The Narrative Is Shifting

Could have sworn they hung gates already ? Perhaps NOT or A CIA – GREEN SCREEN ?


The Narrative Is Shifting

917,433 viewsFeb 27, 202269KDislikeShareSaveRussell Brand 5.1M subscribersWhilst it’s revealed that the CDC hasn’t been publishing a large part of the Covid-19 hospitalizations data it collects, Bill Gates has been speaking about the dangers of misinformation. So, shouldn’t this rule apply to everyone? #BillGates#Covid#Pandemic#CDC References…… Get tickets for my 2022 tour here:


It’s Happening Again

1,342,481 viewsFeb 26, 202291KDislikeShareSaveRussell Brand 5.1M subscribersAs the NIH continues to withhold critical documents that could shed light on the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, what could be behind this lack of transparency that, after the last two years, is surely the right of the public to be aware of? #Fauci#LabLeak#Covid#Wuhan

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