HUGE: Rule Massively Financially Incentivizing Hospitals To Poison & Kill COVID Patients Found . . . Save & Share Aggressively

HUGE: Rule Massively Financially Incentivizing Hospitals To Poison & Kill COVID Patients Found . . . Save & Share Aggressively

Posted By: SpaceCommando [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 2-Jan-2022 12:05:58

Posted on – December 23, 2021 Once again, a private person using simple web searching skills and the ability to read and comprehend simple English has blown the lid off of YET ANOTHER facet of the Covidic Genocide. Via Nurse Claire, this is a twitter thread of a lady who has just a few hundred followers, so I’m going to copy-paste the text of her thread here to safeguard against censorship. She has found the rule directly financially incentivizing doctors and hospitals to withhold treatment and actively poison and murder Covid patients. If you’re wondering why hospitals are in lock-step in their murderous “treatment protocols”, it is because the psychopaths in charge are after one thing: MONEY. And the beta-narcissists under them follow along in order to maintain their career tracks and incomes. But the thing these people all have in common is a total lack of human empathy and complete absence of conscience. Human beings are nothing more than meat bags to be turned into cash flow by any means necessary, including conscious, premeditated murder, as you will see below. It will be VERY interesting to see if the new “Pfizermectin” drug – a drug which has the same mode of action as Ivermectin, except with less efficacy AND is paired with a drug from the HIV cocktail which destroys the liver, will be added into this same scam. It will also be VERY interesting to see how the “Pfizermectin” will be priced and billed. Ivermectin is off-patent and costs pennies per dose. How much do you want to bet that the “Pfizermectin” in billed in the four-figures? And do you know the worst thing? Due to the market-poisoning effect of health insurance, most people today when given a choice between a drug that costs pennies per dose that is safer and more effective, and a drug that is billed in the four-figures with lower efficacy and terrible side effects will take the MORE EXPENSIVE DRUG just because people operate on the premise that if a drug is more expensive, that it MUST be “better”. And besides, who cares? It gets billed to the insurance or to the government, so TOTALLY go with the more expensive “better” drug. It is a textbook example of an inverted price curve – aka “conspicuous consumption”. NonVeni Mark is all over this. If you aren’t checking NonVeniPacem blog daily . . . . . . you’re missing out. Remember, it was NonVeni Mark who essentially broke into the blogosphere the story that all attempted Coronavirus vaccines were poisonous and resulted in Antibody Dependent Enhancement and turned simple colds lethal when encountered post-vaccination. Here’s that link – check the date, folks – July 24, 2020: Now, here is the thread from @NC_updipchick. Stick with me, I promise it’ll be worth it: On Wednesday @RMConservativehad Dr. Paul Marik on his podcast to talk about Dr. Marik’s lawsuit against his employer, Sentara Healthcare. Basically, Sentara has told Dr. Marik that he is no longer permitted to treat patients With the MATH+ Protocol that he (along with hundreds of other doctors) has adopted to treat hospitalized COVID patients. In the course of the interview Dr. Marik mentioned that none of the cheaper drugs in his protocol came with a “bonus” so they weren’t appealing to the hospital. Naturally, this “bonus” caught my attention. Why would any COVID treatment be accompanied with a bonus? Sounds pretty unethical, right? So I asked Uncle Google and sure enough, I come across an article saying that hospitals can receive an extra 20% bonus for using remdesivir to treat COVID patients. Now I know that a 10 day cycle of remdesivir costs $3000 so I wasn’t too impressed with that $600 bonus. Not saying $600 is nothing, but it’s certainly not anything I’d be willing to go to court over. But then I kept reading. Here’s where it gets good . . . [SNIP]


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