Saratoga Ocean: Urgent Message for Lightworkers & Starseeds! 🌟Prepare NOW for What’s Coming! 🚨 [31 min video]

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Friday, 8-Oct-2021 17:01:51

Prepare NOW for What’s Coming! 🚨 | Urgent Message for Lightworkers & Starseeds 🌟
Saratoga Ocean
Oct 8, 2021

This is an urgent timeline update! If you are a lightworker, starseed, or awakening human, please listen to this very important message. If you have struggled with any confusion about your purpose here on this planet, or if you have ever felt alone, isolated, or misunderstood, this video will give you some much needed clarity, comfort, and strength. I am revealing the powerful truth about our role as starseeds and lightworkers on this planet, as well as the true significance of our presence here. This is a must listen!

Prepare NOW for What’s Coming! 🚨 | Urgent Message for Lightworkers & Starseeds 🌟

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  1. gratzite says:

    To confirm and to support.
    The AI which was hidden waiting for the energy expected, was so powerful it required the combined efforts of the Adepts to expel it from the Solar system. It was capable of taking control of all minds creating a false environment indistinguishable from nature, resisting all forms of communication and transmutation.
    A worthy example of an Artificial Intelligence, from another galaxy.
    Ref. “The Alien Mission” 30th.May 1965.

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