It Appears That Demons Possess The Soul Of PFIZER CEO Albert Bourla – FEB 01 2022

It Appears That Demons Possess The Soul Of PFIZER CEO Albert Bourla

Posted By: oldmaninthedesert [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 31-Jan-2022 23:57:19

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla hides a centuries-old family heritage interlocked with British Zionism and the Pilgrims Society new world order scheme.
His real name is Israel-Abraham Burla, according to The Times of Israel (Jan 27,2022)The Sephardic rabbinical Burla family has been near royalty in Palestine since the 1700s. They conspired with the bankers Rothschild, Churchills and the Board of Deputies of British Jews in the mid-1800s to make Israel a British colony masquerading as a Jewish state. Zionism was a wholly British creation. The Burla rabbis had often written romantically about a re-formed Zion (Eretz Israel), so the British Rothschilds funded projects of all kinds in Palestine with the proviso that the British were in charge, and the Rothschilds could commercialize the business opportunities that emerged as payback. The Burla rabbis in Jerusalem did not hide their eagerness to say “yes, yes, yes” to the Churchill-Montefiore (Rothschild) pretext letters starting on June 14, 1841.

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