Ground Crew – Straight from the Heart with Valerie Donner ~ February 2, 2022

Ground Crew – Straight from the Heart with Valerie Donner ~ February 2, 2022

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Thursday, 3-Feb-2022 00:53:51

Received via email – Lymerick Valerie Donner
“Your Work, Love, Light and Prayers are making a profound difference on the Earth at this time!” ~ Valerie Donner The Ground Crew Straight from the Heart
February 2, 2022 Dear Ground Crew: Here is the latest from Apollo on January 20, 2022:
“The rules to the game have changed. The old rulers are gone so the creation of the new planet is going to be up to you. Their minions are being called out and removed for their evil ways. They’re in for some surprises. The ground crew is stepping into greater service. You will claim this very soon. You will be activated and reminded of your work as the light pours into you. These exciting energies are in the air. What you are like today will be different tomorrow and every day thereafter. You are a part of the stars that is becoming one with the light again. Open your hearts to humanity because this is needed. You will see that everyone needs some kind of help and human touch. Let the alchemy and magic begin. We are with you and know that together we are a big part of the change.” How’s January been for you, ground crew? It has been very challenging for many of us these past couple of weeks. Lee Harris, who does the Lee Harris Energy Report monthly, mentioned in the middle of January that it would be good if we could take a sabbatical the last two weeks of January. Whether some of us wanted to, or not, we were forced into the position of having to rest and sleep a lot to care for ourselves with all the waves of light. Here’s a few of the things you might have been feeling: fatigue, dizziness, out of your body, questioning your sanity, wondering where you were, physical discomfort, out of sorts, questioning everything and everyone, shattered by the truth, more sensitive and emotional, trouble sleeping, wanting to sleep more because you don’t like the energies, disappointed, confused, tired of lies and liars, loss of time, ungrounded, anxiety, excited, optimistic, doing lots of processing, heart openings, extremely fed up with 3-D, and ready for the new Earth. Some are even feeling like this is a dark night of the soul. In some ways, and for many, I’m sure that’s what is occurring. This just came from a friend on Facebook and I’m sorry I don’t know who wrote it: A Tsunami of Light
Greetings. A Tsunami of Light is approaching. Many people have dreamed of the arrival of a tsunami but what’s coming is a Tsunami of Light. At this point many people feel very exhausted and have no energy. This is what happens when a Tsunami of Light comes. Energy withdraws as the tsunami approaches. We are getting ready to receive on the planet the most intense and powerful waves of light codes in the universe. There will be big changes as the waves of light enter. Wave frequencies will trigger awakening for the next six months. It’s going to be amazing. Are you ready? The light is impacting us as it’s requiring some of us to have more alone time. A healer friend of mine said that our endocrine system (chakra system) is working 100% more than usual. We are picking up on a lot of different energies and are more sensitive. Recently, I experienced more sensitivity to the vegetables and fruit at the farmers market and at the grocery store. I feel that the plants are feeling the light too, along with all of nature. The light is leading the way. This is the Great Awakening. The light is reaching everyone on the planet. It is also bringing forth global heart openings. In order to live in the fifth dimension and higher we will need to have open hearts. This is part of the process. When one heart opens others begin to open. Please watch this short YouTube video written by Jack Sturgeon in 2016 and narrated by Sophia Love. Jack is an engineer (chemical/ biomedical). He says” I’m working for my advanced degree in ‘Humanness’ and expect my degree at the Event.” It is about the Morphic Resonance Field as constructed by Rupert Sheldrake and Carl G. Young. It is beautifully explained and depicted in this video. The narration is about 15 minutes. Here is the link: There is much going on right now that supports this Morphic Resonance Field Theory. It is amazing. We have the Truckers Caravan in Canada, where 100,000 truckers convened on the Parliament asking for Trudeau to resign, or to remove all of the mandates related to the COVID. These brave ones are inspiring this movement in many other countries. People are taking back their power and that is what we need to do in order to never let something like this ever happen again on this planet. This information is not the mentioned in the mainstream media. No matter how you feel about the topic, in a free society people should have choice. Other countries, like the UK, are working in their communities to remove the vaccines completely.

The People Have Risen
By Valerie Donner The people have risen.
They are waking up.
It comes in the form
Of a big rig truck. It’s God on wheels
That provides for our needs.
They are brave and strong
Doing good deeds. Now people are seeing
What can be done
When we come together
And act as one. Canada is the country
That started at all.
With the fury of truth
The dark ones will fall. There is no more reason
To be living the old way.
It’s time to wake up
And have our say. We’re taking our power back
Rig by rig.
This is a huge awakening
That is ever so big. Onward they drive
The truth into our hearts.
Together we stand.
Let’s do our part. We’re reclaiming our power
To our human rights,
Taking back our power
To live in the light. The people have risen
Just wait and see.
It’s a big call
For liberty.
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