Antarctica & the Liberation of Humanity (VIDEOS)

Antarctica & the Liberation of Humanity (VIDEOS)

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Sunday, 16-Jan-2022 15:15:09

SNIP Our True History Cover-up
Operation Paperclip In that talk, Brad Olsen continues disclosing the truth about other operations and how World War II really ended. 41:39 – Brad Olsen reveals that Operation Paperclip [as it’s called by the intelligence agencies] involved extracting Nazi scientists and spy chiefs who were brought to the U.S.. According to Olsen, they helped set up the CIA; namely, Reinhard Galen… and Werner Van Braun who supposedly sent a man to moon. Not only did the American government bring over their scientists and spies, but also their [Nazi] psychiatrists “who started MK Ultra, MK Naomi.” The MK stands for Mind Control. It’s spelled with a K as in German (Brad Olsen, 42:29 minute mark).
After the Failure of Operation Highjump According to Dr. Salla, the German scientists who were recruited as a part of Operation Paperclip not only assisted U.S. scientists in understanding the advanced rocketry used by Nazi Germany, but they were also used as intermediaries in the secret negotiations with the Nazi German Antarctica colony (Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs, p. 105).
Secret Underground Bases shows an entrance to a possible underground base on King George Island in Antarctica. Watch in the following video: SNIP

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