

Will it be about election rigging? The fires and mandated power outages? Events at The Standard Hotel? The DUMB in the desert? The financial corruption? Child trafficking? All the above?

Gavin Newsom Bombshell…He’s Done!

Q counselled us on the child sex trafficking situation over a year ago. We know the really big stuff is yet to come; the news that will get everyone’s attention. Worth shutting down the Internet.

4566 Jul 02, 2020 5:18:30 PM EDT Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 3bbfe0 No. 9829982
Impressive, most impressive.
Argument: “Maxwell is not a big enough name to trigger a mass awakening.” [example]
Counter-argument: Do not make statements based on assumption of ‘worth’ and/or ‘value’.
Do not THINK ‘today’ but rather ‘after’ today.
Crimes against Children = common denominator [no matter political affiliation][mass pop awakening].
Have faith in Humanity.

Q dropped another revealing post on the map last year.

3917Apr 08, 2020 5:37:40 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 856327 No. 8726249 
[out of order_insert important]
Did you think ‘spirit cooking’ was just pretend?

They’d like us to believe it’s all theatre. Performance art. Conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, the world is about to learn that the ruling class regularly perform ritual sacrifices of Humans to their god, Satan. They’re going to learn that we are not the top of the food chain, to put it bluntly.

Marina Abramovic, “Performance Artist” and master of spirit cooking wizardry

Jetson White’s new video is about the battle with the giant. 27 min.

David Didn’t Play Goliath’s Game

Ironically, LT used a similar theme in his latest update. 46 min.

9.10.21: Their EVIL PLANS are waking up the MASSES! It’s backfiring! Continue to PRAY!

This came up to illustrate “the new woo”. The “official” woo, perhaps—as opposed to woo-woo. It’s wootage, which rhymes with portage and arbitrage. Canucks know how to pronounce them with the French flair.

This Portuguese judge puts these bully cops in their place. We need more men like him.

We are quickly learning where people stand, are we not? It might be more painful the longer we’re on the fence so it’s best not to get high-centred. Some might say you could be udderly destroyed.

It’s could be a very interesting last quarter.

It’s been a good day. Our friends dropped by after a shopping trip to show us that Mike is indeed oot and aboot, as Americans tell Canadians we pronounce it. He was just a little tired and is slowly easing off the Ivermectin somewhat but keeps up the supplements.

And now my stomach is eating itself so I will sign off with fond good wishes for a good week ahead with hopefully some major events or announcements on the side of the Resistance.

Thank you as always to the crew for their supplementary educational material and perspectives.  ~ BP


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