(Reader: GK) Kim Goguen 11-1-2021: Reptile Meets his Match

(Reader: GK) Kim Goguen 11-1-2021: Reptile Meets his Match

Monday, 1 November 2021, 20:15 PM 66

Reader Post | By GK


So Trump and Biden are in a bad bad shape. Must have been someone Biden sniffed.

An Israeli named Mr. Black is apparently a reptile.

Not sure why he doesn’t call himself Mr. Green. Maybe Mr. Dark murky Green.

What have I been saying for years? Follow the money to the Rabbi.

These people have a form of rabies. Rabbi Rabies…

Maybe it’s just alligatoritis… a disease that makes them less than genteel with gentiles.

The tooth, nothing but the tooth. The scales of justice.

Israel is last because it’s being run by a reptile.

Anyway, let me not give away the best parts.

Remember Tipping is not a city in China. I am close to my goal.


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