(Reader: Yippeekiyay) Med Beds and Old Age – Oct 11 2021

(Reader: Yippeekiyay) Med Beds and Old Age

Monday, 11 October 2021, 22:39 PM 243

Reader Post | By Yippeekiyay

Over everyone’s past lives including their current one,  trauma, both physical, mental (spiritual) are only part of the old age phenomena. This part we could call  victim symptoms. Failures in life can be part of every trauma and can be taken to heart.  Failures do not have to be taken to heart. One could conceive there is no such thing as failure. One must if one wants to feel alive and not “old”. We are what we think, feel, and act like. We choose to be victims. We choose to be old. It’s part of free will. We can also choose to be victors in life. How many of you reading this have heard “there’s only 2 things in life you can count on, death and taxes”!! How bloody morbid is that?! They are already 3 feet in the ground and still walking and breathing. They are the walking dead. We all have met them. They chose it but they don’t “know” they chose it. Everytime someone points their finger at others for their woes in life, they die a little everyday. 

This is what we’re up against on this planet. Demons “walk” the earth feeding their prey a diet of doom and gloom, who can not win in life and be responsible for their own happiness. Most people go through their lives reacting to life based on their past traumas instead of shutting those doors and living in the present and creating their future happiness through constructive goals, like God set them up to do. 

The biggest contributor to old age is people commit sins, transgressions against their family, friends. acquaintances and people they never met. These transgressions get swept under the rug and never confronted and taken responsibility for. This action has the biggest effect on us spiritually and physically.

When one does evil things to others and won’t make up the damage, they start to forget those people and justify away their transgression- “He/she is an asshole and deserved what he/she got!” That’s another nail in their coffin. This act justifies the sin committed against their friend, family member and they then must forget about that person to live with the sin. But that comes with a price. One loses life force, love when this takes place and one starts to become a spectator of life instead of a participant, the real symptom of old age.  Why do you think many  families are so distant from each other today? Why neighbors don’t talk to each other. These justifications are borne out of cowardice because the more we transgress against others without taking responsibility for the acts, the less life force we have and end up living in the lower tone or vibration bands of life- which ain’t living, but dying on both the physical plane and spiritual plane. And sins do not have to be big ones but can be everyday little mishaps like being late for work 2 times a week, 5 minutes each time. How many reading this have justified to the boss the reason for their lateness? The power went out so my alarm clock didn’t go off is why I am late. Wrongggg!! Take responsibility for it, tell the boss you overslept and it won’t happen again AND spend an extra hour with no pay to make up the damage. Simple. And it takes COURAGE to do this. Courage is an ability. Its not a natural ability for most humans. It takes practice. 

So look back over your life and find as many transgressions you can find where you swept it under the rug, blamed the other for your actions, justified your actions and start and finish taking responsibility for them. It ain’t gonna be easy but nothing worthwhile is right? Summon the courage to fix a wrong you committed 20 years ago, make up the damage and get some of your life back. Go above and beyond in making up the damage. You will feel so much better about yourself as well as the person you transgressed against. And they can be your friend again instead of the a**hole you called them. 

This is the biggest factor contributing to old age and disease. This is Gospel.  Past traumas can also be found, confronted and decisions made during the traumas that effect us negatively can be undone as well. 

All this leads to not having any REGRETS at the end of this body’s life and knowing you lived a great one. When we take full responsibility for our own lives, we naturally want to help others lead better lives. For those who can not remember a past life, one can try taking responsibility “blindly” for transgressions committed then, even if you can’t remember. Regret causes us to not want to remember our previous lives. Who wants to remember a “bad” life? Well, now you do so you can recover your lost life force and be happier and more confident.  

The med beds the Alliance talks about are not available for the masses. There are other types of this tech available but they are pricey and not plentiful yet. There are real answers here for your use if you are willing to start the healing process and create your own happiness and well being. It will take courage so start.

For those who think this is only my opinion, that’s fine. But if it resonates with you, try it. You have nuttin to lose and everything to gain! 


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