Kat Anonup Update: Sidney Powell – Sept 26 2021

Kat Anonup Update: Sidney Powell

Sunday, 26 September 2021, 23:25 PM 278

kat isthesea3

Sidney Kraken Powell is a tireless Patriot warrior. God bless you, Sidney & thank you

9-26-21 TheStormHasArrived17 

Sidney Powell revealed that she’s discovered the Dept of Defense patented an algorithm in ’06 that can predetermine the outcome of elections. 

The DoD gave that patent to a University in New Jersey, which Sidney calls an “international think tank.” 

Dominion assigned all of their patents in 2019 to the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank & then there was an “infusion of over $400 million to State Street Capital which owns Dominion now.

It’s all tied together & it looks like we are starting to get a better understanding  of how they’ve rigged our elections for years & more importantly, WHO has been doing it. 

This is mind blowing stuff. If you watch the full 8 minute clip, you’ll understand why they are trying to destroy Sidney. 

As she says, it appears she is over the target.




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