September 21, 2021: Ooops, They Did It Again; Canadian Election Rigged and Stolen [videos]

September 21, 2021: Ooops, They Did It Again; Canadian Election Rigged and Stolen [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture 12-15 minutes

Last night… the guy who toured the nation for a month to epithets of “F _ck Trudeau” in record protests in city after city won the election? Lock him up, and lock up the lying, treasonous media turds who cover for him, too. Are the Canucks awake yet—or are they sleeping through this riveting movie?

The saving grace is that the liberals didn’t secure the majority of seats in parliament; not that it makes any difference. The two-party or multi-party system is simply an illusion of choice. This was just one more rigged [s]election because the same crowd running America and most other countries is running Canada.

Liberals win minority government in 2021 federal election

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has held on to power at a pivotal time in the pandemic, clinching another minority government in the 2021 federal election. CTV News’ Decision Desk declared the Liberal minority win after polls closed across the country in a federal election like no other.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau waves as he leaves a poling station after casting his ballot in the 44th general federal election in his riding of Papineau, Montreal on Monday, Sept. 20, 2021. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson

19 min ago

Mr. Pool is watching the water. Queen Romana advised us to store our food above flood level. Always expect the best, folks. No fear. The tsunami is going to take out the devil and his disciples.

Queen Romana reports the following: Link to Telegram.

This Tsunami talk from Canary Island in Spain coming to East Coast of US is an absolute nonsense. Fear mongering.

The Volcano from the Top of the mountain is releasing hot Lava.

The Speed of the Lava is very slow and it becomes part of the Mountain as it dies off.

The Lava flows downward ending at the base of the Mountain and builds back upwards. Nothing is collapsing.

Why is Romana creating pages for adopting orphaned pets? Mass arrests? Mass die-off? Mass exits of some kind? Like after EBS… the high number of suicides? Or is it from vaxx deaths? What a joyful topic.

I don’t even know what to say after the “twist”. Not many people are going to want to accept that Donald Trump abandoned his mission. If we accept that to be true, it fires off a million questions about everything else, and everyONE. How do the Kennedys feel about this betrayal?

If you didn’t see the video from American Intelligence Media in the comments exposing the crimes, you should listen to it below. But if you’re not open-minded don’t bother. You probably won’t believe it. I certainly never saw that one coming. So disappointing.

I didn’t open the email from American Intelligence Media on September 14 with this exposé in it until today but the crew shared the video. You can read the supporting documentation here and listen to the 1 hr. audio from Betsy, Thomas, and Michael McKibben. Some of you are no doubt familiar with them and their outstanding research as we’ve shared it many times.


This news provides a possible reason for claiming ownership of the Warp Speed vaxx that many tried to explain away. It certainly accounts for any delays, diversions or tweaking of The Plan that were necessary as a result of the defection.

What about the members of Trump’s family? And what of General Flynn? His name came up, too. Ron Watkins/CodeMonkeyZ reported a month or so ago that some comms he saw may have thrown a shadow over Flynn, as well. It wasn’t conclusive.

It seems all we know is that the military does understand what is going on and who is who and they are doing their duty to protect Humanity, along with the Higher Beings overseeing/participating in this take-down.

From now on the movie is a sham. The hero was fatally flawed. How poetic.

The compulsion to watch when you know the ending certainly dwindles. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it’s not over yet. The grand finale will be exceptional and beyond our wildest imaginations. The White Hats need us to be behind this effort and go along with The Plan, but I’m not a good actress and certainly not into deception so I’m not sure how this blog will evolve going forward. I don’t want to talk about deserters but we’ll do our best. About… face!

I can only imagine the comments we’re going to get now as a result of people being in denial. Even more will be saying goodbye and resigning from the crew. They claim to want the truth but some will only accept it under their own terms. That’s okay. We don’t need to hear the good-byes. Just go and save the drama for something deserving.

I wonder… what will happen to all those Trump coins, hats, and paraphernalia? Will they wind up like the piles of discarded masks we see littering the streets?

Queen Romana tells us someone will be hanged the first week of October. It all seems so surreal now and I’m getting a taste of how the masses are going to feel during the Ten Days of Disclosure. There will be a full range of emotions, from relief and joy to pain and sorrow over the betrayals. Self-loathing will come up, too, with the guilt of ignoring it all for so long; and hatred, for the unspeakable things done to sentient life by the demonic creatures infesting our planet. The pure evil. After those ten days EVERYTHING will be different, and “you can never go home again”.

Did you see the new Project Veritas HHS whistleblower video Part 1?

You can watch it here at Project

Crimes against Humanity. Despicable. And the typical media silence. WE are the media now.

While I do believe it is winding down, the war is not over, and we still have the cabal’s soldiers acting out to deal with on the small scale. A Citi Bike is a bicycle-sharing program in New York.

WATCH: Moment Citi Bike EXPLODES on NYC Subway!

Footage is spreading of a New York metro train collides with a Citi Bike that had been placed on the tracks and EXPLODES in a huge bang of sparks, flames and smoke.

“This was an attack on all of New York City,” said an MTA spox. “The miscreants who threw that bike in the path of an oncoming train should be prosecuted for their reckless disregard for safety of subway riders and workers.”

Police have not yet identified the suspect, but CCTV footage is being inspected.

And cabal pranks…

JUST IN – Armed U.S. F16 intercepted a Cessna plane near the UN General Assembly in New York. The civilian plane was escorted out of the restricted area: U.S. defense official

Link to Telegram

Down on the US/Mexico border, another battle rages. Link to Telegram.

Breaking—Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents respond to hotel used for human smuggling and discover migrants using a storm drain to illegally enter the country

Some countries are making great strides to end the scamdemic and deal with the criminals. Link to Telegram.

Brazil 🇧🇷
The mayor and health secretary of Guaruja (Brazil) have been arrested.
The two politicians are accused of corruption in connection with the Corona measures.
The Independence Day protests have had an impact. President Bolsonaro, who is critical of the measures, was empowered by the mass protests on Independence Day to take consistent action against the corruption of the Corona measures supporters.

So many retailers are sealing their own fate. Karma is coming.

The scamdemic/vaxx situation is getting more and more complicated. I know someone personally who got really sick last fall, maybe November; flat on their back, and they were a healthy type who hiked multiple times a week in Eastern USA. They took a couple of weeks to get over it. When the “scamdemic” broke in early 2020 they were convinced they’d already had it so this is plausible but seems a little theatrical. Everything does, now. I guess it’s a Trump clone/double now.

Trump: Bodies dumped outside Wuhan lab

Former US President Donald Trump has made the explosive claim there were bodies dumped outside the Wuhan lab which he believes is responsible for the coronavirus outbreak.

The allegation was part of a documentary aired exclusively on Sky News Australia titled ‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’ by journalist and Sky News host Sharri Markson.

Donald Trump made the explosive claim he was told bodies were being dumped outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In the documentary, Sharri Markson went on to say the lab made a series of strange purchases between September and November:

Buying a COVID PCR testing machine, beeping up their security and also replacing ventilators.

It has been suggested the first case of the coronavirus outbreak may have come as early as July or August 2019 – five months before China admitted to the WHO there was an outbreak and serious problem.

This is an excellent video from Sayer Ji about what the “virus” might be. Virus, or exosome? Both reside within the Human body. There’s no need to accept the fear they’re selling—or to get a quackcine to save yourself or anyone else. It’s time we are all educated about how the Human body really works, and the biome within. Watch on Telegram. 36 min.

Sergeant Robert Horton, [21.09.21 10:08]
[ Video ]
Have You Considered COVID-19 May Not Be a Disease caused By a Virus?
Subscribe and share my channel
🆔@SergeantRobertHorton (

Whatever it is… the People aren’t having it.

Not in Switzerland, nor Brazil, nor Croatia. Leadership is stepping up in response to the mandate from the People.

A subscriber shared the following perspective on the criminal vaxxines:

“I wrote my town’s council members today with the following information:

Pfizer-BioNTech are two companies that have collaborated for a Covid shot.
Each company has their own formula.

(1) Pfizer has BNT162b2, (2) BioNTech has Comirnaty.
Though the shots are similar, the ingredients are not exact, which is why they are separately registered, and their legal status makes them _NOT_ interchangeable.

As of this writing, Pfizer’s own web site states that their shot, BNT162b2, is in EUA status.
To MANDATE the BNT162b2 is illegal.

Mandating vaccines can only be done when the vaccine is licensed.
Comirnaty (licensed under BioNTech in Germany) is not available in the USA.
With the shots in the USA, the vial states “Pfizer-BioNTech” which is BNT162b2.

Presently, Comirnaty is the only Covid vaccine licensed in the USA.

***The FDA is ILLEGALLY substituting the BNT162b2 so that Pfizer can use up its stock pile.***
The FDA –> knowingly >>>>>>> Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine is approved and licensed. <<<<<<< falsely<– claims that the two shots are interchangeable.

Their own Information Fact Sheet states in FOOTNOTE #1 (see next web link):
” [1]The licensed vaccine has the same formulation as the EUA-authorized vaccine and the products can be used interchangeably to provide the vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness.”

Here’s why LEGALESE matters!
An EUA vaccine can_NOT_be mandated.
An EUA vaccine DOES have a liability shield.
A licensed vaccine does NOT have a liability shield.
Every citizen in the USA is being given the BNT162b2 in which they WAIVER their rights to sue the manufacturer.
The FDA should be giving out Comirnaty in which US Citizens HAVE rights to sue the manufacturer.

If people believe that Pfizer will distribute Comirnaty to allow law suits in the USA, they need an education in crooked politics and “follow the money”. (this writer’s personal viewpoint).”

It’s all about the fake vaxxine right now, because it’s important for the unaware to learn the truth. Richard Citizen Journalist brings us this.

Spotted today in Winston-Salem. Also, I’m told, large health system is firing all non vaxed healthcare workers there in 5 days.

When considering if we are really in the know or if we have been deceived, have a look at just how effectively they can conceal the truth while they put on the show, and put us on. Link to Telegram video.

Example of how you could be watching a politician like Boris or Biden being a fake on TV… This time in the form of a physical implementation rather than a digital manipulation.

Would you know if it was them?

Open your eyes and see.

That’s all for today. I believe it will be a big week and tomorrow is the first day of fall. The fall equinox. Maybe the great equalizer in some respects.

Thank you to the crew for the support of all kinds and the diligent searches for what is important to know.   ~ BP

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