Fulford preview 11/15: “Khazarian mafia hide in bunkers as war is declared”

Fulford preview 11/15: “Khazarian mafia hide in bunkers as war is declared”

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Date: Monday, 15-Nov-2021 13:55:17

https://benjaminfulford.net/2021/11/15/78658/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ November 15, 2021 Khazarian mafia hide in bunkers as war is declared By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Video Reports 119 Comments A formal declaration of war by the Anglo Saxon five eyes group has now been made against the Khazarian mafia, otherwise known as the Nazi Fourth Reich. Here is the declaration of war as sent by Queen Elizabeth II: “We have been repeatedly contacted around the world about the public health emergencies. Some of the contacts have suggested very grave crimes against humanity up to and including genocide. When we were first alarmed we began to watch from afar. We found all of the counterintelligence to be true and that in fact, all of the world’s civilian governments were, under military law, in high treason. We cannot evade the real and actionable truth that mass murders have and are happening…We have to by military and martial law, issue this statement.” As for rumors that her majesty is no longer with us, MI6 had the following to say: “Dead or alive the legacy lives on. Enough said.” With war declared the Khazarian mafia elite have retreated to bunkers around Lake Geneva, Switzerland and Palo Alto, California, according to multiple intelligence sources. The Swiss group controls the fiat money being issued by the central banks they own. The Palo Alto group is using control of major internet companies to convey a false reality to the worlds’ people. Both of these centers are now going to be targeted with bunker-busting nuclear weapons, Pentagon sources promise. The KM meanwhile have been exposed by Mossad as using green screen computer graphics to make it look as if people like Pope Francis, President “Fuck” Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Traitor General Mark Milley are still with us and still in charge. This video below, sent to us by Mossad, shows some of the actual green screen performance taking place: https://benjaminfulford.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/pope-green-screen.mp4
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