Council of Overseers: The Many Worlds of You

Council of Overseers: The Many Worlds of You

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We come to you through our eternal PRESENCE, acknowledging the fortitude that is involved in your desiring to capture once again your own awareness. We were with you BEFORE you INCARNATED on Earth, and were involved in the design that the Elohim created for the human DNA incarnation program.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers and. now present as many of you know, with The Queen of Light and many other Councils of Light.

Your memory stream may appear to be separate from your awareness of all that you are. Remember, things are not as they seem on Planet Earth, you know.

What separates you from this awareness is the being caught up in time and the fear prevalent on Earth, as the magnetic pole shift becomes closer to being experienced.

The urgency is pronounced now, as more scientific data comes forward. Even if you are unaware.

The Earth appears to be a spinning magnet. YOU TOO are connected within this field. Things are not as they seem.

The true you and your CONSCIOUS CONNECTION to the eternal truth about you and the many aspects throughout all dimensions, is going through a complete transformation, this starts at a profound level now, as you read this.

The truth is what you ARE is far greater than your conscious awareness is currently allowing you to be aware of.

This transforms through your agreement and full complete desire to enter your heart and to let go of any beliefs in the time system.

Now close your eyes and feel yourself being surrounded by the greatest Golden Light you can imagine or feel, or both.

Take a few minutes, as this LIGHT is real and it is the CENTRAL SUN light WE ARE transmitting through to you now and IN ALL MOMENTS.

BEING aware of this CONSCIOUSLY and being aware of your HEART space is the directed awareness that leads you to your own greater awareness that we referred as we began this transmission to you.

So you will truly know all THAT YOU TRULY ARE.

The stage is prepared and the steaming of the ACTIVATIONS have begun.

We oversee this and the THIS is your uniting with the Cosmic God Self you, that eternally exists as you NOW.

In this your activation through your heart, is the transforming powerhouse of your true awareness.

Feel this DIVINE LIGHT transmission of love NOW, as you rest, as you walk and as you breathe, all now.

We know all that you are going through, so NOW let go of your concerns of any past effort. NOW is this preparation intended for you ALL, as you receive this NOW.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian


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