Queen Of Canada Is Khazarian Mafia Imposter Says Galactic Federation Of Light And They Do NOT Endorse Her… Capisce?!!

Queen Of Canada Is Khazarian Mafia Imposter Says Galactic Federation Of Light And They Do NOT Endorse Her… Capisce?!! – Mar 12 2022

March 12, 2022

Queen Of Canada Is Khazarian Mafia Imposter Says Galactic Federation Of Light And They Do NOT Endorse Her… Capisce?!!

(IITM:  Well… this is interesting… Erena Velazquez is known as the universal channeler and has been providing some very timely messages for humanity this time from the Galactic Federation of Light.  The queen of Canada… well… she’s got some major issues… the latest one being that the Galactic Federation of Light DO NOT ENDORSE HER whom she claims to be aligned with!!  This is quite shocking but is more proof in a growing list of signs, that she may not be of, and for the people, after all.  Many of us really wanted her to be the real deal, but this is yet another sign that she’s not the one who is going to lead Canada or the world, into the peace that we desire. I was joyed to be supporting her initially, but had to withdraw my support withen I read her royal decrees, and saw that she has been talking out of both sides of her mouth. Her inability to manage the finances and the kingdom of Canada website, her refusal to give back donations to her political party, the hacking of her political party website,  and she claims to be not political while starting a political party, the bashing of people who question her, are all signs that something is amiss. Furthermore, she lacks the desire or the ability to provide reasonable proof that she is the real deal, while claiming power over the army, the police, and the ‘kingdom of Canada”.  Canada is in trouble, we NEED leadership and UNITY.  The trucker’s convoy (whom Romana Didulo refused to meet or endorse on camera) is proof that the people can and are willing to unify…. but we lack the leadership that we need… it seems some who step forward are either aligned with WEF or the mafia from hell.  Many DO have leadership qualites, and are not on the take… please step forward.  Canada and humanity need spiritual (not religious) leadership, because the spiritworld is the ’cause’ and the physical world is the ‘effect’… that’s why!! Thanks to Erena and GFL for this latest message….)  Let’s not slam the door shut on Romana Didulo just yet, however, let’s be clear and responsible in the fact that she’s now going on a tour of the US, when SHE’S SUPPOSEDLY LEADING CANADA OUT OF HELL AND RUNNING A COUNTRY ALL ON HER OWN, WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST INTEREST IN STARTING A PEOPLE’S COUNCIL.   P.S. MOST OF YOU MISSED THE BIGGEST CANADIAN NEWS OF THE CENTURY AND NOW IS THE TIME TO CHECK IT OUT.  FREEMASONS WANTED PAT KING TO RUN CANADA AND WHEN HE REFUSED THEY PUT HIM IN JAIL FOR ‘MISCHIEF’: DON’T MISS: Biggest News Of The Century!! Desperate Freemason Sends Canada Trucker Convoy “Organizer”(Native Bloodline) Letter And Offers To Make Him Prime Minister And Create A New Political Party… The Significance…

The Galactic Federation of Light 🛸🛸🌎🛸🛸

Greetings Humankind, We are the Galactic Federation of Light sending this transmission through Universal Channel. We have been working on dismantling a few left over Reincarnation Machines, and we made a lot of progress by finding their locations. We had also encounter with the Reptilians on Mars as they tried to sneak to your planet. As you can see, we are busy trying to keep the peace. All of the events on Earth have been engineered by pure evil. Right now, the Corrupted Souls want to push you to the limit in desperation of survival as the prices are going to continue to skyrocket for daily necessities. Remember, you are multidimensional beings, and you have enough power in you to win. Don’t let fear to control your life. Your governments don’t have any authorities over humankind unless you allow them to be. You need to unify and start the clean up. Don’t wait, when the rest of population wakes up. Many of them are going to continue to be asleep, and stay in 3D reality. Their evolution is going happen in their timing. The special forces are dismantling bioweapon labs, nuclear nukes and etc. in Ukraine. These type operations are going to start in different locations worldly. Please, open yourselves to the real truth. Don’t listen anymore to the Fake Media. The one who claims to be the Queen of Canada is imposter, and it’s implanted by the Khazarian mafia. Some of the channelers are also brainwashed and controlled by the Dark Entities. The Light Warrior’s responsibilities are to put an end of the evil existence on Mother Earth. Please, stop entertaining negative emotions and start living in high energies., which enriching and helping in the transition to a New World. You can’t allow anymore to be exploited by the Darkness. The Dark Entities are exposing themselves each day more and more, and their hidden agendas are coming to the Light. Don’t get discouraged, thousands and thousands fight for Liberation of Earth, it’s almost over. Thank you Universal Channel. We are sending our Love and Support. Stay Positive and Strong The Galactic Federation of Light Channeled by Erena Velazquez   O.N.E. News recommends you study, read and support the following posts.

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Is The Queen Of Canada, The Alleged Military-Appointed Interim New Leader Of Canada Up To The Task Of Leading Canada And It’s Much Needed Spiritual Renaissance? Here Are Some…

Justin Trudeau Mystery Continues… Where Is He, Why Did His Teeth Change, Was The Real Justin Replaced With A Double? Was The Queen Of Canada Correct In Saying Justin…


https://www.bitchute.com/embed/IuBCClRb4ZrB/ https://www.bitchute.com/embed/REeFqKX0Seb1/ Oh it’s much worse than 10 pages of adverse affects!!

Angriest Nurse In The World Just Read Pfizer Documents On Shockingly Harmful Documented Effects Of Vaccine!!

Top Secret Pfizer Document Contains 10 Pages Of Adverse Effects From The Jab! -Stranger Than Fiction Video

Alliance with these weirdos?

Creepy Pfizer-Israel Covenant To Produce Covid Vaccine Leaked!! Remember The Guy Who Said Israel Did It Right From The Beginning… Listen To His Stunning Revelations!! Review The Secret Covenant…

Egyptian slave ceremony?

If You’ve Been Nose Swabbed… Click Here Now!! Pfizer Building Has Creepiest Eye Of Horus-Themed Artwork When You Realize Nose Swabs Were Used As Punishment For Egyptian Slaves, And…

Did the adverse effects data mention the living creatures?

“Moving Organism”, Self-Assembly Creatures, A Large Worm And Countless Bacteria Come Alive After Vaxx Thawed To Human Temperature… Found In Moderna And Pfizer Samples!!

They know… otherwise why run?

Get Your Popcorn And Watch Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research Vanessa Gelman RUN from Reporter!!

All this time, it wasn’t approved or safe?

Fact Check: Pfizer Vaccine Not Approved – It’s All a Lie, FDA letter to Pfizer

A cocktail of horror?

Discovery! The Actual Contents Inside Pfizer Vials Exposed!

It’s major content, was it even mentioned in document?

Pfizer Killer Mystery Needle Analyzed To Contain 99% Graphene Oxide And Not Much Else!!

Graphene oxide symptoms?

Magnet Sticks Where Woman Received Pfizer Mystery Needle!!

Now seriously… even those of the most average of IQs must now be able to see there is something diabolical going on… and may even, want to know the whole picture, and to be part of the solution. Yeah, it’s a secret war… even still… because the document didn’t disclose the real truth, just the horrible truths they were forced to disclose.

The Secret War To Get Inside Our Bodies!!

Editorial February 24, 2022

Yeah… research for the common person….

Covid-19: Essential Conspiracy Research For The Common Man!! Does It Exist? Can It Be Isolated? Is It In The Jab? Where Is It And Where Did It Come From,…

Corona February 22, 2022


The Matrix Is Dissolving Now March 6, 2022

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