The Globalists are Attacking Russia in Every Way to Punish them For Telling the Truth and Defending Wholesome Values (video 5 m) = March 01 2022

The Globalists are Attacking Russia in Every Way to Punish them For Telling the Truth and Defending Wholesome Values (video 5 m)

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Tuesday, 1-Mar-2022 18:40:51
Russia’s Economy is in crisis: Here’s why My comment: The vilification of Russia is the greatest show on earth right now. Everything we’re seeing is a manufactured reality meant to excite the senses and be a part of latest “gladiatorial contest”, between the all powerful governments and a designated enemy of mankind. This is an example of globalists power and the complicit news media. Patriotic Christians will be next. I knew this was going to happen to Putin years ago. Once I saw him defending families, having children and standing against the gay lifestyles, I knew he was marked for destruction. He watched the encroachment against his nation by Nato and by modern cultures that embraced immorality. When I saw those “good fruits” spoken of in the Bible, that was all I needed to know about Putin and Russia. They were going against the New World Order and were standing against a one world government. That made Putin a target and enemy number one in the world. Putin knew they were gunning for him one way or the other, whether now or later. Once he went to the defense of the Donbas people they called it an unprovoked invasion. Even though the Ukrainians actually did provoke the Russians for 8 years, as they killed men, women and children on a daily basis. They called this Russian defense of those people a “naked aggression”. I even heard a Whitehouse spokesman say the action by Russia was “a naked aggression, unprovoked, premeditated invasion and attack on the innocent Ukrainians. Wow, thy didn’t miss even one sensational circus word to describe what their enemy ‘did”. When in fact, it was a total lie and something they themselves are guilty of over and over again world wide. Talk about hypocrisy and double standards, they take the prize. What we are seeing on TV is pure entertainment to rile up the people and get them focused on a created enemy. This has prompted thousands of people to pour into neighboring countries to join the Ukrainian military to help kill the “bad Russians”. If they can do this with blatant lies, they will also employ the same techniques to gather the masses to rise up against patriotic Christians, who like Putin – they will be told, deserve to be killed on sight like a rabid animal. Don’t think for one minute you are safe in your anonymous lifestyle tucked away in the country as you practice wholesome family values. You aren’t safe there now, and won’t be safe in the future. The globalist communist disease is aggressive, evil and relentless. What they want is everyone’s slave like obedience to make sure they can rule without dissent. Putin and the Russians dissented, because they recognized totalitarian power when they saw it, so they must pay the price. The outcome of this confrontation remains unknown. George Eaton

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Greencrow: RUSSIA, UKRAINE, KAZAKHSTAN… AND CANADA——(Text)(Images)(Links)

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Sunday, 27-Feb-2022 14:06:10


RUSSIA,UKRAINE, KAZAKHSTAN… AND CANADA Posted on February 26, 2022 by greencrow21 Good morning readers. Only an abject fool or a sheeple could not see that the Media abruptly changed the channel between the two year running CovIDian cult psy-op and the Ukraine demonize Russia/Putin psy-op. The public is being led around by the nose…and subjected to whiplash–between the CovIDian Cult psy-op and the Ukraine psy-op. It’s disgusting to watch. Here in Canada, an entire nation is suffering from severe whiplash. Why did all the Western governments suddenly switch gears? Well, knowing the Turvert’s juvenile narcissism, I believe Canada’s over-the-top reaction to the Ukraine situation was a knee jerk reaction by Trudeau to having his hand slapped by the Canadian Senate. The Turvert lives in the Ottawa bubble. He also lives in a psychopathic bubble within the Ottawa bubble. You could see the shock on his face when he announced the end of The Emergency Act Caper. Looking stunned is as close as the Tervert ever gets to self reflection or insight. He stupidly did not factor in the likelihood that the Canadian Senate had not yet been completely commandeered and corrupted by the WEF. After all, at least half of the House of Commons is made up of WEF MP’s. So it was a huge shock when his toady’s came to him and gently informed him that the Senate vote was likely not going to go his way. He was then forced to go in front of the cameras, backtrack and even publicly call for an inquiry into the entire handling of the Trucker Convoy Demonstration debacle. Will such an inquiry include >b>finding out what happened to the two victims of the Horse Trampling on February 18th? If the details of that travesty were to come to light–who ordered the horses to charge and, in fact, who WERE the members of the horse brigade…were they even Canadians…much less RCMP members? Well, the reality shifters and myth-makers are working overtime covering up the tracks on that one. The truth is the greatest enemy of rats like Trudeau. He’ll do anything to prevent the public knowing what happened surrounding The Emergency Act dying chapter of the two year CovIDian Cult Caper. So….what’s the next step? Declare War on Russia over Ukraine. Think about it. That is the ONLY news story big enough to bury the CovIDian Cult Fiasco. It’s not rocket science and it’s been in their back pockets for at least five years now.
Shhhhhh. Don’t tell the sheeple but what is going on in the geographic location formerly known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is that Putin/Russia is liberating the Ukraine from the Satanic corruption that has enveloped it gradually and increasingly for the past Decade or More. The Ukraine, while one of the most agriculturally fertile areas on the planet, is an economic and political basket case. It is a money-laundering centre, a BioWeapons Lab production centre, a satanic human traffiking global nucleus. We found out during the civil war 2014-17 that the soldiers of the Ukraine army are notoriously unmotivated and unwilling to kill their own ethic brothers and sisters. They had to be bullied into fighting against the breakaway republics of the Donbas and were easily coralled into a Russian cauldron at the end of the war. The Russian-backed Donbas resistance pulled back and called for peace at the end, in order that the Ukrainian soldiers be spared from slaughter. But the West was onto a good thing and refused to let go of the policy of using the Ukraine as a blunt weapon against Russia. The West cannot tolerate a country being so protective of its sovereignty and particularly its huge land mass as Russia/Putin is. Russia’s nationalistic policies have eternally violated the Globalists’ essence–its cancerous greed. Here is Trudeau threatening Russia with being kicked out of the SWIFT Global financial system . As if that was anything new. The West has been trying to kick Russia out of that system literally for a couple of decades now. Why? Because Russia has put in place safeguards to prevent it from being economically ransacked, according to the strategies described in John Perkins “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” . Ironically, being ransacked by Western economic hitmen is EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO UKRAINE DURING THE PAST TWO DECADES OR SO. That is what Putin is going in to stop. The truth is that Europe desperately needs the energy and resources of Russia. While Russia is eager to share its riches with its neighbours…it is determined to remain in control of them and this is what this war is really all about. The Western parasites are willing to see all their so-called “allies” starve and freeZe in the dark rather than bargain as equals with Russia:
So, one by one, Russia/Putin has decided to rid it’s neighbours of the economic hit-men parasites. So quickly forgotten, here is what happened not too long in Kazakhstan:
The QR Codification/digital harvesting/biocolonization of all humanity suffered a serious setback in Kazakhstan. But, like all their losses and setbacks [such as the forced dropping of the Emergency Act here in Canada] Outlier events like the Kazak purge are quickly covered up by the criminally complicit MZM. Penny for your thoughts Blog is a very good source to find out what is really going on in eastern Europe. “…Just listened to Putin’s speech for the second time, both written and audio. He’s doing the right thing. The evil empire is the U.S. and the Ukraine is the place where it launders its illegal money, organizes white slavery and produces adrenochrome for the rich politicians.”
Putin Gives ‘Blood And Soil’ Speech On Ukraine Reunifying With Russia
Vladimir Putin on Monday delivered an impassioned speech accusing the Ukrainian government of operating a kleptocracy controlled by corrupt oligarchs and a “network of foreign advisors” and NGOs and made the case for a reunification with Russia as one people … Continue reading: Greencrow continues: Russia has been preparing for decades for the day when it is kicked out of the SWIFT banking system. Russia has diversified its assets…it is not entirely dependent on the SWIFT system and is, in fact, in the process of setting up its own system along with China, India and other members of the BRICS economic partnership it formed over a decade ago. If the Western mainstream media were to accidentally tell the truth, the public would be shocked to learn that most Ukrainians welcome the liberation from the corrupting “economic hitmen” forces that have been sucking all the life and resources out of Ukraine for years. Why, I read back during the Ukraine civil war that the government had even stooped to selling it’s rich agricultural soil off on the black market! Can you imagine allowing other nations to come in and steal your very soil? Well, perhaps that’s going on in Canada as I type…Canada is just as much an economic basket case/corrupt and politically owned as is Ukraine. Wasn’t Winnepeg, Manitoba the location for the biolab where the “Wuhan virus” was created?
CANADIAN OFFICIALS WHO MET WITH UKRAINIAN UNIT LINKED TO NEO-NAZIS FEARED EXPOSURE BY NEWS MEDIA DOCUMENTS A year before the meeting, Canada’s Joint Task Force Ukraine produced a briefing on the Azov Battalion, acknowledging its links to Nazi ideology. Author of the article: David Pugliese • Ottawa Citizen Greencrow concludes: Some analysts posit that Ukraine is just a psy-op. That Putin and the West are like professional wrestlers…choreographing wars to cover up slight of hand maneuvers against all humanity.—ukraine-is-a-g.html?_ga=2.158506297.2091219987.1645977093-96232949.1644248689 I like to think not. I like to think there are still some humans who are willing to–as I phrased it when talking about the Canadian Parliament’s responsibility during the Emergency Act debate/vote–“take out the garbage”. i.e., rid the body politic of corruption and disease…. To continue the analogy, the Canadian House of Commons was so infiltrated by WEF moles that it was unable to “take out the garbage” of the Turvert and his Emergency Act. The Canadian Senate [an appointed body by the way] indicated it WAS willing to take out the garbage. This is why the Turvert quickly truncated the crisis by dropping the Act himself…he did not want a “dangerous” precedent of democratic cleansing to take place. Putin, whatever else you might say about him…is willing to ‘take out the garbage’. And that is exactly what he is now doing in Ukraine. Russian reaction to Canadian sanctions:


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