Canadian Police Committing War Crimes in violation of GENEVA CONVENTION, CIVILIAN PERSONS – Feb 07 2022

Canadian Police Committing War Crimes in violation of GENEVA CONVENTION, CIVILIAN PERSONS #IrnieNews

114,241 viewsPremiered Feb 7, 202213KDislikeShareSaveMarcel Irnie 112K subscribersThese Canadian police officers are committing War Crimes in violation of GENEVA CONVENTION relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war August 12, 1949, Article 30 — Application To Protecting Powers And Relief Organizations, Paragraph 1.… The Truckers and other members of the public are “Protected Persons” under Article 30, and have the “absolute right” to “protest” inter alia and receive “material relief” from “any organization that might assist them.” Moreover, the Canadian police force has an affirmative duty such that the “Detaining or Occupying Powers [the Canadian police force] shall facilitate as much as possible visits to protected persons by the representatives of other organizations whose object is to give spiritual aid or material relief to such persons.” Therefore, the Canadian police officers are committing War Crimes against Protected Persons under the Geneva Convention 4, Article 30, Paragraph 1, 1. Principle by seizing fuel from Protected Persons. The Canadian police are advised to immediately Cease and Desist such War Crimes. The Protected Persons are advised to remain peaceful; record the names and images of anyone potentially committing War Crimes; and, request assistance from “Protecting Powers,” namely, the Global Military Alliance. RIGHT OF COMMUNICATION, 1. PRINCIPLE, p. 214. Geneva Conventions commentary article 30 right of communication 1 principle. THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS OF 12 AUGUST 1949 COMMENTARY, Jean S. PICTET, pp. 213-215.…


Freedom Convoy Ottawa Police Targeted Harassment. Feb.7, 2022 | IrnieracingNews

200,928 viewsPremiered 18 hours ago15KDislikeShareSaveMarcel Irnie 112K subscribersFreedom Fighters running Canadian Flags are being target harassed by Ottawa Police. February 7, 2020 #irnieracingNews#freedomconvoy#policeharassment#policetargetharassment Support Irnieracing News uncensored! Paypal: Etransfer: AMSOIL Dealer: Patreon: IG: Telegram Group: Apparel: BACKUP YT Channel: – Marcel Irnie travelling track to track to teach Rider Training and Race Motorcycles. Roaming with a 2009 Duramax LMM dually, carrying a 06′ Northern Lite 10.2, pulling a 16′ race trailer with BMW S1000RR Merlin, Ninja 400 Motoko, KTM 300xc TPI Acme Moto and a Polaris RS1 named RYzen. Learn how to ride Faster/Safer with Marcel Irnie’s Online RiderTraining Program. Rider Training Testimonials:… Inquire about Sponsorship, RiderTraining, Kelowna Tours, AMSOIL Synthetics, Schuberth Helmets, Irnieracing Gloves and Parts contact


“Offense to beep your horn” Ottawa Police Jones Arrests Old Man | #IrnieracingNews

102,208 viewsPremiered Feb 7, 20229.5KDislikeShareSaveMarcel Irnie 112K subscribersPolice Jones 0192 Arrests Old Man for honking his horn in Ottawa today. February 7, 2022. Judge grants interim injunction against loud honking at Ottawa protest. An Ontario judge has granted a 10-day injunction to prevent protesting truckers in downtown Ottawa from honking their horns incessantly as the national capital’s mayor asked for a near doubling of his police force. #irnieracingnews#freedomconvoy#policeharassment

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