Ok so I found out that the……,

The benevolent 22 NATION ALLIANCE is now 32 NATION ALLIANCE, that is truly awesome !!!

though we can’t say much…., well, – for OBVIOUS REASONS…..,

The narration of death, fear, climate change, floods, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes incoming was a new war of terrorism and distractions away from the Plandemic.

White Hats are letting the Deep State play their last cards.The news is fake. The war is real.

Near Death Civilization Event had to happen: watch the shipping lines, volcanos, water inside the Storm. Those who are prepared can weather the storm.

“look over here” at the – poutine potato REVOLT – NOT at the CRIMINALS in CANADA, USA etc



9,827 viewsFeb 27, 2022


Poutine No Longer on the Menu – Name Changed to Cheese Sauce Fries

24,547 viewsMar 1, 20222KDislikeShareSaveClyde Do Something 71.7K subscribersQuebec restaurant changes poutine to ‘cheese sauce fries’ to show solidarity with the country currently having issues with another country. Fried potatoes are very influential, and if they have the wrong name, unspeakable things might happen.\


CTV News Unhappy with Public Opinion – Faith in Media at All Time Low

76,234 viewsFeb 28, 20226.5KDislikeShareSaveClyde Do Something 71.7K subscribersCTV News concerned about their relationship with the public after their coverage of recent events. Public opinion is the lowest it has ever been toward journalists. Is this problem with the people?

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