X22 Report Ep. 2666a&b – Define Treason, Enemy Combatants, Big Picture, Gitmo War Court (a, 15min; b, 56min) – Jan 02 2021

I cancelled the OLD LAWS, BLACK’S LAWS, LAWS of the SEA/LAND etc. and DRACONIAN one-sided LAWS well over 8 years ago as I was told to. YOU can use the old LAWS or your Constitional LAWS or the BILL of RIGHTS laws, IF you have to to take them down. . However WE are under “DO NO HARM” so YOU can SUE the living crap out of these fake corporations, Government Inc’s etc..

Common-law Courts were supposed to be set-up for CRIMES against HUmanity. Other Courts are handling these crimes at the moment etc. DO NOT PANIC. HEAVEN/GOD sees everything. THE NEW common-laws will have to BE THE SAME for every country to make it fair across the planet. Same as legalizing Marijuana, will have to be LEGAL in all Countries etc. I leave it up to HEAVEN to slide President D Trump the new Laws etc. Can’t say much as I always get knocked off the internet. They are trying to take away all internet from the unvaccinated in CANADA, TRUDEAU is right INSANE and completley UNFIT to rule over HUMAN-KIND. PEOPLE KIND TRUDEAU -reptilian CLONES # 4,5 AND 6 – has to go pronto. He is slowing us down, like the other satanic evil DEMON RATS are also.

YOU MUST STOP TURDEAU from FORCE VACCINATING our CHILDREN. HE was FIRED by ME well over 8 years ago, ALL the CABAL evil SOULS – were FIRED by ME. SOME of these idiots REFUSE to LISTEN to GOD, when I speak for him and HEAVEN etc. ARE ARROGANT as HELL and EVIL NIMROD, the reptilian BRAIN WORM, that some said is inside JUSTIN TRUDEAU. YOU are FIRED, FIRED, FIRED, STAND-DOWN = SATAN’S BITCH as your LAWS are CANCELLED and YOU HAVE – NO RIGHTS to make any NEW LAWS or MANDATES etc. THEY are false, and FAKE LAWS – just LIKE YOU TRUDEAU = FAKE HUMAN – = PEOPLE KIND clone from HELL !


X22 Report Ep. 2666a&b – Define Treason, Enemy Combatants, Big Picture, Gitmo War Court (a, 15min; b, 56min)

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 2-Jan-2022 20:02:20

Financial Report
Ep. 2666a – [CB] Fiat Currencies Doomed, People’s Currency Coming Into Play (15 min) The [CB] fiat currency time has come to an end. The people are starting to realize with inflation that there is something wrong and now financial pundits are speaking out for Crypto. Bitcoin did better than gold and the market. https://rumble.com/vrtqgn-ep.-2666a-cb-fiat-currencies-doomed-peoples-currency-coming-into-play.html?mref=9ceev&mc=ewucg
https://rumble.com/embed/vp7kcr/?pub=9ceev ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Political/Geopolitical Report
Ep. 2666b – Define Treason, Enemy Combatants, Big Picture, Gitmo War Court (56 min) The [DS] players know that Trump just didn’t walk away, they know there is a plan and this is why they are pushing everything they have, but in the process they have exposed their true agenda and the people can see this very clearly. The pandemic narrative is all over the place because the people are not believing and beginning to question it all. If the PCR test doesn’t work why are they pushing it to create fear. Right on schedule the flu is making a come back and now they are prepared to give both jabs. Gitmo is now building a war court, this was approved before the resident took office. This is war and since we are at war and the military knows we are at war who is really in control. https://rumble.com/vrtqop-ep.-2666b-define-treason-enemy-combatants-big-picture-gitmo-war-court.html?mref=9ceev&mc=ewucg

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