Fulford preview 10/25: “Worldwide arrests, executions as Khazarian mafia takedown accelerates”

Fulford preview 10/25: “Worldwide arrests, executions as Khazarian mafia takedown accelerates”

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Date: Monday, 25-Oct-2021 13:36:59

https://benjaminfulford.net/2021/10/25/worldwide-arrests-executions-as-khazarian-mafia-takedown-accelerates/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ October 25, 2021 Worldwide arrests, executions as Khazarian mafia takedown accelerates By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 55 Comments A series of arrests, executions and resignations worldwide signal that a major offensive against the Khazarian mafia is underway, multiple sources confirm. The head of Germany’s central bank, the Dalai Lama, Klaus Schwab and many others are among those being removed, the sources say. In addition, the secret governments of England, Germany, Ireland and Japan have been replaced. Here is intel received from multiple sources, including some at the top of the G7 Western political structure: “The militaries worldwide have been given the green light to move. They will be active in every country. It’s the good guys taking out the last of the bad guys. It started this weekend and will roll out for the next 2-3 weeks…there may be intermittent outages in power, water, internet and phones –be ready.” Simon Parkes, who has his own sources, says EU hotels are booked with soldiers. He also says New Zealand citizens have been told to stay indoors and expect to hear “explosions, shooting and children screaming.” https://www.bitchute.com/video/pomPkuMtfyr3/ Before we go into the evidence of changed governments in other countries, let us look at the evidence that the Satanic “Biden” regime is about to be taken down. Remember the Qanon post about “Red October?” https://twitter.com/dcevering/status/1047215446959804417 Well CIA sources are telling us the widely publicized shooting by movie director Alex Baldwin of Halyna Hutchins with a “prop gun,” is a signal. Let us connect some dots: Alec Baldwin starred in the film, The Hunt for Red October, wherein he helps hunt down a Russian nuclear submarine that was originally docked in Murmansk on a Soviet base in the Arctic Circle. Hutchins grew up in Murmansk on a Soviet base in the Arctic Circle “surrounded by nuclear submarines.”
She was a Ukrainian spy whose husband is a lawyer defending the Clintons. The set where she was shot is about 30 minutes from Epstein’s 33k sq ft Zorro ranch in New Mexico — the same one that had computer rooms the ‘size of houses’ to spy on guests including Prince Andrew, when he allegedly stayed for a week there.
Dave Halls, the assistant director


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