Ep. 2700b – Define [FF], Trump, Plan That We’re On Now, That’s Gonna Make People Very Very Happy

X22 Report — Episode 2670: Structure Change Coming, Plan that we’re on Now



Friday, 11 February 2022, 20:07 PM



Ep. 2700a – [CB] Puts Pressure On El Salvador, Structure Change Coming

Ep. 2700b – Define [FF], Trump, Plan That We’re On Now, That’s Gonna Make People Very Very Happy

X22 Report
Published February 11, 2022


The entire economic system is collapsing on the [CB] and [JB], they believe they are in control but they are not. Inflation will hit the working class people first, they will feel the pain. Fed Chair admits its because the Fed printing this is why we are seeing inflation. [CB] puts more pressure on El Salvador, structure change coming.


The [DS] has lost the narrative and is now pushing a distraction and [FF]. The people are rising up around the world and the truth is pouring out and they cannot stop it. The plan is being followed and it’s being pushed hard. Trump said the plan we are on now that’s gonna make people very very happy. CISA reports that the elections were not the securest elections ever. Tick Tock..


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