Canadian premier to sue Trudeau over invoking emergency powers

Canadian premier to sue Trudeau over invoking emergency powers

323,734 viewsFeb 21, 202221KDislikeShareSaveSky News Australia 2.2M subscribersThe Premier of Canadian province of Alberta – Jason Kenney – has announced his government is filing a court challenge against Justin Trudeau for invoking the “unjustified” Emergencies Act last week. Mr Kenney released a video to his Twitter account where he argued the act wasn’t designed for situations like the Freedom Convoy protest. “The federal government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act is an unnecessary and disproportionate measure that can violate civil liberties, invades provincial jurisdiction and creates a very precedent for the future,” he said.

America should be ‘screaming’ about Trudeau government’s treatment of protesters

56,046 viewsFeb 22, 20223.3KDislikeShareSaveSky News Australia 2.2M subscribersJesse Watters says the United States should be “screaming” after the Fox News host likened the Canadian government’s treatment of its people and protesters to “communist countries”. His comments come after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the state of emergency in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, will remain despite the Freedom Convoy protest coming to an end. Ottawa police meanwhile vow to criminally charge and freeze assets of people who went to protest in the capital’s downtown. “If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges,” Ottawa Police said in a tweet.

In Response To: Beck: “Canadian eyewitness CALLS OUT media’s trucker convoy SPIN” [10:10 video (cc)] (hobie)

===== This listener asks the question we ALL have: Should I STAND? David, a listener from Maryland, calls the show with the same question many Americans are wondering today: Should I risk it all to take a stand against tyranny, mandates, and our loss of freedom? David is the perfect caller for this time, Glenn says, because he asks this question not with bravado but with heart and truth. As Canadian truckers face serious consequences for their peaceful protest up north, reality is setting in for millions of Americans. Everybody must make the right decision for themselves, Glenn says, but one statement remains true: not to stand IS to stand. You are making a commitment if you just stay silent. =====
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