💩Trudeau’s💩 plan to divide us all – Stand Up For Freedom – March 01 2022

💩Trudeau’s💩 plan to divide us all – Stand Up For Freedom

9,839 viewsMar 1, 20221.9KDislikeShareSavemistersunshinebaby 228K subscribers

It was never about vaccines

1,664 viewsMar 2, 2022814DislikeShareSaveCanadian Girl 57.9K subscribers


Justin Trudeau | Hinterland Who’s Who | The Disgrace of Canada

5,159 viewsFeb 17, 2022294DislikeShareSaveCanadope 322 subscribersI found a BBC clip about cuttle fish and the rest is history. Help share far and wide so that my meme powers may intensify!


So They DO Run The World

1,091,965 viewsFeb 28, 202288KDislikeShareSaveRussell Brand 5.11M subscribersAs the WEF pushes a digital ID that proposes monitoring online behaviour, purchases, biometrics, and more – are we heading towards our own social credit system? #TheGreatReset#DigitalID#VaccinePassports

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