What is HAPPENING….,Woke CREEPS Are Teaching Your Kids! – VIDEO [GAY & TRANNY AGENDA 2030] – FEB 13 2020

ARRESTS STILL GOING-ON – MONKEYWERX VIDS – for the newbies that say nothing is going-on, I don’t SEE any arrests. Then you haven’t done your homework and looked harder. Namaste’

I have nothing against gay or transvestite people but I don’t think that innocent little – 4 year olds should be taught about any kind of sexuality at school at such a young age. That is like disgusting and twisted, like priming them for = PEDO-BAIT to yours or our kids !

Holy cow was watching this vid, some was funny but the last one shows a meme saying the CHINA VIRUS or KUNG FLU some have even called it, has = 1,500 strains, if true, it’s insane and downright murder, AGENDA 21/2030 = CRAZY SATANIC NAZI’S – who push the GAY AGENDA and THE EXPERIMENTAL KILL & CLOT SHOTS from the SATANICALLY MADE vaccines = EUGENICS FOR “DEPOPULATION” and the GAY/TRANNY AGENDA so humanity procreates less in case you did NOT KNOW. WELL YOU KNOW NOW = why so many ARRESTS and RESIGNATIONS have been going-on for years. THE MORE HUMANS that take a STAND, the “MORE POWER” you have against, THE SATANISTS, those that push communism/nazism etc. Against the evil REPTILIANS and the FALLEN ANGELS, CLONES, ROBOTOIDS and other demonic beings and the werewolves and vampires, evil black majik & vodoo witches and warlocks. YES – THEY EXIST. BECAUSE of their EVILS and low vibrations CANNOT and will not be ALLOWED to enter HEAVEN’S HIGHER DIMENSION. SOME souls are newer and will be moved over to 3D for more SPIRITUAL LESSONS and LEARNING. THOSE that stay here need to work on EMOTIONAL HEALING and their ASCENSION ENERGIES as that is what I heard is happening by gathering and understanding the latest updates. The LIGHT-WORKERS ready to assist Humanity with updates and posts and vids. Stay tuned to different info until it comes out for ALL to see, disclosure !-

The NUREMBERG 2.0 “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY” has started a few days ago, interesting.

Funny Pics That Presents Not The Brightest Side Of Humanity

151 viewsFeb 12, 20226DislikeShareSaveGoofy Goos 11.2K subscribersFunny Pics That Presents Not The Brightest Side Of Humanity Welcome to Goofy Goos YouTube Channel, here you will find only the best funny pictures. Video is Posted Everyday : https://bom.to/ttJxb2x6j Subscribe! : https://bom.to/b9n6ZEmdo


Woke CREEPS Are Teaching Your Kids!

119,650 viewsJan 15, 20227.7KDislikeShareSaveAndrew Klavan 345K subscribersHide your kids because these woke teachers are coming to a school near you! #AndrewKlavan#TikTok#Funny#DailyWire


God Is Being DELETED From Our Culture

26,542 viewsJan 16, 20222.5KDislikeShareSaveAndrew Klavan 345K subscribersLIKE & SUBSCRIBE for new videos everyday. http://bit.ly/2QA8RbN Why is our modern culture so determined to remove God from the equation while play acting religion? Watch the full episode here: https://bit.ly/2WScLnf


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