Shocking News: Government and Medical Leaders Know When a Polio Outbreak Will Happen – They Put It in Children’s Vaccines! (video 19 m) & 11-1-21: Gene Decode & Dr. Northrup Discusses Detox For Vaccinated & Unvaccinated with Nicholas Veniamin (1hr 12min)

Shocking News: Government and Medical Leaders Know When a Polio Outbreak Will Happen – They Put It in Children’s Vaccines! (video 19 m)

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Tuesday, 2-Nov-2021 01:09:45 Along with this main subject it was also revealed that the Covid vax has several versions in separate vials, from 3 to 7 types (which i gathered from several sources). Which apparently are given to people according to the region they’re in or how they want to carefully inoculate people with different strengths of the gene altering shot. One version is a placebo that is nothing more than a saline liquid. Another vial has 30% dose of the vaccine to start the process of creating the spike proteins and weakening the immune system. One version is 60% in strength which reduces a persons immune system even further, and one has 100% potency. The key is to not cause too much attention to people getting sick, but to get people used to taking the shots, one dose at a time, until they can give a full dose that weakens their immune system 100%. It must be kept in mind that when people start taking the shots and feel fine, they will then gladly go back for another shot and the boosters. But at some point down the line of a continued regimen of shots, they could randomly come down sick for life, or be killed. Some people may actually survive the regimen randomly, but have received the “operating system” inside their blood stream that can be monitored by computers and radio frequencies. This transforms humans into a bio-computer mechanism that can be controlled by radio frequencies, monitored 24/7 and allows the government to know exactly where they’re located at any one time. It may also alter the brain function with the parasite that has laid eggs in the blood stream that can attach itself to particular areas for control. This is a mysterious and unknown science the public is not aware of at this time. This can change a persons personality, make them either more docile, obedient and compliant – or at a flip of switch turn them into a raving lunatic on a rampage. There are at least two different types of “intruders” thrust into the bloodstream – one being the parasite and the other being the nano self replicating computer system. Each of them could affect the mind and body in a variety of ways that we’re still trying to understand. The big questions on researcher’s minds is this: Will the parasite be designed to have an affinity for particular areas of he body, like the heart, the liver or the brain? Once these nano-computer systems are inside the blood stream, along with the parasites and the graphene as a catalyst – and the 5G network is in place, human beings could then be controlled like robot-like beings to do a number of things we can’t even yet imagine. Depopulation is only one aspect of the globalist scheme to take over the world. They also want a fully compliant populace left over that is no longer a threat to their power structure. Messing with our bodies and our brain in this manner is a diabolical attack on the very essence of what it means to be a human being. It is a criminal violation of human rights and human dignity. This will not improve humans but create untold chaos and harm to society. Only the mind of a demon could consider such a thing and then carry it out on billions of people. This is worse than just torture and murder, it is evil to the core. It is hijacking the minds and lives of sovereign people, rewiring their bodies and their minds and creating an entire planet with legions of zombies that will have no choice but to follow the will of a Luciferian leadership. It doesn’t matter if a person is religious or not, that is the outcome of this dystopian, hell-like world in the near future, by any definition – if this is allowed to happen. After seeing this video I wrote to the fellow researcher that shared it, and said this: That was a real eye opener. We are dealing with diabolical demons that are killing and injuring adults and children as if they are lab rats.
Honestly this subject is not being treated seriously enough by those that put it out and those that pass it on. This is a grave injustice to humankind beyond the level of nazis, and chinese torture, etc. This is from the pit of hell. It is so evil, so demonic, only someone totally void of a conscience would consider such a thing against their fellow human beings. I am at a loss to understand how people can do this to others. I dealt with this level of depravity in my last book when the hero group traveled to another galaxy to rescue the main leader. On the two planets of the enemy, they discovered snake-like beings that were in league with conspirators from earth, that were running a massive concentration camp and breeding program of humans from earth – to grow them for food. And the guards were also humans!
Here is a quote from the book when they were trying to figure out how the human guards could do this to their own species: “According to the records we found, and from what we already knew, the humans did come from Draco.” David said. “They were sold by the corrupt reptilian leadership at the city throne Stellius, that we liberated on Draco. Redshield (a human conspirator from earth) was among that group and he wiggled his way into the leadership here. He then promised the snake heads he would control the humans, breed them up as a constant flow of bodies for them to eat and also educated and enticed Copperhead on how the planets were ripe for invading in the Milky Way galaxy.” “How did he get the human guards to go along with the wicked treatment against their own kind?” Mike asked. “That was actually quite simple.” David answered. “He brought a human in front of them and killed him, and said if you don’t follow me and work to make the slaves into food for the snake heads, I will have you killed as well.” “So, it was a matter of survival to rule over the rest of the humans and they learned how to be monsters even against their own kind.” Mike said. “Well, partially yes,” David said. “But there was more to it than that. Redshield also showed them how to abuse and rape the humans in prison cells, so it produced a sadistic appetite to harm others and sexually use them while they were waiting in pens to be given as food to the snake heads.” “Ok, that makes sense.” Mike added. “Redshield produced the chemical and adrenaline need in the guards for sadistically using the prisoners for years, before the people one by one were eventually picked out for consumption.” “That is insane.” Judith said. (unquote) From the book: “Attack from the Future”, Chapter 24 What is bizarre is the fact in this 6 book series I wrote about a small parasite in the book “Defender of Destiny”. The conspirators placed inside the bloodstream a multi tentacle parasite, that attached itself to the brain stem in the center of the brain, and this entity enhanced the person’s ability to be ruthless and do evil against other human beings. Basically it made a demon out of a human being. Now we are seeing under microscopes, a multi tentacle parasite inside the vials, being placed in the bloodstreams of unwary human beings around the world right now. Science fiction has become reality. George Eaton

11-1-21: Gene Decode & Dr. Northrup Discusses Detox For Vaccinated & Unvaccinated with Nicholas Veniamin (1hr 12min)

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Date: Monday, 1-Nov-2021 20:25:31

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