Captain’s Blog: No Easy Way to Do War [videos] – SEPT 29 2021

Captain’s Blog: No Easy Way to Do War [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 29, 2021

We clear the hump today, and since I haven’t done an entry in the Captain’s Blog for awhile, I thought I would share a few miscellaneous thoughts that came up as a result of my travels amongst the troops. Scuttlebutt, in some cases, and review, for the newly awakened, augmented with current updates.

Captain’s Blog

Star Date 1111.369.17

It’s true, there’s no easy way to do war. While they say it’s an “information war”, it’s much more than that. It’s physical, and inter-dimensional. Energetic, holographic, digital, spiritual. It’s complicated.

Information is the foremost problem, because it creates the reality most people perceive they occupy in this life. That is why the Q Team came forward in 2017; to more accurately represent our reality so we could be armed with facts = truth and we could defend ourselves and assist in this epic battle.

We arrived at this point because very few perceived a danger. They didn’t know they were victims… or prey.

Q gave us a “map” that told us the integral parts of The Plan to save the world to show us that the crimes are known and justice would follow. They assured us that “nothing can stop what is coming”. Now we are seeing the wheels of justice turning more swiftly, and if back-channel reports are true, there have already been many military tribunals and executions of traitors for treason and crimes against Humanity.

The Plan to Save the World – Joe M

For those not aware, when the crimes involve national security, treason, and more, it’s not handled in civil courts. The military hold tribunals and mete out justice. We understand those have been ongoing for some time.

While the Q drops on the 8kun platform ended in 2020, it would be foolish to think they simply abandoned us—particularly after so successful a training exercise. However, there are many self-serving entities circulating in the “alternative news” community claiming that they are the only ones doing anything for us; the only ones helping to end the reign of terror and free Humanity. That’s their schtick. “Believe us. We love you and we’re doing incredible things. You owe us. If it weren’t for us—you would be alone in this war.” That is contrary to what we see and hear unfolding daily.

We’ve been taught to live in fear, to fear death (and everything else), and collectively we don’t understand who we are, where we came from, how we came to be here, or where we’re going. Some do. They’re here to help.

One of the most difficult parts of this journey is it’s length; the other is the sheer difficulty in alerting the ones who don’t know they’re being marched toward a cliff. We live in alternate realities. They’re dealing with the wrong threats—the wrong way, and are oblivious to the most pressing ones.

The deception has been monstrous, but incremental over a long period. It’s the boiling frog analogy. They implemented the control structures and lies ever so gradually so the masses would not react or even see a threat.

To unravel the web before the spider devours us as a species is proving to be very difficult. The spider’s nest seems to continually eject streams of young and the warriors are thwarted at every turn.

We are making progress, however two steps forward, one step back seems to be the modus operandi. It’s a tug of war in battle of silent weapons.

We can see we’re victims of weather weapons. They use them to destroy our ecosystems and to terrorize us and create a false illusion of “climate change” which they claim must be addressed or it will destroy us and our planet. Many large nations signed a treaty in the late 1960s saying they would not use weather weapons on their allies. They’ve had a long time to perfect them. At what point do you think they are now?

They drive fear every day, in many ways, for many reasons, but mainly control and for capitalistic reasons. They see us as their slaves, their property, less than farm animals, and have no misgivings about stealing from us. It’s like taking candy from a baby. They lie, we believe them, and hand over more money.

The epitome of stupidity is our eagerness to donate our hard-earned dollars to their fake “charities”; for researching ways to kill us softly while padding their pockets. Why would we believe, decade after decade, that the money we give them for finding a cure for cancer is actually used for that purpose? At what point do we clue in? They are laundering and stealing our money to achieve their own ends. They don’t want cures, they want customers. They created ways to give us cancer so they could achieve their genocide, generate massive suffering, and get rich doing it.

Del Bigtree announces a resource for fact-based information about the scamdemic.

Our short, fact-filled videos will feature the world’s leading experts on #Covid19, vaccines, and everything in between. And you can share these videos anywhere, including on social media.

We will be adding new videos every week for you to share, download, and post to your favorite social media platforms.

Go to this link for all the latest videos!

Dr. Michael McDowell of Trinidad/Tobago did a lengthy address in August 2021 on the controllers’ activities with regard to bioweapons. If you have not listened to any of that I recommend you take in as much as you can. It’s here at this Facebook link—a 23 minute excerpt—and it’s mind-blowing and shows us just how much we’ve been lied to about the “plandemic”.

He explains that the “vaxxines” disable our innate immune system and generate “super variants” which, over time, will take out huge swaths of Humanity. It’s what they’ve always wanted. And the uninformed flocked to get a vaccine because they believed the usual lies that if they did that, they would be safe and would get their freedoms reinstated. They were programmed to believe that “vaccines” protect us.

Now, the psychopaths declare that “boosters” are required because the efficacy of the vaxxines wears off after a few months.

The disconnect between vaccines delivered to babies and children with immature immune systems was not yet prevalent enough, despite the urgent and relentless warnings from many experts, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The cabal’s Big Tech minions successfully hid most of his appeals over the years so those looking for information only found the deep state disinformation and lies.

We were never free to begin with. We’ve been documented, milked, corralled, and monetized. Anything positive was doled out as a carrot or a piece of technology to support their own agenda. Data mining and surveillance, usually. And don’t we love our technology? Technology that could be used to make us sick.

We have learned that they have been conducting genocidal experiments for decades. At what point to do you believe they are now?

[Q]ueen Romana Didulo of Canada brings us even more cutting facts than the Q Team did over four years. She has spoken in graphic detail about the predators hiding in our world—or beneath it.

The more we learn, the more we learn we really don’t know much at all. The technologies used are so far ahead of what we are aware exist that we have little idea of the threat we’re under. Thankfully there are legions of benevolent Beings fighting on our behalf. We may not see them, but they’re there.

Stew Peters hosts Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko of New York and his latest truths about the Covid hoax and the purported “vaxxines”. Video at the link below. 54 min.

Dr. Zev Zelenko EXCLUSIVE: Stew Peters 1-on-1 Explosive Interview Exposes COVID Lies!

Romana told us last week that there would be executions soon, spoke of the “milkshakes” or last meal requests of the criminals at the “spa” in Guantanamo Bay, and yesterday she informed us that the real puppet Prime Minister of Canada [not the actor we see on stage now] was hanged for treason and crimes against Humanity.

Some don’t believe these things even if they do hear them because they have no background or perspective to assimilate the information so it won’t be made public until the Earth Alliance determines the zombified public are ready to hear it ALL.

That’s what we’re all anticipating so eagerly. It’s on the lips of the collective; the EBS/EAS announcements to the entire world, in every language, telling them what has happened on this planet. The “Movie Marathon”.

Regular media will be blacked out by the Space Force and only the looped video of the prepared truth material will play in every nation for days. Then the world will stop and the automatons who saw no evil, heard no evil, spoke no evil; who lived in apathy will have to come to terms with what has happened.

Above the stables at Buckingham Palace, a young man climbs down a rope of bedding to escape—what? or whom? We understand he fell to his death; which must have been preferable to his fate if he remained there. Of course the British media claimed it was a public relations prank. They always do.

What will cause the most pain? What will it be that causes the anticipated mass suicides during and following those dark days?

Will it be that the respected media personalities are part of the cult controlling us via their lies? Will it be the revelation as to who orchestrated the multiple terror events on September 11, 2001?

Will it be the fact that terrorist events the world over are committed by the same controlling factions who think nothing of killing thousands of people in one fell swoop? And yet, some are strictly theatre, and involve no deaths at all—like the Sandy Hook school shooting at an abandoned school that was slated for demolition using “crisis actors”.

What will the response be when they learned that fellow Americans in Newtown, CT took a bribe—we hear their mortgages were paid off in full—for their silence about what transpired in their town that day? At least one government official told us no one died in that little circus designed to propel the desired gun confiscation agenda under Obama. And that fundraiser online “for the victims’ families”—come on. We weren’t born yesterday. They planned it and put the website up before the event took place, and they made millions.

Will it be that organized religion was set up as a sham to control and divide; to sever our direct communion with our Creator? Will it be what “Catholic” priests do to infant males?

Will it be the medical industrial complex and their system to kill us with their quackery and Big Pharma potions peddled by glorified drug pushers in white coats? Will it be the ruined lives generated by their junk science, convincing us that our loved ones have a “chemical imbalance in the brain” and need their chemicals to counteract it?

Will it be the Human sacrifices? Will it be the revelation of Human flesh in our food chain? Will it be the practices of the psychopaths in their frenzied adrenochrome rituals which they flaunt like a secret handshake? More on that at this website which I had to jump through hoops to access. Google wouldn’t permit it but Brave did… eventually.

Will it be the inhumane breeding programs to create Human-alien hybrids in the tunnels beneath our feet? Will it be the dead pool betting and snuff films broadcast across the Internet for the “gentry” of the world to bet on how long it will take for victims to die from their torture?

Will it be the Human-hunting parties held by the European royals where they cut off male genitalia of their prey and hold it up as a prize? Will it be the gruesome practices of the predators in their castles and caverns to appease their lord Satan?

Romana Didulo told her admins on the Telegram channel to nix any comments about “flat earth”. I don’t necessarily take that to mean she is saying the Earth isn’t flat—only that they don’t want it to be a topic of conversation. Why?

Because Earth/Terra is a school. Students agree to a mind-wipe when they incarnate here so they forget their past, who they are, and why they are here. They are meant to believe that it’s a spinning ball in space, revolving around a sun chased by a moon, yada, yada, yada.

If they don’t allow it as a topic of conversation on the channel, then no one is put in the position of lying about it, n’est-ce pas?

I have heard some people suggest that if they tell us the truth about this artificial construct that it would be equivalent to demolishing the school and the entire curriculum for the advancement of souls. The genie would be out of the bottle. They wouldn’t be able to stuff the toothpaste back in the tube. How could we live our lives in earnest when we knew it was all just an act; not real? A virtual reality holodeck. Something to think about.

How many times, over how many years have I reminded everyone that “all the world is a stage”? Now people are getting to see just how literal that is. The psychopaths running the world have been actors; a troupe of a few families who believe they’re royalty, changing their names and appearances to fill the roles necessary to rule over the peasants.

They make the laws for us to live by, and enforce them, while they live by an entirely different set of rules. They are free; we are not.

Those of us who “woke up” are getting the super-sized education. Beyond university level. We’ve been given the tools necessary to protect ourselves, our families, and engage on the battlefield, but there’s only so much we can do. We are out of our league. We don’t know how this “reality” works so we can’t effectively navigate it. We can act in the 3D/physical way, however. We can do what we know.

We can provide information to those within our sphere of influence to try to alert them to the dangers and what is unfolding. We can provide instruction to our government representatives and support the ones who are working on our behalf. We can assist in executing the Rule of Law. We can be active in dismantling the current broken structure and help build a new and honest one that represents We, the People. Some of us will step up to join the leadership of our respective nations. We’re already seeing that happening.

We’re seeing police officers remove their helmets and stand with the People against their corrupt governments; we’re seeing lawyers engage in serious research into the voluminous crimes and initiate class action lawsuits where applicable to take the criminals to task; we’re seeing honest doctors and nurses put their careers on the line to make a stand, refuse to get the experimental injections, and tell us what they know about the “vaxxine bioweapons”; what they are doing to people, and what they anticipate they will do in the near future.


We are also seeing a few politicians state facts, oppose their team mates, expose the schemes of the dark ones to steal our rights and freedoms and destroy our civilization. We’re seeing live addresses in parliament, open letters to respective parties about their unconstitutional and inhumane activities and mandates, and videos on multiple platforms on the Internet as people can no longer remain silent about what they see and what they know.

The enemy troops are regrouping for a new onslaught of attacks on sane people. When will the public realize these snakes sold their souls to the devil for fame, fortune, and adulation? When will they innerstand that many of these pretenders are predators, members of a satanic cult, and better actors than we know?

Hollywood Orders World Leaders To End The Pandemic ‘Now’

They just never stop trying to create a false reality and outright lie to the public. Sadly, some people believe it.

Maricopa County Plans Formal Response to Senate’s Election Review

The depth of the meddling and control in our “fair and honest elections” is astonishing—and growing.

Sidney Powell jaw-dropping claim…evidence of the Department of Defense involvement

Life on Earth/Terra is not what we were told, or what we have experienced all our lives. It’s been manipulated, misrepresented, and hidden. This article provides some interesting perspective on what might be happening currently and how it might affect us, as well as how to choose.

Gaia’s Planetary Stargates Coming Active…How to Respond?

I just found this on [Q]ueen Romana’s Telegram channel. Incredible timing for our theme today. No accidents.

By the way, the work she is enabling to relieve the pain and suffering is startling. Who would have thought to put these initiatives together? They’re so simple but so effective. It raises the vibration of the ones helping and ones who are helped. Magic!

The Greatest War Story Ever Told, the Light has Won!

It’s a long read…

Open it in Brave or Duck Duck Go search engines. Google maybe censoring the site.

Note: It seems the site is busy -please be patient if it doesn’t download immediately.

I’m hearing there is some difficulty accessing the info but… John McAfee is posting. I just came across this and haven’t had an opportunity to even look at it.

That concludes the Captain’s Blog for today. Keep the hailing frequencies open and we’ll be back for another day unless circumstances prevent it.

Thank you to the crew for their research, shares, and support. Ignore the trolls. Keep fighting the good fight and know that wonderful things are coming. Timing is everything.

It’s a sick, perverted world, but a beautiful one at the same time.  ~ BP

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