Sun-Cardiac Connection, Magnetosense, Nova Trouble

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Sun-Cardiac Connection, Magnetosense, Nova Trouble

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Much Soul-ar activity in the last 48 hours. This is impacting everyone’s energy differently. Be sure to rest, take in water, remain calm, don’t fall for triggers. Breathe, go with the flow, welcome the change, breathe, observe and release whatever comes to the surface.


Message from the Angels: Breathe

My dear friends, we love you so very much, Take a breath. Imagine that the air around you is like an ocean. As you breathe in, a wave of clean, pure air rushes into your lungs. It pauses and then recedes as you surrender to the exhale, in much the…05/06/2018

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The Angels: Just Breathe

My dear friends, we love you so very much, Take a breath and luxuriate in the sensation of the abundant air entering your lungs. Relax and release it. Take another breath, and as you do so, feel the fullness and richness of the oxygen mixing and mingling with your body.…01/12/2020

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The Angels: Calm in the Center of the Storm

My dear friends, we love you so very much, Take a long breath in. Now let it out very, very slowly – as if you are a balloon slowly deflating. Do this once again. Breathe in. Exhale very slowly allowing your body to simply release the air. No forcing is…02/08/2021

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