Kat Update: President Trump in Arizona, The Storm is Upon us, and NESARA/GESARA Announced

Kat Update: President Trump in Arizona, The Storm is Upon us, and NESARA/GESARA Announced

Sunday, 16 January 2022, 4:23 AM 258

Operation Disclosure | By Kat, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 16, 2022

WOW!! President Trump sure delivered fireworks tonight in Arizona.

However, actually, most, including me, don’t think it WAS President Trump, but it was his body-double. More on that in a minute.

The thrilling news is, very clearly written in the crawl underneath ‘President’ Trump was “NESARA GESARA”.

Since Q is directing this movie, we can assume that was the way the White Hats decided to officially declare NESARA GESARA to the world.



1-15-22 Posted by Matthew Bissanti, anonup

Utsava, [1/15/2022 11:44 PM]
“President Trump held a speech in Arizona tonight. I think that everyone can see that it is NOT President Trump but a double. It is understandable that Trump is well protected. A lot of people have noticed on TV that on the screen it showed up ‘Nesara-Gesara’. This was the White hat’s way of announcing it. I have stated a while back that they decided to announce Nesara, and this was their version of doing so.”

Talk on the rally was about 55,000 people which referred to a Q post mentioning 55, which means ‘the storm is upon us’. This means Martial law, EBS-It’s happening!

I have also stated that an important time frame will be between January 15-18.

We have the National Guard activated in 48 states.

We are looking at switching to the Starlink Internet on January 18.

MATTHEW Bissanti @markerdragon


I pulled these images from Phil Godlewski’s Telegram page:


So yes we can all agree — that was not President Trump.

Over the years we’ve seen many body-doubles of POTUS. One day he’s thin, another he’s tubby. One day he’s younger, then he’s older. He’s CGI’d a lot & maybe even cloned, but I don’t know so I can’t say. But I do know we NEVER know where President Trump is. 

He could be off-planet much of the time as there have been, reportedly, more than 50 attempts by deep state demons on his life, including by Nancy Pelosi, who attempted to poison him with a handshake just before he was to deliver a State of The Union Address. 

May God continue to bless & protect President Trump & his family.

Here is the NESARA GESARA announcement underneath the ‘President.’

And here is the Twitter announcement:

Here is verification that the Tweet did indeed come from President Trump, who, as everybody knows, was kicked off Twitter in January, 2021:

Here is a Telegram post from WhipLash347. It should be noted that POTUS’ Tweet, “The Storm Is Upon Us,” was taken down from Twitter but not before WhipLash grabbed it.

Given the White Hats used a POTUS body-double tonight & given the intensity of the times, I’m inclined to agree with WhipLash regarding Q64. I hope EVERYONE IS PREPARED for the EBS.

There were two other things of note from this evening.

The first is that Dan Scavino posted a video of American Flags flapping in the wind & THE FLAGS DIDN’T HAVE GOLD FRINGE. That signifies that The Republic Has Been Restored. So exciting.


There were many remarks of note in the President’s speech. Here are a few I could grab:

Is that OK if I call it the China virus?

Our country is going to hell.

This is the moment the American people must take their lives
& their future back.

Leave our children alone with their strong immune system.

Their unending procession of witch hunts.
I’m a professional witch hunter.

We have more people than they do,
but they have politics & they have cheating.

Nancy wants to move to Florida
I don’t want her in Florida.
They ruined California
now she wants to move to Florida

They know that the American people are actually against them..
They can’t win without doing very bad things..

That’s the cabal that’s got a hold of him [Biden.]

“Our country is going to be bigger & better & stronger than ever before. We are going to stage a comeback, the likes of which nobody has ever seen.” 

Regarding that first line, I was reminded of something Juan O Savin said last September 2021:

“Is that OK if I call it the China virus?”
President D.J. Trump, Florence, AZ 1-15-22

Juan O Savin
“President Trump has been very clear all along
that we’re going to be going after 
$10 trillion dollars or more in damages 
against China for their mischief
& ANYBODY ELSE that was involved 
with messing with our vote here in America.
For messing with us on the shot stuff.
Did somebody attack us with a biological weapon?
President Trump has called it the ‘China virus’
& we’re going to go get damages.
Is it $10 trillion for the biological warfare.
Another $10 trillion for the vote warfare.
Another $10 trillion for the trade/economic/currency warfare.
We’re going to seek reparations.
Reparations are something you demand
as retribution repayment for the cost of war.
We are at war. 
This is a wartime condition.”


Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness & Abundance unceasing,

This is Kat, over & out



# The Best Is Yet To Come



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