X22 Report Ep. 2607a&b – Big Tech/[DS] Panic, Strategically Planned, Dark To Light, [TRUTH] = END (a, 20min; b, 57min)

X22 Report Ep. 2607a&b – Big Tech/[DS] Panic, Strategically Planned, Dark To Light, [TRUTH] = END (a, 20min; b, 57min)

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Date: Thursday, 21-Oct-2021 20:25:00

Financial Report
Ep. 2607a – We Are At An Economic Crossroads,[CB] Structure Change Has Begun (20 min) The people are being brought down the path of darkness, they must see what the [CB]. This time around it is different the people will have a choice, they are see the agenda. The Fed has begun changing their structure, this is the beginning, this will continue as more is exposed. The people are at an economic crossroads, they will have to choose between economic freedom or the [CB]. https://rumble.com/vo1xzx-ep.-2607a-we-are-at-an-economic-crossroadscb-structure-change-has-begun.html?mref=9ceev&mc=ewucg
https://rumble.com/embed/vlfrv7/?pub=9ceev ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Political/Geopolitical Report
Ep. 2607b – Big Tech/[DS] Panic, Strategically Planned, Dark To Light, [TRUTH] = END (57 min) Trump and the patriots just made another move. The has been planned from the beginning, the chess match has already been won by Trump, we are just watching the remainder of the game. The transition begins in the 4th quarter and the push out of the darkness begins after Feb 2022 with the Truth. The truth is a force of nature that cannot be stopped, once people learn the truth it is the end of the [DS]. The people will be pulled out the darkness and into the light, facts and truth will do this. https://rumble.com/vo1yyn-ep.-2607b-big-techds-panic-strategically-planned-dark-to-light-truth-end.html?mref=9ceev&mc=ewucg


X22 Report interviews Harley Schlanger – The [CB] Establishment Is Corrupt, The Truth Will Destroy Their Great Reset Plan WW (45 min)

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Date: Thursday, 21-Oct-2021 19:09:24

Today’s Guest: Harley Schlanger
Website: La Rouche Organization
https://laroucheorganization.nationbuilder.com “Harley Schlanger is historian and national spokesman, he has been covering the financial industry since the 80s, you can now follow Harley at The LaRouche Organization. Harley begins the conversation discussing the supply chain issues and how this is man made to bring us into the Great Reset. Everything the [CB] establishment is doing now is to push the entire world into their new banking dictatorship. Fuel prices are increasing to convince people that we need green energy, this will fail. The people are pushing back WW.” https://rumble.com/vo162d-harley-schlanger-the-cb-establishment-is-corruptthe-truth-will-destroy-thei.html?mref=9ceev&mc=ewucg


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