Nov 11 is REMEMBERANCE DAY for Canada

Greetings LOVE BEings, hanging-in there ? Today Nov 11 is REMEMBERANCE DAY for Canada where we have moments of SILENCE and we pay OUR RESPECTS to those that have bravely fought for FREEDOM and a right to a divine life without enforced DEMONIC choices set up by evil/darkness.

Also an interesting Portal day for 2021, the year of Karma, a five year of changes for the better…,

I take moments each week and year as WE PRAY daily/weekly for SAFETY of OUR MILITARY and the fight for peace and dignity protecting the BILL of rights stepped down, much like the Constitition…,

For protecting our rights, NOT just in CANADA but in ALL COUNTRIES. FREEDOM for all, WORLD PEACE. In HONOR of THOSE WHO FOUGHT the Good fight past and present…..

I PRAY for the SAFETY of OUR CANADIAN MILITARY and PATRIOTS for the PEOPLE !. For SAFETY of those rescueing Children from child-traffickers and underground military bases = D.U.M.B.S.

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