WATCH: German Doctor Allegedly Murdered Hours After Publishing Video Stating He Found Graphene Hydroxide In COVID-19 Jabs

WATCH: German Doctor Allegedly Murdered Hours After Publishing Video Stating He Found Graphene Hydroxide In COVID-19 Jabs

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 By Stillness in the Storm Leave a Comment

(daniel_g) A German scientist named Dr. Andreas Noack was allegedly murdered after revealing he found tiny stable carbon compounds called graphene hydroxide in the experimental COVID-19 injections.

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by daniel_g, December 7th, 2021

In his video, Dr. Noack explains that graphene hydroxide acts as tiny razor blades within the cardiovascular system.

His claims of graphene hydroxide in the COVID-19 injections support findings from other scientists earlier this year.

Dr. Noack noted how this could potentially be the cause of the many sudden cardiac events and deaths post COVID-19 jab, including the ones witnessed in professional athletes.

Watch Dr. Noack explain graphene hydroxide in the video below:

I’ve added a few shorter clips from his presentation:

Dr. Noack hypothesizes that the mRNA in the COVID-19 injections could potentially be a diversion from the tiny razor blades.

He doesn’t believe anyone would be able to give him, a carbon specialist, scientific reasoning why carbon razor blades are in the injections.

Dr. Noack emphatically states that anyone who continues injections after this knowledge goes public is guilty of murder.

Tragically, rumors have surfaced that Dr. Noack died after making his presentation.

I don’t know if this is confirmed but, this Dr appears to have died very soon after releasing this video.
He was arrested last year in an armed raid by German Police at his home. 3 part thread.

Dr Andreas Noack explains graphine hydroxide

— KlausSchwabby (@ProKlausSchwab) November 29, 2021

According to his pregnant wife, Dr. Noack was attacked by a group of individuals hours after making the presentation.

She stated Dr. Noack wasn’t afraid to die to share his findings with humanity.

One critical note I want to emphasize from Dr. Noack’s video is the 3:56 mark.

Let’s combine Dr. Noack’s statements with this clip from Dr. John Campbell in the UK.

Dr. Campbell explains the potentially catastrophic consequences of the COVID-19 injection entering the bloodstream and not the deltoid muscle.

He reviews the necessity to aspirate the needle and ensure the injection doesn’t hit a blood vessel.

Failure to prevent the injection from entering the bloodstream could drastically increase the risk of cardiac-related adverse reactions, such as thrombosis and myocarditis.

Based on the current protocols, Dr. Campbell notes many COVID-19 injection administrators likely don’t aspirate the needle to ensure it doesn’t enter the bloodstream.

Going back to Dr. Noack’s video, he claimed that the discovery of graphene hydroxide makes the COVID-19 injections a game of Russian roulette.

“Do you hit the vein or not?” he stated.

With his claimed certainty that graphene hydroxide was in the COVID-19 injections, Dr. Noack urged his video be shared across all platforms.

And his alleged death shortly after the presentation raises horrifying red flags.

At the time of writing, I did a quick Google search for “Andreas Noack 2021.”

It appears Big Tech is already working on how to bury the information:

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