Kat Anonup Update: After War World II

Yes KAT, and we have never ascended WITH our bodies intact before, so it has garnered a lot of Galatics and Universal souls attention to be here and watch and came here – to ascend also

Kat Anonup Update: After War World II

Wednesday, 27 October 2021, 8:51 AM 593

kat isthesea3 @katisthesea3

Dolores Cannon said Lightworkers & Enlightened Souls 
came to Earth in waves
after the Hiroshima & Nagasaki atomic bombs in 1945.
After those horrific explosions
Earth sent out an SOS to the Universe
& we, probably most Anons, answered the call.
We came here to be, hold & shine God’s Light
& lift the frequencies high enough
to manifest ascension back into Divine-light
for Earth, her Kingdoms & Humanity.
I love finding mention of those volunteer waves 
on the Q map.
Dolores also said the first wavers,
born after WW2 & into the 1960’s
had the heaviest frequency lift.

Another marker on the map 
is the Schumann Resonance Increasing.
Gene Decode said this has to do
with readying all for Ascension
& it isn’t just Earth but the Solar System.

The last 4 days we’ve had massive light blasts.
40 hz → 100 hz are the Frequencies of New Earth.

We are accomplishing what we came here to do.
We WILL ascend 
& take the whole Solar System with us.




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