TUCKER CARLSON – “Trudeau biological son of Castro” JIG IS UP! – FEB 01 2022

TRUDEAU was killed in 2015, replaced with a “REPLACED with a REPTILIAN CLONE” WHICH IS why the SATANISTS keep using JUSTINE to destroy the west. He is a COMPULSIVE LIAR, A KILLER, ESPECIALLY WOMEN and CHILDREN who tell THE TRUTH about SATAN’S MINIONS.

WHOM is STILL ROBBING ME of certain GOVERNMENT BENEFITS that they owe me @ $4,000. not to mention the MILLIONS and up – the cabal owes me for killing me & family and stealing our wealth etc. every time I came here to anchor the LIGHT with other ascended Masters whom went through the same things on this planet. THEY OWE US and HUMANITY = immense amounts of monies etc, and they don’t want to pay us. They want to continue the theft of our money and our divine energies to stay in power. Even though ALL of the CABAL was fired by ME as per GOD’S WILL !

ALL will be held accountable FOR THEIR “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.” DICTATORS will die out as HUMANITY STANDS UP to those EVIL ONES who keep trying to take away their power. And the MILITARIES across the planet will continue the arrests of the EVIL CABAL/DEEPSTATE players as it is the only way to remove these control freaks from hell. STAY PATIENT as the best is yet to come. HUMANITY will inherit the EARTH with PROSPERITY for all once the SCUMBAGS are gone


TUCKER CARLSON – “Trudeau biological son of Castro” JIG IS UP!

Posted By: jensingr
Date: Tuesday, 1-Feb-2022 18:49:16

TUCKER: “Over the span of just a few years, Trudeau has turned a nation long famous for Molson and sled dogs and niceness into a relentlessly punitive surveillance state.” ————————————————————– Because of this fascist takeover, Tucker Carlson alludes to the fact that it is becoming easy to believe the people that have long whispered that Trudeau IS the biological son of Fidel Castro. https://rumble.com/embed/vr59st/?pub=4 https://rumble.com/vtrfwf-tucker-carlson-blasts-canadian-prime-minister-justin-trudeau-for-his-covid-.html

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