Some “I AMS” of interest, by Saint Andrew – Dec 17 2021

Well this IS INTERESTING. I “DON’T” post every ARTICLE written by “OTHERS” especially those that attack me or are – outside MY DIVINE SACRED BLOODLINE of HEAVEN – MY divine HERITAGE. I am DIVINE LOVE and LIGHT and I carry various – the LIGHT CODES being a RA/GOD bloodline – and I pushed them out so HUMANITY could EVOLVE.

I AM part of the “GOD HEAD” and I am getting REALLY – tired of being “CRAPPED-ON” by people trying TO DESTROY ME, DON’T even know ME or the high – Morals and high – VALUES that I HAVE and have all-ways had, period. JEALOUSY get you NOWHERE in the DIVINE REALMS.



KENT told you about the over-creators, and it was – I whom – told you about the GOD-HEAD of HEAVEN because I AM part of it. Which is WHY I consider all the LIGHT-WORKER’S as mine…..

I wear a lot of HATS in my divine missions [I Hold divine rights] because I am HIGHLY TRUSTED by HEAVEN and the LIGHT FORCES etc. I am nick-named “CHIEF” in HEAVEN = meditate on that.

Understand that I walked this EARTH as DIVINE – ROYALTY, = QUEEN NEFERTITI – BEFORE – I walked this planet AS DIVINE ROYALTY – SAINT ANDREW. SPIRITUAL JEALOUSLY of the RA BLOODLINE or other divine bloodlines, is seen as very EVIL/negative in the HIGHER REALMS.

What I am going to say IS without EGO and with sternness….., I don’t need my EGO STROKED, it is THE FALLEN ANGELS and the SATANISTS who WANT to be WORSHIPPED so BADLY that they TRASH the TRUE BLOODLINES of HEAVEN, especially MINE because I AM the HIGHEST JUSTICE on this PLANET – above ALL JUDGES and COURTS. “I AM the COURT” and president DONALD TRUMP IS “THE STORM!” The next one above me Justice wise – is MOTHER and FATHER GOD, themselves. I can permanently REMOVE anyone from this planet IF NEEDED ! And I have the capacity to haul any soul out of their body for a spiritual meeting, IF needed.- all I have to do is ask GOD or the angels to JUDGE you, ANUBIS comes in IF NEEDED for FINAL JUDGEMENTS to SEE “IF your HEART is LIGHTER than a FEATHER” = TRANSLATION as in DO YOU get to ACCESS HEAVEN and the divine – HIGHER levels or DO you still needs some 3D SPIRITUAL LESSONS on another planet etc, for those that wonder.

IF you are ATTACKING THE LIGHT FORCES VERBALLY , THEN YOU RE DEMONIC OR A HATER, YOU are in EGO and have a “God-complex” = good luck with that

YOU were told to “STAY in your LANES” like 12 times – by ME SAINT ANDREW divine JUSTICE of HEAVEN – as the LORDS [Angels] of KARMA hand out BAD KARMA for BAD DEEDS etc. HEAVEN ain’t playing. Don’t even bother with your petty – english corrections, NOT interested.

I AM one of those bears YOU were told NOT to poke…

ANYONE who comes against ME, comes against “MOTHER and FATHER GOD” = remember that.

I was and still am – “CHOSEN BY MOTHER and FATHER GOD” as part of the GOD-HEAD, eons ago. I am here for HEAVEN and FOR HUMANITY. I GO WHEREVER God WANTS AND needs ME TO Go. GOD tells ME – WHEN IT’S my time TO GO, not MAN, nor demon, nor Angel . I go WHERE MOTHER and FATHER GOD, NEEDS ME TO GO or WANTS ME TO GO period.

When the LIGHT FORCES come to your PLANET, WE DON”T come to play around, WE come to get things done, and WE do, in this case it was to JUDGE to evil ones and help Humanity with Earth’s FREEDOM. I was asked to JUDGE the EVIL ONES and I have had MANY MISSIONS – just for this MISSION I am doing now. I AM very psychic and can pick-up on the nasty – negative and sometimes IGNORANT – thoughts of others, like for instance, some have shot me – the I could do a better JOB than you thoughts. Even the SATANISTS try to send me their EVIL THOUGHTS, which I ignore or I smack that negative – thought out of my head. If YOU could do a better JOB than ME, how come I hold the position and I get the JOB done ? Your ego is out of whack if you feel this way, so check it.

MOTHER and FATHER GOD DECIDE – when it’s MY time to leave Earth, NOT any man nor SATANIST or NARCARCISTIC = CONTROL FREAK. Heaven don’t like evil CONTROL freaks. I have MORE POWER that most people can fathom or understand, but I DO NOT misuse it or abuse it.

I was the one who first called the SATANIST’S the DEATH CULT…….but everyone tries to claim it. Just like it was MY idea for the MEMES to bypass A.I .= google analysis of control with A.I. But many claimed that too. I didn’t say I invented the memes, but they were born as I explained “a picture says a thousand words, Halloween is coming up and what does HILLARY LIKE TO DO ON HALLOWEEN ?

I requested that the Military USE THIS PICTURE/CRIMES – METHOD TO ESCAPE GOOGLE’S ALGORYTHIMS. I said – I would look the other way, as HUMANITY needed to have a chance to counter-act the evily RIGGED – elections so the SATANISTS would NOT remain in power. But like normal they CHEATED and rigged the elections again , Biden, Trudeau and others – PROVING the LOW-LIFE scum that they are. IF you notice, I don’t insult humanity, JUST the evil ones because they DESERVE it for their hidden and atrocious “CRIMES against HUMANITY!” Especially against the innocent and precious CHILDREN that had their innocence and power taken away from them by the evil Satanist scum. Save THE CHILDREN was AND is MY MISSION and I WAS ALSO in CHARGE of THE ARRESTS – TO PASS IT OVER TO THE MILITARY after I educated them.

You WERE TOLD IF – you are a COP then take the bad guys down, IF you are a JUDGE then JUDGE the BAD GUYS. DID you TAKE any BAD GUYS to COURT – Judge Anna ? Or are you just passing off – STEAM ? Or ARE you – ALL TALK – NO ACTION ?

IF YOU are a JUDGE and are taking the evil ones to court, then that is awesome. Then YOU are on humanity’s side.

Many make MONEY from info on my website, YET – ME the divine one is blocked from making even 5 cents, to help humanity and take THESE evil beings to COURT – WHY is that?

Because I am honest and PURE, and GOD forbid any SOUL, try to help SAINT ANDREW.

NOT one JUDGE came to me and asked to help ME take down these evil ones in some way, NOR did a so-called LAWYER. This is the TIME that – you would think the JUDGES and LAWYERS would jump at the chance to take down the biggest CRIMINALS in world history. WHY did so few JUDGES take the chances to help free humanity. Because many JUDGES ARE/were, criminal, demonic and committed CRIMES against humanity. Heaven can’t stand, RACIST judges or JUDGES that protect elite, wealthy demonic criminals. HEAVEN also CAN’T STAND – CORRUPT JUDGES who take money [kick-backs] etc and who act like they are ABOVE those in their courts [who judge by financial status] and SO-CALLED OFFICIALS and those demonic beings IN WORLD GOVERNMENTS.

I told YOU, warned you even. THAT even the JUDGES will be JUDGED because YOU are JUSTICE on this planet. DO you remember me saying “YOU are JUSTICE and you will be JUDGED ?”

YOU are NOT here to JUDGE US – NO ONE JUDGES MYSELF or any other member from the Company of HEAVEN- WHO do you think YOU are to JUDGE US = JUDGE ANNA ?

I don’t post ARCHIA’S info because THEY were FALLEN ANGELS out to kill ME with their Demonic SATANIC CULT. “FAKE” Mother GOD (love has won cult) , did NOT ascend, but they LIED and said she did. YET I still SEE BETRAYAL by SO-CALLED experts, yet who STILL post the fake fallen angels – ARCHIA’S info.

I am ONE of those BEARS that you are NOT supposed to poke.

I DON’T get REVENGE, I don’t need to. I have ANCESTOR’S and ANGELS of the LIGHT. I have HEAVEN, MOTHER and FATHER GOD and THE ANGELS of KARMA !

STAYING in YOUR LANES means = DO NOT JUDGE US, watch your OWN energy, STOP PLAYING GOD and acting like PEOPLE should DO whatever YOU WANT and SAYING things that are LIES against DIVINE BEINGS. I warned the DEMONS – NOT to come at me through being EGYPTIAN or SAINT ANDREW. PUSHING SHARIA LAWS is also PLAYING GOD. Dark WItchcraft and black Majik, VODOO attacks and DEATH attempts – is ALSO “PLAYING GOD”.

THE evil ones were given their 2 WEEKS notice so I heard ? – so watch the TRUE colors of people come out.

WATCH those that FOR US, suddenly TURN on US as the EVIL ones are losing badly.

Many could NOT handle half of the shit I went through, YOU don’t have the stamina, so don’t judge. JUDGE NOT – lest YOU be JUDGED. NO ANGEL is allowed to JUDGE ME, avenging or NOT !

I don’t do EVIL, I just get accussed of it by LYING DEMONIC BEINGS and jealous souls etc

Back-off. lest you get yourself = ARRESTED for harrasment of us divine ones.

I AM NOT YOUR EMOTIONAL or FINANCIAL punching bag – get a life and STOP THE CRAP.


I am resting because I just went through 13 months of demonic attacks – 6 to 8 times a night. HOW many of you braggarts that say YOU can do a better JOB than ME handle that ? Recharghing this week. the demonic idiots keep knocking me off the internet and got on MY website to STOP me from posting updates and wiki-leaks drops. THAT is tampering with evidence and will get you ARRESTED – AT WORDPRESS.COM.

WATCH GOOGLE start being Major a-holes = blocking ME & stuff – IF they haven’t been removed already. google psionics labs were attacking the LIGHT-WORKERS etc.before, I posted it before a few times. And I read it – and they admitted it. Mother and Father God knows about it too as I told them and showed them etc.Is the lab still attacking us today ? Sorry I don’t know.

Watch how you speak about DIVINE ONES publicly, Heaven won’t stand for verbal abuse of us !

Comprehende ?




In Response To: Anna Von Reitz: “Regarding Lucifer” (hobie)

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page: ===== Wednesday, December 15, 2021 Hey, Homer…. By Anna Von Reitz “Fauci” is Sicillian for someone who makes or wields a sickle — as in the Angel of Death. Just imagine him in a black hooded robe carrying a sickle. And remember that we are dealing with a Death Cult. Also remember that the Italians were allies of the Nazis and that the SS carried a skull as its emblem, and that the Skull and Bones Society also carries a “death’s head” emblem and that pirates the world over fly the skull and crossed bones flag, and that Mystery Babylon is uniquely associated with sailors, and that the British King rules the international sea jurisdiction under the Papal scheme dividing up the spoils of the world, and also that the sea is where Satan — the “god” these people worship — was cast down. It all hangs together in one piece. The mark of the Transhuman “beast”, the Death Cult “reaping” souls, the Nazi Cult — which is merely another expression of the Mystery Babylon Cult — conjoined with the Italian members of the same cult secretively sheltering within the shell of the Roman Catholic Church, which Anthony Fauci is a member of. If you want to be convinced that this Death Cult exists, pull up the YouTube videos of the “Dead Baby” ceremony at the London Olympics, which featured many hundreds of hooded black-robed figures marching around and around a giant effigy of a dead baby in a coffin. Check out the plans to resurrect the great doorway arch of the Temple of Baalbek in various places, including London and Rome. Check out the Georgia Guidestones. Check out the Bohemian Grove Club in Northern California, where the world’s elite have gathered every summer in front of a giant iron furnace shaped like an owl — identical to the same kinds of “fiery furnaces’ used in Babylon to sacrifice the first born child of every couple, and all the unwanted babies that resulted from the practice of Temple Prostitution. Then go to Carthage, where they’ve dug up vast numbers of egg-shaped vessels containing the bones of adult victims that were roasted alive in these “pots” and see the evidence that at least some of the victims were eaten in cannibal ceremonies. The egg-shaped vessels echo the egg-shaped silver “egg” that Semiramis, the founder of the Mystery Babylon Cult, arrived in; she splashed down in the Euphrates River in this silver egg, and promptly left it to sink. This Founder of The Great Abomination— which is the Mystery Babylon Cult —- was a “beautiful woman” with rays of light coming from her head —-identical to what you see in New York Harbor as the “Statue of Liberty” —- as in “libertine”. Realize that “liberty” is not ‘freedom”. Realize that you have a Babylonian Goddess “lifting her lamp” representing the Great Abomination, standing where she should not stand, at the gateway of our country. Realize that one of the names of Semiramis is Isis and another one is —- Columbia. I kid you not, as in “District of Columbia”. And then check out the Cannibal Club and its menu in Los Angeles, and also check out the “menu” published as part of the Pizzagate investigations. More cannibalism. And what did we have in concert with the “free love” generation, but the availability of abortion — more institutionalized murder, more incremental “acceptance” of baby killing, one of the foundation practices of the Mystery Babylon Cult. And then, consider that the Municipality of Washington, DC, is in effect a separate country, just like Vatican City, or the Inner City of London, and it is absolutely full of weird symbolism — pentagrams, obelisks (stone penises), fountains in the shape of open vaginas, bundles of sticks, swastikas, acorns, owls, and more symbols of the occult. Have you got the drift here, Homer? Sacrifice of the First-born has a long, long history. It is not a pretty history. So does the sacrifice and scape-goating of innocent animals, including lambs and babies, as part of a Death Cult that once stretched from Guatemala to Switzerland to China to Northern India to North America, Ireland, and beyond. The Romans finally suppressed it and did a good job of it, but like a lie that takes on a life of its own, the evil is still there, still lurking in the darkened minds of deluded men and women who have been warped by torture and hypnotic suggestion and the use of mind-altering drugs and the opiates of ignorance, laziness, and ego. The Church did not become a “Big Deal” until it made its deal with the Devil, at the Council of Nicea. This is where Rome first fornicated with the Church and turned “her” into a whore sitting on the seven hills of Rome, drinking wine from a golden cup— just like a Communion Chalice. This is where the Sinners let “Saint” Jerome pick and choose the Canon according to his misogynist Roman mindset, and let him add “homages” written by Paul of Ephesus to the Canon as if they were written by Paul, the Apostle, and let him delete 1,100 years of history from the calendar, to make it look like less time had been spent waiting for Jesus to return. This is where they formulated their impersonation scheme to satisfy their new Roman partners, and dreamed up the whole business of calling Jesus “the Christ” — the Anointed One, instead of calling him by his actual name, so that the snide but knowing Mystery Babylon Cultists could take joy in having a secret code that only they knew, and could practice their Cult in broad daylight and with a straight face, and fool everyone into calling themselves “Christians” instead of whatever the Followers of Jesus would naturally be called. More fakery. More impersonation. More substitutions. More mirroring. More double-meanings. More code. More of what we’ve come to recognize as the modus operandi of the Death Cult. Well, we know who anointed him — Mary Magdalene. And we know what she, the High Priestess of the Babylonian Cult, anointed him as — the High Priest Sacrifice, the Anointed One, indeed.
And all these good people who accept the parables and teachings of Jesus pay no attention to his frequent admissions to his Disciples that he teaches in parables to disguise what he is saying and hide his actual meaning from the crowds. Say what? What kind of game have we landed in? A Rabbi who deliberately disguises his teachings so that people will not understand them? I can go through the Bible and identify for you two different “Gods” — the Lord of Life and Truth, and the Lord of Death and Lies — presented side by side, blow by blow, story by story, as if they were one-in-the-same. And by far, the Lord of Death takes up more pages with his venom and his actions, because, apparently, The Holy Bible, which translates as The Sun Book, is a combination of the Book of the Dead (persons) with The Book of Life (people), and it is up to us to discern between the two and take away what lessons we will. I can show you the plan for the new kingdom written as the entire Book of Matthew. I can give you the cynical translation and evil interpretation of every word, a rendition of “what the Bible says” in code, that would turn your hair green. I can take you to the Book of Isaiah and show you where the Jews in Captivity broadcast their plan to overcome their Assyrian Masters by polluting their water and denaturing their food — just exactly what the Vermin among us have been doing by adding fluoride to our water and creating GMO’s and bleaching our flour and spraying our land with incendiary metallic salts. And all for the profit for “persons” at the expense of people, too. I am here as an Avenging Angel, the one who keeps the accounts of the words and the numbers. And while it is the will of the Living God that not one should be lost, it is the will of the Evil One that not one shall survive — and what more devious or typical way for the Evil One to act, than to lie, and tell people that what they are doing to themselves will prolong their lives and the lives of others, when in fact they are volunteering to kill themselves on cue. I am full up. The bowl of my anger runs over. I am not fooled by all their protestations. I am not deceived by their excuses. I am not allowing them to blame the victims. I am not holding them guiltless. They will not only taste the poisons they have been giving to others, they will reap all that they have sown, unto their very souls. And the separation that they have created, trying to steal from the True God what belongs to him alone, will be their endless abode. In vain, they seek the darkness of their caverns. In vain, they wish to cover themselves again, but their nakedness is known. In vain, they try to avoid the words spoken here. These words will have their full recompense. This judgment issued against them will have its impact. Not all the darkness of December, and not the stopping of the tides will relieve them; no, they will be carried away like the dry leaves in autumn. And no one will mourn for their passing. —————————- See this article and over 3400 others on Anna’s website here: *************************************************************

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