Freedom Convoy Asking All call Veterans For Assistance | IrnieracingNews Feb.11, 2022 & 🚨UPDATE🚨 AMBASSADOR BRIDGE 🇨🇦 AFTER MIDNIGHT (FREEDOM)



59,657 viewsFeb 12, 202213KDislikeShareSavemistersunshinebaby 28K subscribersafter midnight ambassador bridge Freedom Convoy 2022 Trudeau Emotional Damage Merch – https://my-store-6306166.creator-spri…#ambassadorbridge#ottawa#trudeau


Freedom Convoy Asking All call Veterans For Assistance | IrnieracingNews Feb.11, 2022

417,605 viewsPremiered 6 hours ago45KDislikeShareSaveMarcel Irnie 147K subscribersFormer Canadian military & police call on veterans & retired police to come to Ottawa and support the truckers. #irnieracingnews#freedomconvoy#freedomconvoyveterans


Canadian Convoy FRIDAY NIGHT DANCE OFF – Ottawa Parliament Hill Feb.11, 2022 | IrnieracingNews

Address TO CDN POLICE by Retired OPP Officer Ed Grenier Feb.11, 2022 #irnieracingnews i

12,543 viewsPremiered 30 minutes ago2.4KDislikeShareSaveMarcel Irnie 147K subscribersEd Grenier, a Retired OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) Officer who attended the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa last weekend and will attend this weekend with his family, asks police to stand down. “For police officers in uniform, your country needs you now, show them why you became a police officer. A rally is NOT a threat to public safety. Remember this, you are not required to follow an unlawful order, no matter who issues that order. Look into your conscious, do NOT be liable for this or any other action against our peaceful citizens” #IrnieracingNews#freedomconvoy#CanadaConvoy (New) IrnieracingNews Backup Channel:…

Tucker: Lawmakers are panicking over this

1,049,590 viewsFeb 11, 202276KDislikeShareSaveFox News 8.83M subscribers‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host analyzes Canada’s trucker strike and what our leaders would do if the convoy came to America. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!

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