EBS, Martial Law, and Some News Bulletins from Kat – Oct 03 2021

EBS, Martial Law, and Some News Bulletins from Kat

Sunday, 3 October 2021, 0:54 AM 1060

Hopefully ALL LIGHT-WORKER’S/WARRIOR’S have done their inner HEALING ! BECAUSE we need you TO be rock SOLID as YOU WILL BE NEEDED to HELP the REST of HUMANITY….,

P.|S. = WE KNOW the DRACO/REPTILIANS absolutely HATE DOGS, just putting it out there….,


Operation Disclosure | By Kat, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 2, 2021

Over the last several weeks, Romana Didulo’s Telegram channel has been intermittently preparing people for the EBS [Emergency Broadcast system] and Martial Law.


I’m not saying these things are DEFINITELY going to happen, but if they do it’s good to have an idea of what to be prepared for.

The below are from several days of my anonup posts:


10-2-21 Romana Didulo, Head of State, Canada
During EBS there won’t be social media except Signal & perhaps Telegram.

When the Movie Marathon begins the whole series goes for 8 hours 3 × a day.

[Kat Note: David Wilcock talked about this last year. Q Team have prepared a presentation during the Blackout period where there won’t be anything available to “watch” except what the Patriots stream on all apps: TV, iPad, laptops, computers, iPhones, etc.

What they have prepared is exactly what I have been hearing about for several years: 8 hours of TRUTH information to be streamed 24/7 for however many days Patriots need.]

Romana Didulo cont.:
EBS preparation check
Clean Drinking Water
Food for family & pets
A few tips in dealing with those in Shock / Trauma.
1) check in with yourself first before helping others

a) ask him / her if they would like something to eat or drink

b) IF no response is given it’s fine
The brain is overloaded & many cannot or won’t talk.

c) If you can, try to get him/her to walk with you for fresh air

3) Expect a range of emotions:
Denial, confusion, anger, blaming, sadness, acceptance, etc.


The Pissositos are in full blown panic mode!
They have their minions circulating videos
portraying Martial Law (Military Rule) as something bad
Martial Law is ONLY bad for Pissositos

During Martial Law
Military & Special Forces are there to take out the Pissositos.

It could mean our Military Personnel
are hunting down Pissositos in your area.

When the Power is cut off at night during Martial Law
IF someone knocks at your door – do not open it –
it could be Pissositos looking for a place to hide.

Let me make this very clear
A bioweapon designed to annihilate
children, women & men on Planet Earth is NOT a vaccine.

[Kat note: The mRNA Gene Modifier masquerading as a vaccine is the bioweapon.]

Romana cont.:

I have mentioned this several times before but as Martial Law and EBS are immanent I’ll mention it again.

These unmarked (no flags) Military Aircrafts/Helicopters/Space Crafts are ours.

These Aircrafts and Military personnel belong to the Alliance “Earth Defense Forces”.

The nonsense narrative about another planet colliding with planet Earth is a Deep State / Cabal fear mongering pornography.

There will be Military Working Dogs with the Special Forces.
If you have some extra dog food or treats
it might be nice to help them out.

10-1-21 Romana Didulo, Head of State, Canada

The Deep State/Cabal are out of ammunition.
Their Nuke briefcases scattered around the world
we have them all & they have been deactivated.

That was their last ammunition –
they threatened to Nuke Planet Earth
if we didn’t negotiate with them.

The Cargo Ships not permitted to dock at your Ports
were boarded & inspected –
for hidden Nukes, Adrenochrome, cocaine,
trafficked Children, women & men from around the world, etc.

Please do a final check for your EBS preparation.
-Clean drinking water
-Non-perishable food (canned, dried, crackers, nuts, dried fruit)
-cash (no power no ATM)
-Food for family & 4 legged Family
-Cooking stove or BBQ to cook your food without electricity
-Warm clothes (no heat in the house)
-Toilet Paper for 30 days supply max

Don’t be popping that pop-corn while you’re waiting
it’s for EBS yes, not before


10-2-21 Whiplash347
WW3 Scare Scenario.
All Lights off.



10-2-21 Q The Storm Rider



Mark Zuckerberg is the grandson of David Rockefeller
FB was a DARPA Operation
Rothschild’s own 10%+ of Facebook
Also funded with $500 MILLION from CIA bank

8-19-21 Zuckerberg mandates vax for employees


[Kat note: ANYONE “mandating” the mRNA Gene Modifier/vax, they are Black Hats.]

10-2-21 Q The Storm Rider
It has begun.
MAJOR STOCK brokers are betting against the Market
(selling Short/ …
[they] know the [CRASH] is IMMINENT [IMMANENT]
The Big SQUEEZE is in..
So much disinformation in the market reports are happening
and with [DS] market apps


10-1-21 CodeMonkeyZ [RonWatkins]

The Australian Premier of NSW has resigned.
This is roughly equivalent to the Governor of California or NY resigning.

Protesting is effective.


The most fundamentally raw engagement a citizen can make is to join the fight for freedom against tyranny.


I love Amanda Grace. I think she is a true prophet and Gene Decode thinks so too.

Her latest prophecy was so compelling I posted some of it:

9-28-21 Amanda Grace

I blew the shofar 7 times
& the Spirit of the Lord says this day
Fear not where you will see much shaking
I, the Lord thy God
-will shake the foundations of the White House
-split the leadership in AU
-cause an unexpected fall in State[s] including California
-make a spectacle of those
for attempting to overturn what I put on their hearts
to begin in Texas
to protect the little ones.
-dry up their rivers of blood
-dry up their supply
-strike their storehouse & deplete it
-those that have chosen to serve [satan]
& openly deceive
I shall cause them to fall into their own trap.
-watch the walls come down
that the enemy has attempted to erect
in order to protect the most precious part of his plan
-I shall gut those plans
-I shall call out the principalities of Baal
& tear down his high place
because I am God & there is no other

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2W1J5k6v_8 https://www.youtube.com/embed/u2W1J5k6v_8?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en-US&autohide=2&wmode=transparent

Here is the link to the whole prophecy written out:


There have been a number of Red October posts from Ezra A. Cohen, Dan Scavino, Mike Pompeo, etc. But we all know that we’re heading into The Storm.

I don’t believe Patriots have anything to fear from Red October. We are ready. That said, Juan O Savin said it’s going to be tough because the people who aren’t awake need to be awakened and “scare” tactics seem to be what Q Team has decided on.

9-29-21 Juan O Savin

All October, Red October
is going to feel like it gets worse every single day.
October is about seeing red in every category:
Stock Market
Conflict with Red China.
McAfee disclosures on Telegram is legit.
The same crew that’s been running
the 17th letter of the alphabet.
The stuff that’s going to be released
is gruesome.
It’s bloody.
It’s red.
October for both White Hats & Black Hats
is going to be red.
What would be the one glimmer of LIGHT?
The 2nd part of The Book of Esther
is the flip, the Reversal of Fortune.
President Trump is calling the Biden Administration illegitimate.
Why wait till ’24? I’ll be back!
The 17 stuff is about everything gets turned on its ear.
“We have it all.”
There is a moment on the Purge Day
that’s the actual flip.
At first glimmer of sun over the horizon
the horns blast, it’s go-time.
What would be that in most people’s minds
that signals a reversal?
An arrest, say?”


No matter what happens this Red October month, keep in mind what is truly coming:

The GCR, RV, QFS, QVS, QES, NESARA, GESARA, STARLINK, Peace, Abundance, Miraculous technologies, Space Travel, Time Travel, a pristine planet — a beautiful brave new world.

THAT is coming even as we slog through “Red” October.

Another headline: Durham is arresting more people, as we knew he would.



Q The Storm Rider
For those who don’t understand
why the DURHAM report couldn’t be done early
Here’s the reason
→ The Durham report is HUGE!!!!!!

 Juan O Savin
“The dossier trying to take Trump out
before he was even elected
during the election period,
was created & foisted on America
through traitorous American citizens
working from Foreign soil in London
in cooperation with Foreign agents [MI5 & 6]
& American agents [CIA, FBI.]
Stefan A. Halper,
the guy that figured this whole thing out,
is the unindicted co-conspirator from Iran-Contra.
We got lots of players here that have a history
in the American Intelligence Agencies
that are in on this.
CIA totally traitorous.
That’s why going back to Kennedy & before
Truman said,
“If I’d realized I was creating the American Gestapo
I would NEVER have done it.”
Truman himself regretted having authorized the creation of CIA.”


10-1-21 Three Presidents faced down & held strong
against the same deep state bloodline “storm.”
Each possessed unshakable faith in God
& through their combined efforts
& the efforts & prayers of billions,
the war with evil has been won.
There may be battles ahead
& in this Red October month,
but the demons have lost & God has won
that is for sure.


“I am reminded of a letter that Lincoln wrote
during the election of 1860 to a friend.

“I know there is a God, and He hates injustice.
I see the storm coming.
But if He has a place and a part for me,
I believe that I am ready.”

Now, 100 years later, we know there is a God,
and we know He hates injustice,
and we see the storm coming,
and if He has a place
and a part for us,
I believe that we are ready.”
~ Senator John F. Kennedy, 9-23-60

We are ready.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Abundance and Happiness unceasing,

This is Kat,

Over and out





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