February 9, 2022: The Sit-Rep from Canada and Global War News [videos]


February 9, 2022: The Sit-Rep from Canada and Global War News [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

13-16 minutes

Here is the current press conference from the Truckers Freedom Convoy for February 9, 2022.

Freedom Convoy press conference https://t.co/Fo1C4WAEuS

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) February 9, 2022

Is that Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre on the sofa in that press conference? Oh—whew, it’s Keith the counsel for the group.

I was saying, is this a non-partisan Trucker Convoy or…? So would we believe that suddenly the Conservatives are the answer in Canada—after selling us out all these years? More commentary on that later. I wouldn’t want to see another “out of the frying pan, into the fire” moment after so many have risked so much. There is no shortage of psyops, folks and it’s a lot harder to get someone out of office than to get them in.

I’m also watching these people who are pushing Bitcoin and crypto currency. Wendy Rogers put a bill forward about Bitcoin, too. I don’t have a comfort level with crypto at all.

Keep your wits about you and remember how heavy those chains are.

Back to the intended opening remarks…

There is good reason for the strategy the Earth Alliance adopted to inform the awakened community of the current war on our planet. They need our participation. ONGOING participation. They need our eyes watching and our ears listening. They need us to literally, “stand on guard for thee”, as the Canadian national anthem states.

They need us to graduate, if possible, from keyboard warriors to boots on the ground citizen journalists and NWO police. They need our voices raised in unison to identify problem areas and problem people so they can be cleaned out. They need citizen infantry to fight in the trenches, ever-watchful, because we are indeed under siege.

They need us to stop falling for pretzel logic the controlling faction spews. It’s nonsensical.

Trudeau actually said, “I can understand frustrations with mandates, but mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions.” …….Huh????

— Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs) February 9, 2022

Donald Trump and Q Military Intelligence put us through boot camp. They armed us to protect ourselves, each other, and our nation—wherever we may call home. They showed us what the enemy looks like and where they lie in ambush. They need us to change the way we see our world, to adapt our way of living to embrace the changes that will set us free, and invite us to play a role in the shaping of history.

Famous last words?

“They will never surrender.”

Ok everybody the WEF have been planning this shit show for a long time and have trillions of $$$ invested. If you think they are just going to surrender you’re in for a rude awakening. We got a long way to go to get to Freedom. Stay focused and keep doing what your doing.

— Theo Fleury (@TheoFleury14) February 9, 2022

Having said that… this is the perfect introduction to what is happening in Canada. The Canadian truckers, farmers, protestors, and patriots aren’t backing down. Get too close for too long and we’ll peck your eyes out. You’ve been warned.

Cows trying to scare Canada goose pic.twitter.com/zHxqHk87MA

— 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐚𝐛𝐮𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐖𝐞𝐢𝐫𝐝 𝐓𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫s (@FabulousWeird) December 3, 2017

In fact, this may be the greatest troll of the NWO in history. They hate it when we laugh at them.

It’s the gas can brigade. Wish I had stock in that company. You can only do this when you have the numbers, and we now have them.

So good. https://t.co/0mGbHy2y93

— Dr Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) February 9, 2022

It’s working, my friends. We now have the numbers to trample the satanic, malevolent “El-ites” and their web of evil. The axis of power is shifting. Are we ready to take the reins?

Everyone is forced to pick a lane now. We hear many of the Ottawa police are calling in “sick” because they refuse to participate in arresting their peers. Some higher ranking members have even resigned. That’s their stance. That’s how strongly they feel.

This is the hill the truckers, some police, towing outfits, and others chose to die on—and if the majority of Humanity fails to adopt that mindset, we could lose the war. How far are we willing to go outside our comfort zone?

Ottawa’s city manager says tow-truck companies on contract with the city are refusing to move the big rigs that have gridlocked downtown for a second week in a row. https://t.co/aMkTu1m2YN

— CityNews Toronto (@CityNewsTO) February 8, 2022

And as someone remarked on Telegram recently… “don’t think the truckers don’t know about the tunnels and Human trafficking”. This is a planet-wide war for our very survival.

The “negotiations” will take place with the truckers and a federal representative today. Yesterday they said “prepare” to come to Ottawa—but hold off. Not today, we’ll see how this goes but think about it. The call may go out to “get here if you can”.

Freedom Convoy 2022 organizers are having a press conference at 1 pm in a guest room at the Sheraton hotel. Once again, they are refusing to allow CTV News to attend and ask questions. pic.twitter.com/EqXi6PqFWx

— Glen McGregor (@glen_mcgregor) February 9, 2022

This trucker has a few words of caution for those still stuck in the party system model and might fall for the acting of the silver-tongued devils. Link to Telegram. We have to ignore the party labels and look at not only the words spoken today, but past performance. We must consider motive and use logic. Trust no one unless they have earned it.

The GiveSendGo fund for adopt a trucker is at $636,088 Cdn. The Freedom Convoy fund to replace the funds stolen by Go Fu__Me is at $7,648,828. You can donate at https://givesendgo.com/

Will the Canadian seaboard initiative take hold? We’ll see, but if the water response from the patriots these past few years with their Trump flotillas is any indication, we might see it. Boating in February in Eastern Canada is no picnic, but it wouldn’t matter, I don’t think, when people reach their precipice.

This is how far the enemy will go to prevent the patriots from occupying Ottawa. It’s okay, across the bridge in Hull I believe they will accommodate.

Fully booked hotels in Ottawa pic.twitter.com/XYPwzscXDq

— SHIMJELLY Jim (@shimjelly) February 9, 2022

Not all cities respond as Ottawa has done, but the corruption and betrayal is evident. The Polish pastor Artur Pawlowski has been arrested again in Calgary on charges he was about to go to Milk River in support of the trucker freedom convoy. So now we can be arrested for something we plan to do, or thought about doing, but haven’t done? In Canada??? We can be arrested for planning to voice our opinion and support for a group that wants freedom and sovereignty to return to Canadians?

It’s too bad they didn’t arrest the ANTIFA member for planning to run over protestors in Winnipeg, Manitoba before he injured four people with his SUV.

However, the patriots’ efforts are working—despite the claims it’s about “science”. That reasoning would have been appropriate two years ago—not now. Partial capitulation is not acceptable and we demand a complete end to any Covid mandates, restrictions, or guidelines.

Gullible, fearful people who forgot they have an immune system can wear a mask, social distance, and hide in their homes if they choose. We can all choose—just as we always did before the biggest hoax in Human history replace common sense with fear.

BREAKING REPORT: Alberta Canada Premier ENDS COVID VACCINE PASSPORT SYSTEM – Effective Tonight at Midnight…

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) February 9, 2022

Oh, really? Things change fast.

I’m calling on @JustinTrudeau to get rid of federal travel restrictions, including:

📌 72-hour pre-departure testing

arrivals testing and isolation; and

quarantining for kids under 5.

These ineffective mandates have to go.

WATCH pic.twitter.com/RegP1pH9gt

— Jason Kenney (@jkenney) February 9, 2022

Alberta school boards will not be able to mandate masking: Education Ministerhttps://t.co/LwvIgNhd3z

— CTV Edmonton (@ctvedmonton) February 9, 2022

In the United States the jack-booted thugs in the police force are just as bad as their dispassionate counterparts north of the 49th. They are going after whistleblowers who exposed election fraud.

Colorado Election Clerk Tina Peters Who Refused to Break the Law and Delete 2020 Data from Her County’s Voting Machines Arrested on BS Charges

The lines between patriot and opponent are blurred in many cases as the media puts out the enemy’s propaganda and the NWO minions infiltrate everything in the form of RINOs in America, and fake patriots all over. ANTIFA and BLM, try to do their part… it’s a jungle out there.

Some believe Romana Didulo is a fake patriot and key marketing manager for the Canada First Party—which is really the Liberal Party. The crew did some digging and says that donations to the Canada First Party are linked back to the Liberal Party. Is that what they are saying?

All Canadians with taxable income receive generous tax credits when they donate to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Very interesting. Perhaps the theft of the convoy’s RV was staged, then? I wonder. They found the culprit advertising his intent on social media immediately. Too easy?

I have wondered if the Romana Didulo thing is a test to see how gullible and easily led we are; how willing to trust without researching if someone says all the right words—like the traditional politicians have done. I think Romana is gutsy to do what she’s doing—especially burning the flag—but she’s too fringe to get a large enough following to sway an election—at least at this point. Look how long it took Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada to get traction. We’ll see what happens and who is who.

In the coming days, more people are going to realize that “14 days to flatten the curve” was bait, and just getting the foot in the door. After that the fear and the high death tolls the psychopaths generated was enough to get the world to comply.

That was over two years ago. TWO YEARS of our lives stolen because of a lie. It’s preposterous and no one would listen when we tried to tell them so we were all swept along as one on the tide of terror to arrive here on this beach where the final battle will unfold.

Either we will rise from the waves victorious, or the sun will set on the Human race. We have help to do this, but we must cast the apathy aside and fight alongside our brothers and sisters the world over—doing whatever we can to support our cause.

The wizards have used spells and trickery for a very long time to deceive us and it’s time we grew up and realized we have been prey. The guardians have exposed the enemy and if we continue to live under their thumb and their iron fist we have no one to blame but ourselves.

It’s time we got up off our knees and took them on—head on. No, they will not surrender. That is not an option we can consider. It will be a fight to the death. We have lost many already but we far outnumber them and their strength and influence is an illusion and they’re dropping like flies.

Arrests and resignations are visible. Much is not. They are falling like dominoes.

The Irish government needs addressing and the plea went out to the People so they would prevent a lapse in power. Similar measures should take place in other countries, as constitution and laws apply.

This suggests the probable direction of many corrupted governments and their thrust for total control. Don’t trust them and do not rest until they have been removed in totality. Link to Telegram for video concerning the Irish government.

Here in Arizona, the election fraud must still be addressed.

Do it! pic.twitter.com/qynMFMaDz0

— Kari Lake for AZ Governor (@KariLake) February 9, 2022

It’s a tug-of-war with many contests in play.

Rep. Chip Roy of Texas introduced a bill that would reinstate troops who were fired for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. https://t.co/dWIXWeDWPG

— Newsmax (@newsmax) February 9, 2022

The traitors will continue to toy with us. We’ll see how parents respond to this outrageous half-concession. Read more here.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced she will allow the state’s indoor mask mandate to expire, barring some places such as schools. The mask requirement for indoor businesses expires on Feb. 10th.

In Ontario Canada, however, they have dug in their heels. Utter tyranny. Lock them up!

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott just said: “We have no plans to currently drop the vaccine passport or masking.”

She said the mask mandate will be in place “for some time to come.”

— Anthony Furey (@anthonyfurey) February 9, 2022

It’s important to remember that we are better than “them” and peaceful protest is the only way to go. Violence has no place and we cannot afford to open the door to that or “they” win. We need to keep them guessing and off-guard so they don’t know what to expect or how we might counter.


🇨🇦MarkFriesen Patriot & Proud Nationalist (@MarkFriesen08) February 8, 2022

As long as we can keep our sense of humour and our craftiness to parry their blows, we win.

Get ready. They’re moving on to climate change. pic.twitter.com/tL3GkvNoBq

— 2+2=5 🚛 (@kimmy1082) February 9, 2022

And now I have a full agenda of my own and must depart. Action-packed days lie ahead. Is the legendary but elusive John Durham going to deliver?

Big John Durham development!https://t.co/R4X9PRgxNg

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) February 9, 2022

Thank you to the crew for the support and contributions you can see in the comments below each post if glitches do not prevent that.  ~ BP


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