X22 Report — Episode 2590: People are Waking up to the Financial Crisis and Banking System, Think National Security Strategy Oct 01 2021

X22 Report — Frank: The War is Real, It’s Time to Start Nullifying the Federal Government

Friday, 1 October 2021, 3:24 AM 132

Frank – The War Is Real, It’s Time To Start Nullifying The Federal Government

X22 Report
Published September 30, 2021

https://rumble.com/vn5bc5-frank-the-war-is-real-its-time-to-start-nullifying-the-federal-government.html https://rumble.com/embed/vkj57f/?pub=4#?secret=bfUb2eog80

Today’s Guest: Frank
Website: Quite Frankly

Frank is the creator and owner of Quite Frankly Podcast. Frank begins the conversation with [JB] that he is losing control and the people are waking up to how bad the country is going to be if he continues. Then the conversation moves into covid on how covid is being used for the great reset and to take the people’s freedoms away. The people are waking up, it is a war between those who want freedom and those who want to control the people, it is time to nullify the federal government.


X22 Report — Episode 2590: People are Waking up to the Financial Crisis and Banking System, Think National Security Strategy

Friday, 1 October 2021, 3:26 AM 135

Ep. 2590a – People Are Waking Up To The Financial Crisis & The Banking System, It Has Begun

Ep. 2590b – Strategic, Pre-Planned, Think National Security Strategy, Counterinsurgency

X22 Report
Published September 30, 2021

https://rumble.com/vn64dz-ep.-2590a-people-are-waking-up-to-the-financial-crisis-and-the-banking-syst.html https://rumble.com/embed/vkjy99/?pub=4#?secret=YmV92f8PnF

The government will now stay open until Dec. The debt limit was not raised and gap bill was put into place to fund the government. The [CB] tax proposal is the same scam we have seen, the mega wealthy, corps will use the same loop holes. The [CB] fake infrastructure bill includes tax on the number of miles you drive. The people are waking up and asking questions about the banking system.

https://rumble.com/vn64zd-ep.-2590b-strategic-pre-planned-think-national-security-strategy-counterins.html https://rumble.com/embed/vkjyun/?pub=4#?secret=Dz0NgEofd0

The patriots have strategically pre-planned everything we are seeing. This is about taking back the country and exposing the [DS] system, and the only to expose it to the people is for the people to see it. As we the people see the [DS] plan the people are waking up, they are engaged, this is part of Trump National Security Strategy, the counterinsurgency which will be used to destroy the [DS]. Buckle up we told it was going to be rough, but the best is yet to come

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