YES, I am pissed too, on WHAT [[[THEY]]] are doing to General Flynn. So I posted WHAT they were saying earlier so HEAVEN could have a copy of it. Keep going world patriots, it ends soon.

All false so called Patriots that are really CIA AGENTS on the dark side out for the money. Now I am NOT knocking any good-guy CIA TYPES, JUST THE CABAL ONES that are fake as f**k, like TURDEAU. WHOM is on the RUN, LITERALLY like SATAN’S little BITCH HE IS, A REPTILIAN. SO ARE MOST YOUR G2O and G7 LEADERS – LIKE JACKCINDA CIA AGENT RUNNING NEW ZEALAND. THAT’S A MAN, BABY. THE TRANNY CIA AGENDA, of DO EVIL and then SWITCH GENDERS and hide-out in SOCIETY. LIKE THE TRANNY BITCH – MANCHELLE barack obummers man bitch. Nothing against transgenders, just crooked SATANIC = CIA BITCH ONES



Posted By: jensingr
Date: Saturday, 29-Jan-2022 17:05:40

I think this is important so I am posting a response to Reader “ANON” who submitted a post regarding General Flynn relating to the video with Mike Jaco and Nino. HERE ARE BOTH POSTS: MY RESPONSE – The CLOWNS want to destroy FLYNN… THEY ARE AT WORK TO DESTROY FLYNN BECAUSE HE KNOWS WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED!!

All I can say is be careful who you follow! CirstenW infiltrated the “movement”! The “Clowns” got her either way, whether she is still alive or not. Jaco is ex CIA, YET as a so called “PATRIOT” his main concern is to expose General Flynn, a three star General who was degraded for years and went broke because of a supposed plan he was in on and then later his plan was to make himself rich off the Q movement for which the mainstream cult continually attacks and ridicules!! Do the math! If General Flynn decides to call QAnon a psyop it is because QAnon does not exist. There is only Q and Anons….that’s it!! Anons highly respect General Flynn. Whatever Flynn said to the metaphysies at an event was just to “fit in”. There may be seven rays of light but I know he is a Christian. Two major Patriots are Flynn and Lin Wood….hmmmm. What better way to bring them both down than to get them at each other… and BTW – PHONE CALLS CAN BE EDITED AND MANIPULATED!!
______________________________________________________________ : From reader anon: ~~~~~~~~~~~~
: THIS IS A PSYOP—if U WANT to know HOW–look up the
: difference between the words RELIGION and METAPHYSICS. What
: i heard Flynn speak of was METAPHYSICS, NOT RELIGION. Where
: he was speaking was in a area FULL of new age
: metaphysicians–and many followers of Simon Parkes AND
: subsets of spiritual metaphysics–followers of Elizabeth
: Claire Prophet, and gurus like her. Metaphysics and
: Religion are NOT THE SAME THING. IF you want to know what
: people do who are running psyops-look at all the hypnotic
: inductions thru language-being used in this
: FAMOUS for creating selling and USING this tech…use of
: language to confuse, create doubt, to instigate trans
: derivational search (going inside memory banks to try to
: make sense of what was just said)-during which time one is
: hypersuggestible-and then at that point spewing out a bunch
: of projections-gaslighting-all or never–they always–kinds
: of baloney. CLOWNS helped it and own it and sell it-AND
: THAT IMO is what is going on here and they picked an easy
: mark who just is VULNERABLE…not bad intended himself.

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