Huxley-Orwellian Dictatorship in Australia – Nov 01 2021


Huxley-Orwellian Dictatorship in Australia

Monday, 1 November 2021, 20:12 PM 91

Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 1, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Herman Goering at his Nuremberg Trial said that the National Socialists took power in Germany by capitalizing on the fear created by the Reichstag fire that was blamed on the communists and this led to the Enabling Act giving Hitler absolute power. Fear, according to Goering, was the technique. It is interesting to note from the Goebbels diary found in Moscow reviewed by David Irving that the National Socialists did not create the fire but used it.

The population reduction eugenics folks were not being as successful as they thought they needed to be and the climate change folks were hardly listened to forced them to come up with an organized program based on fear, and decided to use the fear of disease to implement their agenda. Hence, the coronavirus was invented.

The coronavirus was patented in 2003 as a bioweapon according to Dr. David Martin. This issue is discussed at length in the next link.

Is the US Military a Target of a Bioweapon?

This bioweapon patented in 2003 was hardly working in 2020 so the death rate was rigged upward and new bioweapons that were much more effective came in via the genetic vaccines created by a number of pharmaceutical companies. The goal of this weapon was to engender fear of disease to change the political structure of the west into a dictatorial system to promote the climate control movement that could not otherwise be achieved and achieve significant population reduction as masses of elderly people died. The elderly were targeted as in New York State to reduce their expense to the state.  States, countries and insurance companies were facing bankruptcy as people were living too long and this was to be the solution.   

It was justified in the eyes of Professor Schwab as the only way to save the planet and reduce the population as the masses were not interested in their ideas to save the west from bankruptcy from supporting so many older people. He marketed it as the Great Reset.  One of the earlier population reduction methods had been abortion but even the liquidation of over three billion souls in the womb per year described by Archbishhop Vigano as the equivalent of ancient human sacrifice was not sufficient as the growth in population continues now at 7.753 billion people. Here I add to the present world figure of 1.5 billion murdered souls about 1.5 billion more due to the use of the after morning pill.  At the same time the aborted souls’ bodies were used for the manufacture of the coronavirus vaccines which makes the vaccines absolutely forbidden to all, such as Catholics, members of Islam and Orthodox Jews aside from the fact that it is worthless and killing millions of people. For example, you cannot murder a fellow about your size if you happen to need his heart as yours is not functioning as this is still regarded as murder. The modern terminology for this is organ harvesting.  

It is also important to note that in the US the liquidation of 60 million souls in the womb per year is a crime against humanity unique in its enormity. The aborted soul is now regarded a non-person which is not a dissimilar idea used by Lenin to liquidate children of the royals.  The Holy Bible disagrees in Jeremiah 1:6. Comrade Trotsky wrote before the Russian Revolution that the great error of Robespierre was he did not kill the children of the royals and he and his Trotskyites would not make that mistake. The Tsar’s children were killed under orders from Yakov Sverdlov and Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein). I reject Trotsky’s self-serving claim that it was Lenin and Sverdlov. In any event, all three were liquidated by Stalin and deserved to be.

Our European correspondent discusses how the disease as the Reichstag fire was creating the climate of fear to change the political systems of the west so that this plan can be implemented as in National Socialist Germany.

Our European Correspondent:

The State of Victoria in Australia is the first state in the west to go full Nazi on making Corona laws by executive decree only, the power of parliament in making laws entirely eliminated (see link) by eliminating the need to first declare a state of emergency. This is an Enabling Act transferring all powers to make health laws from the legislative to the executive. It is now the government who determines all laws with effect on public health WITHOUT having to declare a state of emergency.

That’s a textbook definition of health tyranny.

This particular power grab by so called infamous Enabling Act (Hitler’s law of 1933 putting Parliament see link) failed in France earlier last year where there was pushback which probably came from the military and other Gaullist channels. Twice it was tried, once in the form of a law secretly introduced before Christmas ’20 by the government (within 24 hours the proposed law was mysteriously taken off the table after internal pressure), and then in 2021 a similar Enabling Act type of law introduced by MPs from the left which never made it through the senate. We therefore cannot yet speak of a Vichy France even though the current sitting government would love to see themselves aligned with the Medical Bolshevist currently running Australia and New Zealand. 

France is too resistant for such a takeover, and what is more important, probably too reactionary – an element almost entirely missing down under. If only Aussies and Kiwis were more rebellious and not as slavish and meek they would not suffer as much. 

Europe due to its endless history of wars, complots, intrigues, and turmoil of course is home to the world’s deepest tradition in reactionary thinking and some of it today would be a welcome reprieve in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. But notably there is plenty of resistance in America, a nation born free of the vile and cumbersome British influence that always prefers to bend to the dictates of empire in spite of the individual.

An Enabling Act has also failed in Spain this week (see link) where the Courts pushed back and declared the entire ‘State of Alarm’ in Spain as fake and illegal in retrospect. Spanish courts even declared the lockdowns themselves illegal in retrospect which means that now it is waiting for the first lawsuits. Furthermore they said that no power can be transferred from the national executive to the local or regional executives to make crisis laws and decrees, but that executive national power must remain in the hands of the national government. 

The Spanish Constitutional Court (unlike the courts in Nazi Germany in 1933) thus since this week October 27 has effectively pushed back and condemned the national power grab – a global coup d’état and takeover by rabid latter-day Jacobins who prefer to think of themselves as neo-liberal ‘progressives’ and who like to run society by means of medical committee – by pointing out that there is no state of alarm in Spain. Spain’s laws distinguish between State of Alarm and State of Emergency and the government in order to avoid the Parliament had used the State of Alarm for its illegal decrees because the State of Emergency required approval of parliament. And now the constitutional court has reversed the government’s pretentious assumption of powers as an illegal act of national shame and insolence to the Spanish people.

In brief, probably due to a knowledge of history, there is an institutional or extra – institutional resistance in Europe proper against ‘Enabling Acts’ with reactionary forces coming to the fore here and there, whereas the former British territories of Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are now heading for a long term health tyranny.

Second state of alarm also unconstitutional, says Spain’s highest court

David Lifschultz


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