False Slander on Freedom Convoy 2022 Explained


False Slander on Freedom Convoy 2022 Explained

7,466 viewsFeb 5, 20226.1KDislikeShareSaveET Transport 66.6K subscribersThe corporate media has been spreading the narrative that this is a white nationalist movement attempting to pass off a protest about freedom as a white nationalist movement, and unfortunately, in the court of public opinion, you’re guilty until proven innocent. In this video, Liam goes through each one of the claims about nazism, stifling of aboriginal voices, stealing from the homeless and defamation of statues, to see whether or not these are valid representations of the movement. Canadians for Clean Water https://www.gofundme.com/f/canadians-…

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BREAKING: Convoy rolls into TORONTO!

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USA, Australia and MORE join the Freedom Convoy movement!

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Not just big cities, small towns and villages support Freedom Convoy too

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GoFundMe shut down the fundraiser: Here’s how to help!

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Alberta convoy update and more

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Ottawa police considering military intervention

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Freedom is the greater good!

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BREAKING: From the ground at the Alberta border

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