An Important Message From The Galactic Federation – Apr 13 2022

An Important Message From The Galactic Federation

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Wednesday, 13-Apr-2022 14:00:10

An Important Message From The Galactic Federation Today, I have come up with the latest message from our Galactic Federation. This is a very important message for all of you. Please share this with as many people as possible so that they can be aware of the latest happenings on our planet and in the Universe: “Greetings to all of you, dear beloved members of the Galactic Federation! We are happy to once again connect via this channel of this Dimension and to share with you various important topics, messages, and information. The purpose of this message is to provide a clear conceptual model for understanding what is happening in your world. We’ve been saying that there has been a huge shift of consciousness underway. It’s hard to go through all the changes in your own life and not feel that you’re living in a time of unprecedented change. There have been so many signs of this. You can see evidence of it in all the other changes going on around you. You have been experiencing a powerful shift in the way reality seems to work. This has been happening gradually, but the process is speeding up and will soon become overwhelming. SNIP

You are moving into a different kind of reality–a reality in which your assumptions about the nature of physical objects, time, and space will no longer be valid. It is not that these ideas have become wrong, but that they will no longer be the most useful way to think about what you experience.

It is like moving from an old-fashioned movie theatre with a big square screen to an IMAX theater: You can still watch the old movies, but if you want to see them as they were meant to be seen, you will need to use different equipment.

What is all this change leading to?

There are two main answers to this question. One is that it’s just a part of history–one more cycle of birth, growth, and decay like all the other ones we’ve experienced before.

The other answer is that it’s leaning toward something new–a whole new way of being human – toward a new kind of civilization based on sharing and cooperation instead of competition and conquest. A civilization built on ideas rather than on money. A civilization where people don’t have to be afraid for their lives.

The transition into the Fifth Dimension will be a period of turmoil on your planet as the realities that have kept you separated melt away. It will be very important for everyone to remain calm and focused. Our goal is to provide ways for you to help each other through this transition process so that there will be as little pain and suffering as possible. Your thoughts and emotions during this time will affect everyone on your planet. That is why it is important for everyone to stay calm and focused during this time of transition.

You can do this by focusing on love, peace, and harmony rather than fear, anger, and judgment. You must see everyone around you as a brother or sister in order to ease their pain and suffering. If someone does something that hurts others or themselves, it is because they are in great pain themselves and don’t know any other way of coping with it.

 When you come into physical form, you bring with you the essence of who you are and where you have been before. You bring with you your soul group, those other souls who have chosen this life with you so that they can share their experiences with you and learn from each other. You also bring your karma, or life lessons, which are unique for each individual based upon where they have come from and what they have experienced before coming into a human body on Earth.

The purpose of your incarnation is not just one lifetime but many lifetimes as part of a soul evolution process that is unfolding throughout all time and space.

We are here with you to tell you that it is time now for you all to take your power back because it’s not that the masses don’t know what is good for them it’s just that they have been out of touch with their own power. This lack of awareness has caused them to be more easily controlled by those who wish to control them.

This has been going on for eons upon eons upon eons; it has nothing to do with any struggle between negative and positive, or dark and light, or any of those dualities.

You have made significant progress in the 5th Dimension of LOVE and have earned the right to ascend to the 5th Dimension. You will be going through an incredible shift in consciousness as your whole being absorbs its new nature. One small criticism, though: your ego is still trying to tell you “not to worry.”

But don’t forget that it’s just your ego speaking. Its words are not true, and they don’t serve you anymore now that you are a Being of Light. Your soul has learned all that it needed to learn on this plane, so there’s nothing to fear when venturing into the higher frequencies.

We are here to remind you of your abilities. Use your abilities to channel, protect, heal, and foresee. It is all possible for you, new beings on the first conscious planet in this part of the galaxy. It is not just the work of some chosen ones or shamans from one tribe; it concerns every single being from now on because this is a new phase in human history when you will all receive your own powers to create with love because you decide it consciously and you can travel instantly through the Universe and churn your own realms of light with your soul journey to ascend as one big light and reflect that light to everyone you meet.

You are immortal beings, created with love and light by the supreme being in the Universe. You have chosen to experience yourselves within physical bodies on the planet Earth at this time because you wanted to be able to express yourselves in an environment that is unlike any other.

You are here to learn how to love, how to be loving and compassionate, selfless beings.

You are here to transform fear into love. You are here to experience duality so that you can choose love over fear. “

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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