X22 Report — Episode 2598: Fed Just Revealed Themselves, Good Guys are Winning – OCT 11 2021



X22 Report — Episode 2598: Fed Just Revealed Themselves, Good Guys are Winning

Monday, 11 October 2021, 21:57 PM 256

Ep. 2598a – [CB] Just Revealed Themselves, It Had To Be This Way

Ep. 2598b – Good Guys Are Winning, The System Is Scared Of You, What If He Never Left?

X22 Report
Published October 11, 2021

https://rumble.com/vnm6h3-ep.-2598a-cb-just-revealed-themselves-it-had-to-be-this-way.html https://rumble.com/embed/vl00cd/?pub=4#?secret=I5kilkmmEl

The American people see the truth, everything the [DS]/[CB] tries to do is backfiring on them, optics are important, it had to be this way, the people needed to be shown not told. The patriots know the playbook, ports are important. The [CB] has now come out and said the quiet part out loud, they have been revealed.

https://rumble.com/vnm73l-ep.-2598b-good-guys-are-winning-the-system-is-scared-of-you-what-if-he-neve.html https://rumble.com/embed/vl00yv/?pub=4#?secret=4R0Sxq0lPE

The [DS] is ramping up their agenda. They are now preparing the narrative, the system is scared of you. Optics are important, the destruction of the [DS]/[CB] needed to be done while Trump was not in the picture, it had to be done while the [DS] thought they were in control. The people needed to see it playout in real time. The good guys are winning. What if Trump is serving his term in the shadows destroying the system.?

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