Globalist Puppet Nations Beat the Drums of War For a Higher Body Count, Sacrificing Ukraine To Justify Nuclear War (video 3 m)

Globalist Puppet Nations Beat the Drums of War For a Higher Body Count, Sacrificing Ukraine To Justify Nuclear War (video 3 m)

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Sunday, 6-Mar-2022 15:42:19
Ukraine Invasion: Bombing in Chernahiv escalates The Ukrainian city of Chernahiv has been bombarded with at least 47 people known to have died there so far. Moscow denies targeting residential areas in Ukraine.
President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has accused NATO of being ‘weak’ for not implementing a no-fly zone over the country to protect them from Russian air strikes. My comments:
Confused yet?!? No decent human being wants to see human suffering, children crying, families being separated and millions of people being displaced as refugees. This could have all been avoided if the west wouldn’t have targeted Russia with the eventual staging of nuclear missiles on the Russian border. These reasonable security assurances were flatly REFUSED by all western diplomats, in all of their meetings with the Russians. Russia had no choice but to defend the Russian people in Eastern Ukraine from being killed by the globalist financed and supported Ukrainian military. This unrelenting encroachment of Nato nations finally reached the Russian border, creating a dire emergency situation, which caused them to conclude: Stand your ground now or see the collapse of democratic Christian Russia to the globalist World Order. The confusion and chaos we are seeing now in Ukraine is fabricated and exploited to achieve a mindset in the masses to accept World War 3 and the inevitable and “fully justified” outcome of nuclear war. The globalist want the public to hate the Russians so much that they will eagerly support a nuclear war against Russia, as they shrug their shoulders and have said to themselves: “Well, there was no other option. The Russians under insane, power hungry Putin, were out of control monsters that ware hell bent on taking over the world. If we don’t stop them there, they will take over Europe and the US next anyway, as they indiscriminately kill our women and children.” That is the power of propaganda and creating a situation in Ukraine that makes it appear that the Russians are aggressive and power hungry to rebuild the Soviet Union and take over the world.
However the truth is, the Russians couldn’t defend against nuclear missiles that had a flight time of 5 minutes to Moscow. The US had the same concern with the nuclear missiles the communists were placing in Cuba in 1962, but when the roles are reversed, for some reason the Russians are being unreasonable. The bottom line is, don’t believe what the mainstream mrdia says, look deeper for the answers and you’ll find the truth. Nuclear war is what the globalists want above all else. It is the key to attain their agenda of total communist power over the nations – and control over the thinned out masses that remain. GE

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