Global Sex Trafficking Documentary Short: 26 Seconds


Global Sex Trafficking Documentary Short: 26 Seconds

1,696 viewsJun 22, 20211031ShareSave26 Seconds 1.22K subscribers Through a captivating journey across the world. The 26 Seconds documentary short reveals the ubiquity of the problem and the gravity of the damage sustained by this evil, destructive trade. In intimate interviews, the audience gets a raw, often shocking glimpse into the lives of children and women in various cultures and regions. The interviews include vivid details of how the victim was captured or lured into the sex trade, the horrors of their captivity, and the commitment of each individual, non-profit organization, and crisis intervention team in the fight to eradicate global sex trafficking. ​ The short film exposes the underage sex slave industry and sex tourism in Thailand and Cambodia. GIVE SURVIVORS A VOICE By donating you will help us complete the feature documentary to highlight survivor stories and the Non-profit organizations that are in the fight to eradicate global sex-trafficking. ​CREATE AWARENESS Together we can raise awareness of the non-profit organizations, crisis intervention teams, committed law enforcement and dedicated citizens fighting to eradicate global sex trafficking. ​​CALL TO ACTION Share the 26 Seconds documentary short and YouTube videos on social media. Your support is the difference and the impact needed to defend and protect innocent children and women all around the world. MAKE A DIFFERENCE, SAVE A CHILD.… STAY INFORMED BY SUBSCRIBING TO THE 26 SECONDS YOUTUBE CHANNEL Directed by Kelly Galindo Edited by Scott Arundale Cinematography by Nico Aguilar & Brodin Plett Music by Tiffany KellyGalindoProductions LLC © #human trafficking #women#trafficking#survivors#trafficking#survivors#girls#enditmovement#humantraffickingawareness#sextrafficking#girl#world#survivor#documentary#hollywood#actress#26seconds#film#worldwide#endit#save the children #survivorstories#sextrafficking documentary #Strikeout slavery #saved in america

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